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Poland Dummy

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we fold because peeps lack motivation and/or are away on holidays
also being team leader is cancer

i demo
i shoot floor
relatively keen but not 7 nights a week 6 maps keen

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  1. Bluee: brew said:

    does fatty damage

    polish elacour just a bit more retarded


  2. Marshy: yell @ dog said:

    Insane demo, sick dm and smart, can also call. Should be mid playoff at least imo

  3. oriano: yell @ dog said:


  4. WFlash said:

    has a shitload of experience, also monster dm despite him being like 70 years old

  5. Jamie said:

    Will demolish any enemy gamers in his vicinity. Make sure you don’t have any Brazillians on ur team though, they might disappear overnight.

  6. nutcase: RUSH said:

    old man and hot af (at tf2) but pick him up fast before his Polish cult following does!

  7. Dummy: said:

    im 24 get off my case
    damn kids