Season 33 Preseason Cup: Fixtures Released & Map Update!

Date May 16, 2019


The fixtures for the Season 33 Preseason Cup are now released! The fixtures and tables can be seen within the competition tab in the ribbon. cp_mist received an update to rc1d and thus the cup will make use of this updated version.

If you can’t find your team in the tables it means that you are in the waiting list in reserve, this means there were not enough teams to make an additional group in your requested tier. In the case of a team dropping out of the cup, a team from the waiting list may take their spot.

  • Group stage round 1: May 16th 19:00 CEST – cp_kalinka_rc5
  • Group stage round 2: May 16th 20:00 CEST – cp_metalworks
  • Group stage round 3: May 16th 21:00 CEST – cp_mist_rc1d

All maps in the group stage will be played as a best-of-one. If the score is tied after the regular map time is over then a 15 minute golden cap must be played, if neither teams manage to get a round in this time then the team to hold middle point will win the golden cap.

In the high groups all teams will advance to the knockout stage, in all other groups the top two of the group will advance.
The knockout stage is single elimination. The same golden cap rules apply as in the group stage.

  • Quarter Finals: May 19th 19:00 CEST – BO1, Both teams ban 1 map, remaining map will be played
  • Semi-Finals: May 19th 20:00 CEST – BO1, Both teams ban 1 map, remaining map will be played
  • Grand Finals: May 19th 21:00 CEST – BO3, Both teams pick which map they want to play first/second, remaining map will be the decider map

You can leave feedback on the cup here. If you need to request for an admin to help you for anything related to the cup, we recommend reaching out to us in our Discord Server.

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