Highlander Season 22 Premiership Qualifiers!

Date August 20, 2020

The Highlander Season 22 Premiership Qualifiers are hereby announced. Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! and Hungary inVision will keep their Premiership spot based on their performance in the last season. Based on the applications we received, we have decided that the suitable remaining six teams that applied for the Premiership tier will have to qualify for a spot.

The teams in the Premiership Qualifiers are:

The matches will be split into two brackets. The Upper bracket, where the four higher seeded teams will face each other for two direct spots into Premiership, and a Lower Bracket, where the two remaining teams will wait up for the losers of the Upper Bracket. The losers of the Lower Bracket matches will proceed into Division 1.

Note: after reviewing the case more thoroughly, we have decided to switch UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS and Netherlands EF2L KANKER in the Premiership qualifiers and Division 1 respectively.


If teams are having any issues regarding game scheduling, please contact the admin team.

Upper Bracket:

Match 1: UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS vs Russia kiti s bakenbardami

Match 2: Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police vs Italy VENI VIDI VICI

Result deadline: Wednesday, 26th of August

Lower Bracket:

Match 3: Loser of Match 1 vs European Athenaeum

Match 4: Loser of Match 2 vs Russia Temporary Difficulties

Result deadline: Sunday, 30th of August

Whitelist Update

  • Unbanning the Gas Passer.
  • Banning the Nose Candy cosmetic for Pyro due to a bug turning the Pyro’s head invisible.

After some consideration we have decided to unban the Gas Passer. We would like to remind all teams that exploiting the bug which allows you to throw the Gas Passer through walls will lead to punishments.

Map Pool Poll Results

We have gathered the votes and the results are as follows:

koth_coalplant_b8 – 66.35%

koth_warmtic_b6 – 65.32%

koth_ashville_rc2b – 59.68%

koth_lakeside_final – 58.86%

cp_process_final – 53.35%

koth_clearcut_b15c – 50.85%

Due to these results we have decided on the following map pool for the season:

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  1. Sketis: V// said:

    So basically nothing changed ,what a joke. boomers don’t like changes.

  2. Stan: inv said:

    another season of fucking awfulwater man…

  3. mak: SHIT - V// said:

    warmtic lool

  4. V1KM4N: kuvshinka - NNG said:

    same mappool 3rd season in a row :eyes:

  5. Adje: رمال said:

    ETF2L: let’s delay the 6s season to next year to allow us for more time to experiment and test things out
    Also ETF2L: let’s have the same map pool we’ve more or less had since S15 of HL because of a ~6% difference in a vote that will be heavily skewed since people just choose options 1 or 10 and nothing in between

  6. Big Papa MattJ: V// said:


  7. Barthiz: T6C - inv said:


  8. Big Papa MattJ: V// said:

    enjoy season 16 I mean 17 I mean 18 I mean 19 I mean 20 I mean 21 I mean 22 sorry I lost count they’re all so similar :^)


  9. kcr: ^ - ziggy said:

    thats great now make the 6s season happen sooner

  10. danny: PG // - DNUTS said:

    the motherfuckers that keep voting for the same fucking maps are looking like real clowns right about now

  11. Sodium: (League Admin) - OwC - CHIMP said:

    @Adje, here you have the data without the 1’s and 10’s
    coalplant 66.35%
    warmtic 65.32%
    ashville 59.68%
    lakeside 58.86%
    process 53.35%
    clearcut 50.85%

  12. AlesKee: GRAHAM said:

    the 1-10 voting system is a giant meme

  13. ollitf: ukot - KANKERBOYS said:

    who ever seeded the teams please step forward

  14. Dark_time: 1986 - GRAHAM said:


  15. Dark_time: 1986 - GRAHAM said:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjrbbAqAKEY ^

  16. Amaterasu: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - OPFOR said:

    If you are interested in the results which do include the 1’s and 10’s voters, it’s:

    coalplant – 70.56%
    warmtic – 68.23%
    ashville – 57.10%
    lakeside – 56.54%
    process – 51.94%
    clearcut – 42.86%

  17. SchmitShot: PIF4.0 - Ѧ said:

    I personally would have enjoyed a s22 in 6 weeks (i know its long for HL and people probably has better thing to do) but those week 6 could add 2 news map like pl_virgil_rc7 or lakeside, and boomer can keep their old maps.

    I’m just saying that because s37 won’t start before next year and we could have potentially extended S22

  18. Erupo89: T6C - 0FO said:

    If you really wanted to change something, map pool should have been done differently
    1st step: decide the 2 lowest loved maps which will be removed from season
    2nd step: choose among a selected map pool which will change 100% the 2 lowest voted

    anyway, good season to everyone :)

  19. samii: ATTENTION - KANKERBOYS said:

    will admins cuck me 2 seasons in a row with qualis

  20. sintyre: Vodka1love - Ѧ said:

    its funny how they let us vote and decide on maps ourselves, and we still find ways to complain.

  21. Kumis: Dwayne - kzS said:

    nothing changed but I like it

  22. proky: mario+2 - GRAHAM said:

    maybe just rotate a map each season?

  23. Imperdius: RC said:

    no lakeside :(

  24. Axio: :) said:

    no lakeside :)

  25. 4hp: WHY said:

    eh if people vote for the same things no matter how the vote is presented, it’s their fault. Kinda disappointed that so much of the hl community rejects change and experimentation.

  26. laiky: Jr. - NNG said:

    No process? Yikes.

  27. Buck824: inv said:

    For once i agree with proky, I think a wildcard map that changes each season would keep it interesting while keeping the general feel of the season as expected. Could be voted on.

  28. TK_: :) said:

    2 of the worst teams playing eachothers in the upper bracket match lmaoooo

  29. shinso: (Bad) said:

    I + porky’s idea

  30. Included_Middle: mario+2 - GRAHAM said:

    I + porky’s idea

  31. Big Papa MattJ: V// said:

    I + porky’s idea

  32. Adje: رمال said:

    I + porky’s idea

  33. ollitf: ukot - KANKERBOYS said:

    I + porky’s idea

  34. Dark_time: 1986 - GRAHAM said:

    I + porky’s idea

  35. Axio: :) said:

    I + porky’s idea

  36. bluR-: V// said:

    @TK_ ofc, so they can get 1 more chance of trying

    Idk how they decide which team is higher seed, probably they roll the dice or some shit. :D

  37. Brian: رمال said:

    Those seedings need some explaining tbh

  38. buud: .yu - 322 said:

    Where is Skull and Bones

  39. samii: ATTENTION - KANKERBOYS said:


    seeding is bad

    [Yesterday, 12:25 AM] gambit: we should be in upper bracket [Yesterday, 12:25 AM] Basil’s Creed: the seeding was properly discussed and is final

  40. ollitf: ukot - KANKERBOYS said:

    “final” = changes the next day

  41. proky: mario+2 - GRAHAM said:

    remove one of the best teams in the bracket while one of the worst is in the upper bracket, I wonder why…..

  42. wiitabix: ATTENTION - WHY said:

    remove one of the best teams in the bracket while one of the worst is in the upper bracket, I wonder why…..

  43. ketchup: KANKERBOYS said:

    so u dont need to beat lower seed teams to get higher seed ? :D

  44. sintyre: Vodka1love - Ѧ said:

    maybe some leaders should have put more work and effort into sending logs and this wouldn’t have happened

  45. Adje: رمال said:

    5+ times 2nd place premiership demon man jonathan newcastle and a bunch of div 1 winners actually needing to send logs and screenshots to prove he can play the game at that level

    Absolute state of this league lmfao

  46. samii: ATTENTION - KANKERBOYS said:

    gawk gawk on my glizzy woman

  47. Brian: رمال said:

    Feila have 2 consistent top 3 prem players on their team and half of the div 1 winners team and are in a lower bracket than teams that have barely have experienced players for prem.

    This is such a weird choice and would like to see who and why decided this lol

  48. wiitabix: ATTENTION - WHY said:

    sure they have top prem players but do they have admins rostered? i dont think so

  49. sintyre: Vodka1love - Ѧ said:

    grrrr angerrryy

  50. Godz Ares: -GoV- - V// said:

    [12:25 AM]Basil’s Creed: the seeding was properly discussed and is final

  51. bluR-: V// said:

    [12:25 AM]Basil’s Creed: the seeding was properly discussed and is final

  52. Lightclaw: TD. said:

    [12:25 AM]Basil’s Creed: the seeding was properly discussed and is final

  53. Kireek: V// said:

    [12:25 AM]Basil’s Creed: the seeding was properly discussed and is final

  54. AlesKee: GRAHAM said:

    @sintyre here is your team’s scrims from the past month, taken from your logs.tf profile since I assume you played every game.

    19 July 0-2 Loss vs temporary difficulties
    29 July 0-2 Loss vs temporary difficulties
    11 August 1-1 Tie vs pizza (samii played scout for pizza in map they lost)
    16 August 0-2 Loss vs Veni Vidi Vici
    16 August 0-2 Loss vs Temporary Difficulties
    18 August 1-1 Tie vs Almost Famous (1st place mid team from last season)
    19 August 1-1 Tie vs Kiti (olli merced for you on sniper)
    21 August 0-2 Loss vs Kiti

    Total record against Temporary Difficulties: 0-6
    Total record against Pizza Police: 1-1
    Total record against Veni Vidi Vici 0-2
    Total record against Almost Famous: 1-1
    Total record against Kiti: 1-3

    Full scrim record from past month: 3-12


  55. AustinN: webo - (Bad) said:

    Buck824: inv said:
    Yesterday, 22:19

    For once i agree with proky


  56. Included_Middle: mario+2 - GRAHAM said:

    Full scrim record from past month: 3-12
    upper bracket btw
    properly discussed btw

  57. Defa: bzzz - KANKERBOYS said:

    damn, that’s quite the embarrassment to whoever decided the seedings

  58. Citrus: TD. said:


  59. Lightclaw: TD. said:

    Clownlander on European Team Fortress Two League

  60. NuTRiCuLa: MDMA - V// said:

    wait what ? how is kanker not in qualifiers ? they can beat 1-2 team from that list ..

  61. hondjo: :muscle: - :) said:

    samii cucked out of prem yet again

  62. aychi: ATTENTION - WHY said:

    This update should be a separate post.

  63. KZ jeven: (Bad) said:

    gawk gawk on my glizzy woman

  64. ollitf: ukot - KANKERBOYS said:


  65. AlesKee: GRAHAM said:


  66. proky: mario+2 - GRAHAM said:


  67. AustinN: webo - (Bad) said:


  68. danny: PG // - DNUTS said:

    “[12:25 AM]Basil’s Creed: the seeding was properly discussed and is final” didnt age well bro

  69. ZiggoKill: RAG - SeG said:

    Who tf voted for warmtic??? mge me

  70. Celreo: officer - TC said:

    wheres my lakeside

  71. sintyre: Vodka1love - Ѧ said:

    “If no email is send by a team signing up for prem they will get placed by admins based on the roster of the team”
    In the original seeding I was one of the few that had sent in logs, teams that hadn’t sent in logs were indeed seeded based on their roster.
    It looks to me like some staff are spineless and won’t stand by their own rules and decisions

    I’m here to have fun, am just sad to see so many players here badmannering and my own team being disappointed :)
    Just chill and remember that the game was made for entertainment please

  72. AlesKee: GRAHAM said:

    ill give u a hat if your team makes it past week3

  73. Clark: ZGDUHD - SDCK! said:


    “In the original seeding I was one of the few that had sent in logs, teams that hadn’t sent in logs were indeed seeded based on their roster.”

    They weren’t. Even if you disregard scrims results which overwhelmingly favor VVV & Feila as Upper Bracket teams, seedings based on rosters had also been done incorrectly. Both VVV & Feila have more players on their respective rosters who had either played prem or been in a top div1/high team before than your team does.

    “It looks to me like some staff are spineless and won’t stand by their own rules and decisions”

    It doesn’t say anywhere in the rules nor in the season announcement post that teams sending logs get seeded higher than teams who don’t. The final decision is still up for admins to make. Sending logs in its essence is about easing admins’ work and guiding them in the right direction, that’s it.

    Also, professionalism doesn’t necessarily indicate quality (or honesty for that matter). Just because your team did their due diligence & sent logs while other teams didn’t doesn’t mean admins should forget about their jobs and not do their own research. After all, it’s not that hard to fake logs and it’s been known to have happened in the past. Or, cherry pick a small number of winning logs, which, as the proof suggests, is what happened in your team’s case: https://i.imgur.com/Uhun3rS.png

  74. marisa: kuvshinka - kiti said:


  75. Basil's Creed: (Trial Admin) - LiF - (Bad) said:


  76. Erupo89: T6C - 0FO said:

    What will happen now?

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