Season 36 – Wrap-Up

Date September 22, 2020

Season 36 – Wrap-Up

With Season 37 just around the corner we would like to honour the winners of Season 36 and wrap-up the season. Congratulations to UnitedKingdom nerdRage for winning this season’s Premiership tier!

The winning squad is composed of:

gold medalUnitedKingdom nerdRage
silver medalUnitedStates SVIFT
bronze medalNorway Ora Elektro

Div 1:
gold medalUnitedStates FIVE GUYS DIV1 PRIZE
silver medalRussia веазтмоде
bronze medalCzechRepublic Left Breez misha YB`g Today, 22:41

Div 2:
gold medalMontenegro Yugoslavia
silver medalEuropean throw sum mo
bronze medalGermany motherbuzzers
bronze medalGermany The Jens Weber Society

Mid Tier:
gold medalFrance FC Ferdi
silver medalJapan Loli Squad
bronze medalEuropean Unknown Quantities
bronze medalUnitedKingdom NOT not dead doggo (for legal reasons)

Low Tier:
gold medalSouthAfrica Big Hunks
silver medalZimbabwe AIM JUNKIES
bronze medalEuropean PAROXYSM
bronze medalItaly gang de' parchetto

Open Tier:
gold medalRussia ДЕПУТАТЫ
silver medalPoland ICE MOB™
bronze medalInternational Addicted to Oxygen
bronze medalZimbabwe my h

Season 36 Awards

And let us not forget about the award poll results! The winners are:

  • Best Player of the Season: France Elacour
  • Pocket Scout of the Season: UnitedKingdom counou
  • Flank Scout of the Season: England YeeHaw
  • Pocket of the Season: Netherlands kaptain
  • Roamer of the Season:  France dmoule
  • Demoman of the Season: France Elacour
  • Medic of the Season: England seeds
  • Off-classer of the Season: UnitedKingdom counou
  • Debut of the Season: Israel Lanzer
  • Caster of the Season: Germany DuMmTm

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