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League action! – Crack Clan vs Trademark Gamers

Date May 12, 2009

Week 1 of season 5 is getting off it’s feet nicely. Alot of matches have been played already. There’s alot left to be played aswell though. One of these matches is the division 1 match of Finland Crack Clan vs European Trademark Gamers. They will be playing this evening. This match is between the runner up of Season 4 and the winner of Season 3, so it’s sure to be interesting. Will TmG be back on form, or will CC be as strong as they were last season and take the victory home? You can see it live on Pwnage.tv this evening.

Cast overview

  • Casted by Pwnage.tv [Link]
  • Match start: Tuesday 12th May, 21:00 CEST
  • Match link: [Link]
  • SourceTV: fakkelbrigade.eu:27023 and  fakkelbrigade.eu:27026

Match Overview
Finland Interrobang vs European TCM-Gaming [old]
Week 1 (Division 1)
Date Tuesday, May 12th 20:00 CEST
SourceTV: fakkelbrigade.eu:27023 & fakkelbrigade.eu:27026



4 - 4



8 - 14

Finland Interrobang [1:4] European TCM-Gaming [old]


  1. Darn: rockit like said:


  2. ulv: h. - Liero said:

    need more aimbots

  3. Dr.LeoN said:

    need more finns

  4. cheetah: fa» - [SpA] said:

    need finnish aimbots

  5. BlindFaith said:

    2nd dot: Match start: Tuesday 12th MARCH, 21:00 CEST

  6. Xzar said:

    finns don’t need aimbots =[

  7. Fodi said:

    Tuesday 12th march, 21:00 CEST

    We’ll have to wait almost a year to see that match. :'(

  8. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    hm, i was convinced it was still march. Odd how time goes so fast.

  9. holzkopp*: EC! said:


  10. Meyer: IsF - G9 said:

    no sourcetv ?

  11. Iller: tGa said:

    How does that pwnageTV work ?

    They are hiding the matches pretty well. The only thing I get is a forum post telling me that CC and TMG is going to have a match.

  12. Iller: tGa said:

    Nvm, I found the huge link on the main page now :-)

  13. fabetroma said:

    Did you try to get on this site (http://www.pwnage.tv/) , register and join the thumbnail “Broadcast” :) enjoy

  14. Tonight: a match tonight - Fragmasters Talkingforums said:

    […] League action! – Crack Clan vs Trademark Gamers May 12, 2009 Week 1 of season 5 is getting off it

  15. CoolDog said:

    gg, played well.

  16. IceRedFox: EPA said:

    Great game, weqo was fantastic

  17. holzkopp*: EC! said:

    awesome match … turbine was very interesting to see

  18. Relentless said:

    “finns don’t need aimbots =[”

    finns are aimbots >:3

  19. w!z said:

    badlands was insane… was that 2 rounds during the last 4 minutes?

  20. compton: cvx| said:

    Whoever wrote this: “alot” is not a word! >:/

  21. gryzor said: