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Created 22nd August 2023 @ 15:01

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Hello gamers,
These past months, I’ve been tinkering with a spreadsheet concept that sprung from a sheet someone else showed me. While the idea of that sheet was great, the design and formatting of it was non-functional. Therefore, I made my own, using it as a base concept, while taking mine far beyond the original document.
I made mine darkmode, with the ETF2L color theme as an inspiration, and added some code. I also added some semi-dynamic clocks for various time-zones.

If you can use Google Sheets App on your phone, it should work on most devices.
Additional features: Lots of icons/class options. Year/season planner. Long term week planner. A contact book. Options for HL/6s.

I’ve decided to add a Creative Commons License to my version. The terms are as follows; you can edit this as you like, but you must share yours equally to the public. I’d like you to add your credit to the modified versions of the work, and not to remove these on any credited versions. You may not sell or commercially profit on this work. This is for the community.

The functionality
In tandem with the week spreads, you can use the year planner to plot out an entire year and whole seasons and what to do weekly. You can also more easily plan scrims with more of your team members being able to step in/contact the respective team.
The week spreads have a roster lineup for each day, opponent section, scrim times section and a dynamic clock (it updates whenever someone interacts with the sheet).
While some of the features might be a bit over the top for Open, most are beneficial for any division. I personally ran this system during Freshmeat, and had great success with it.

I’ve made some test versions prior, but this is the current version I’m maintaining.

The Google sheet is public and should have the option to be copied as is. If you encounter any issues with it, feel free to bug report.

– Em.

Edit: ETF2L forums do not allow google drive links. How sad.
I can still send it on request.

Edit 2: Clear form URLs work. Enjoy!

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I’ve added some more icons/updated the sheet with info and formatting. I’ll check this thread periodically for any issues/requests on it.


Beast! Top tier stuff!

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