Announcing: ETF2L 6v6 Preseason 25 Cup!

Date August 21, 2016


We are starting off season 25 with a 6v6 cup featuring two controversial maps made by UnitedStates phi, as well as a new king of the hill map by UnitedKingdom Tekku. The main focus of the cup is to test allowing all weapon pickups as well as play testing koth_forge_b3!

The ETF2L 6v6 Preseason 25 Cup

>>>> Sign up for the 6v6 Preseason 25 Cup here! <<<<

Signups are open until Monday 29th August 20:00 CEST! Eligible to participate is any 6v6 or Fun team that has 6 players on the roster at the end of Signups.

The cup will run on one day in a group stage format

Tuesday, August 30th.

We will create groups of 4 teams, so you’ll be able to prepare screenshots for Season 25, as well as having fun games. Make sure you select the division you’re most likely going to apply for in Season 25 or you think your mix team is capable of handling.

Teams will be seeded first come first serve. Signing up late just before the deadline will not guarantee your team a seed if there aren’t 3 other teams to create a bracket.


The 6v6 Season 24 rules apply in this cup with the exception of the merc rule and weapon pickup rules. We are allowing one default merc per match. Please only present players as default mercs, that meet the experience requirements to prevent time consuming discussions (for clarification see point 1.4 of the HL Season 10 rules). All weapon pickups, including mediguns, are now permitted.

NOTE: Abuse of picking up weapons from ground with a pickup spam bind will result in punishments such as default losses if done during any of the games.

The whitelist that is going to be used is this one (This is a test-whitelist that is not necessarily going to be the exact same for Season 25).
You can also execute the whitelist by typing “rcon tftrue_whitelist_id 6249” if you have TFTRUE installed.

In short, the following weapons have been added to the whitelist of Season 24:

+ Brass Beast
+ Pomson 6000

… and fixed taunts accordingly to be up to date with the newest set of items.


Every 1st team will receive a pixel trophy on their team page and the rights to brag about their achievements.

In any case, there is going to be a newspost before the cup starts. Make sure to check before you play your first round match for all the updates!!

We opened a forumtopic for this cup, feel free to provide us with feedback!


  1. Popkern: BE. said:


  2. haris: FLANK said:

    are you fuckign serious with the wep pickups

  3. streep36: (ETF2L Donator) - notdoggo - KAAS said:

    what the fuck this is like 1 day after lan

  4. MoreBuckets!: WhWee said:

    where is season 11?

  5. Bloodis: (Legend) - {503} - Tissi said:

    @Citro, I’d like to hear a bigger explanation to what is wrong with that, there is the forum topic linked on the newspost to post feedback to.

    @streep36, Currently we also have troubles deciding the dates starting for the prem playoffs before the actual season, which is why we are treating it as a bigger priority for us than this cup with the timing. Dates are possible to change but we can not guarantee that to happen.

  6. MoistPenguin: TC said:

    @CitroMaind valve significantly changed the way it works by making mediguns decay at 10% per second, this makes it worth testing the change which is what these cups are for.

    @Shooterdash ETF2L runs 2 Highlander and 3 6v6 Seasons a year, Season 11 will take place in november.

  7. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) - LR said:


  8. Kona-chan: -[PL]- said:

    May any team join?

  9. Bloodis: (Legend) - {503} - Tissi said:

    Any 6v6 or fun team is more than welcome to join in to the cup.

  10. Kona-chan: -[PL]- said:

    when will schedules be posted?

  11. deli69: TBC - Jamz said:

    when do we’ll have our medal

  12. DamnEasy said:

    Weapon pickups finally

  13. Wonszu: KRITZBERG - CHWDH said:

    High C PogChamp, totally high group

  14. MrSmithers: doggo - zap said:

    on reckoner theres a balcony in red toxic that isnt reachable on blue side, but is on red.

    highly doubt this is intentional
    ^^ the unreachable balcony on blue side
    ^^ the balcony being stood on from red side

  15. Tekku: TINT said:

    ^ I’ll make sure to mention that to Phi.

  16. Dennis said:

    When medals will arrive?