Highlander Nations Cup #6: Captains and Fixtures

Date June 3, 2019

Teams and Captains

Groups and Fixtures are now out and can be accessed from the competitions tab.

The 24 teams and captains are listed below:

All leaders should be in their respective teams by now, equipped with the proper rights to form the rosters.

Tournament Structure:

The 24 teams participating in the Highlander Nations Cup 2019 have been put into 6 Groups (Groups A – F) of 4 teams each. In the interest of balanced groups, all teams were put into skill-pots (1-4) based on previous results and current roster. One team from pots 2-4 was placed into each group randomly. Teams of pot 1 have been ranked from 1-6, with the top team placed into Group A and the 6th ranked team into Group F.

The top 6 seeded teams are:

1. USA
2. England
3. Russia
4. France
5. Denmark
6. Germany

The top two teams of each group (12 teams total) will advance to the knockout stage which will use a single-elimination BO3 maps system.
Seeding for the playoffs will work as follows:
Four teams will receive a bye for the RO16. The four highest ranked teams that win their group (“confirm” their top spot) will be eligible for a bye. Should a team ranked in the top 4 fail to win their group, the bye slips to the 5th ranked team IF they win their group, and so on. Should more than two pot-1-teams fail to win their groups, the bye be awarded to the group winners that beat the highest ranked team.

In any case, group winners will play against a group runner-up in the Round-of-16.

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