Entries from October 2009

Nations Cup: Semi-Finals – KotH Cup: Round 2 – Anti-Cheat Section: Recruiting – New Website Features

Date October 31, 2009

Nations Cup: Semi-Finals The business end of our Nations Cup tournament continues with a couple of great match-ups. After a tough win versus valiant Poland, Norway faces their biggest challenge yet against strong favourites Finland. On the other side of the bracket, England and Sweden meet in what will hopefully be a very competitive match. […]

Anti Cheat section: Bans & more

Date October 25, 2009

New AC request command We have added a new command to our IRC bot which can be used to contact our anti cheat section. Please use this from now on by querying one of the bots (ETF2L/ETF2L2/ETF2L3) and typing “!acrequest”. Please be patient. If nobody contacts you right away try again after some hours. New […]

ETF2L Ladder: Test Phase – Nations Cup: Quarter Finals

Date October 19, 2009

ETF2L Ladder: Test Phase Ladders have been the subject of several lengthy discussions on the forums since the ETF2L opened. We have recently finished putting together an initial version of a Ladder system for ETF2L. Its incorporated into the site in exactly the same way as the cups and leagues meaning that scheduling your games […]

KotH 4on4 Cup: Round 1

Date October 16, 2009

We are happy to announce all 128 slots were filled in less than two days. Now it’s time to start the action – good luck and much fun to all teams! Details [Tree] [Rules] Map: koth_sawmill Schedule Deadline: Thursday, 22th October, 23:59 CEST Match Deadline: Wednesday, 28th October, 23:59 CEST

New partner n1ping and KotH 4on4 Cup

Date October 12, 2009

We are very proud to announce a new partnership between ETF2L and the server provider n1ping. Our new sponsors will support our league with 15 servers, each with 18 slots and hosted at a variety of locations (currently Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Frankfurt), as well as a 200 slot Mumble server. King of the Hill 4on4 […]