Dear teams and players, for the upcoming Highlander Season 32 (Summer 2024), we also have a poll form we would appreciate you to fill out to help us make decisions for the season. You can find and fill out this poll form Here.
Dear teams and players, thank you for participating in the ETF2L 6v6 Season 47 (Spring 2024). We would appreciate if you could take your time to go through this little feedback form.

6v6 Season 47 (Spring 2024): Home & Restrictions

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  • Signups: Closed
  • Group Stages: March 25th – May 12th
  • Playoffs: May 13th – May 26th
  • Roster lock: May 5th 23:59

Whitelist and Plugin Updates

  • Wrap Assassin is now Banned
  • sm_gunboats_always_apply is now set to 0 (Disabled)

Premiership and Division 1

Map pool

Division 2 and Below

Map rotation

  • Week 1: cp_process_f12 & koth_product_final
  • Week 2: koth_product_final & cp_gullywash_f9
  • Week 3: cp_gullywash_f9 & cp_sultry_b8a
  • Week 4: cp_sultry_b8a & cp_sunshine
  • Week 5: cp_sunshine & koth_bagel_rc8
  • Week 6: koth_bagel_rc8 & cp_granary_pro_rc16f
  • Week 7: cp_granary_pro_rc16f & cp_process_f12

Playoffs Structure

Premiership & Division 1:

  • Premiership: 18th May & 19th May
  • Division 1: 25th May & 26th May

UBF Winners get MAP PICK ADVANTAGE in finals, regardless of seed, losers drop to LBF.

Division 2 & Below:

  • Quarter Finals: 13th May – 17th May
  • Semi Finals: 18th May – 22nd May
  • Grand Finals: 23rd May – 26th May

Note: The Playoffs structure might vary per division and is subject to change due to it’s dependence on signups and remaining teams at the end of the group stage.