Sunday Night Showdown

Date November 22, 2009

Illegal vs Team Dignitas

European Team Dignitas look to secure their fifth ETF2L league title tonight as they face Finland Illegal. Illegal need to win both maps tonight to stay in the title race.

Illegal have had an impressive debut Division 1 Season, enjoying surprise wins against elite teams Finland Power Gaming and European Team YoYoTech. But it’s not been without its difficulties as they dropped a map to European I Don’t Know? who have been experiencing line-up problems all season. And to beat Dignitas over two maps, who have been in imperious form all season long, will require another leap from Illegal.

Will Finland Hocz continue to make a case for player of the season or will Sweden Appe play hard to shut him down? How will Finland Rebeli fare against his old team? Will we see Illegal’s new scout addition Finland Fluffy play with the same level of confidence as we saw versus Power Gaming? Tune in tonight to find out, and perhaps more importantly, see Dignitas become the first team to win the three-peat of league titles.


Match Overview
Finland Team Dignitas vs European Relic
Week 7 (Division 1)
Date Sunday, November 22nd 20:15 CET



3 - 3



3 - 8

Finland Team Dignitas [1:4] European Relic


  1. ulv: h. - Liero said:

    i thought it was gonna be default win for illegal?

  2. JimmyBreeze: k^m said:

    apprently dignitas are ready to roll


  3. Koeitje: AUTOBOTS said:

    Go Diggy

  4. ulv: h. - Liero said:

    i can dig that

  5. Makaka: ZGDUHD - SDCK! said:

    illegal go!

  6. Extremer said:

    uh oh!!!

  7. nemppu: mmm. said:

    The drama behind this match definitely makes it more interesting, it’s not just about ETF2L dominance anymore NOW IT’S PERSONAL OH YEAH

  8. indey: brz - -[S2L] said:

    It’s not gonna be the match i was looking for if we dont see atleast one joke about someones mom.

  9. Dante said:

    cant wait for it :PP

  10. m0re said:

    I were supposed to have a date with agron tonight, so JIHAD on you illegal.

  11. Darn: rockit like said:


  12. LaMqTa: fenneks said:

    gogogogogog diggy

  13. Iller: tGa said:

    +1 :D

  14. quickman: fa» - [SpA] said:


  15. KhaoZ: CA - GC said:

    gg wp

  16. Morty: RG said:

    wth just happened? it was 3-3 on gully and when I left the stv diggy was going to cap the 4th vs 2 caps from illegal. rofl?

  17. caned: MEAT - LEGO said:

    gg, fun to watch

  18. sgN: CHRON said:

    woooot, diggy actually tied a game :O!?

  19. iharhajster said:

    imo diggy is making div1 scene kind of boring.

  20. FrAgola said:

    i’m calm i’m trying to figure out why you didn’t post something about that.

    o yes you are right:
    this are “special post” i think, where it’s clear who did what. then this others, but i didn’t dig too far

    every time you did at least a little section of the news about cheaters. this news saysnothing about boomeh. i don’t know him, i don’t want to start a big flaming battle but we as players want to know about your decision to “half-hide” the cheat fact

  21. RaCio: GoT² said:


    Those links show that we indeed wait till we have enough bans to make a large post or that we add it to the general posts about cup/league status and other things.

    Lately we’ve improved the process of writing newsposts. There are a couple of admins with good editorial skills who will try to do the newsposts. We also really wanted to increase our coverage of upcoming matches. If there is a promising match or an important rule issue one of the admins will try to write a newspost about it. And every once in a while we post a general newspost with updates on cups, the league and other things.
    So the posts about upcoming matches and important issues are seperate of the general posts.

    I hope that answered your question.