Entries from October 2009

Staff changes – Another ban

Date October 12, 2009

More staff changes After a long and successful term as head admin,  DeNeusbeer has decided to stop his work as head admin for ETF2L. Looking towards ETF2L’s future, we needed a new head admin to work alongside  dAyKiLLeR, and we therefore congratulate  Kop on his promotion. He has been one of our most hard working […]


Date October 8, 2009

Both myself and deltron initially started things here as administrators along with day almost 2 years ago now. I’m not active in the TF2 community and so most of you won’t know who i am but i think its important that the following statement comes from me or deltron. I’d quickly like to address a […]

New Forum Rules

Date October 7, 2009

In the last days we have worked on a few general forum guidelines and rules. Every user will have to accept these before she/he can post in the forum again. Please have in mind these rules also affect newspost and match page comments. [Forum Rules] Forum/Website Rules & Code of Conduct: F.1 – Please be […]

Nations Cup: Round of Sixteen – Season 6: Week 1 – Staff changes – Ban hammer

Date October 3, 2009

Nations Cup: Round of Sixteen The group phase of our 2nd Nations’ Cup is over and ended with no real surprises. All 16 teams from Pot A & B made it to the playoffs. Now the more interesting part starts. In the Round of Sixteen, every group winner will meet a 2nd place in a […]