MedicSoldier  Mid Skill, 6on6

Greece Nikolomara

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dunno whats happening with omega next season so here i am

was able to get some experience as med in mid, would be up for playing some more since its fun
might try soldier again dunno can trial for bottom mid/low playoffs
handicapped until after 19 august
can play every day after 30 july unless hl/pan/weeb game tournament
dont mind subbing

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  1. Nikolomara: |cJ| said:


  2. Sen: -BE- said:


  3. Blanc: NEETs - PS said:

    Will always be my god :blessRNG:

  4. Ties said:


  5. troy: woofwoof - Alligator said:

    i love nik very good and epic

  6. Nikolomara: |cJ| said:

    day 2
    still decent at medic
    can also aim syringe gun so good memer


  7. Nikolomara: |cJ| said:

    bumper cart

  8. ducky: ..d1ck - Wow, swag said:


  9. Nikolomara: |cJ| said:

    bump might look for demo as well dunno

  10. Yumiii: FROG - .coolkids said:

    He has cute avis

  11. Hannes said:

    Nice avatars uwu >///////////////<

  12. vita: OwC - MUS said:

    really bad at eggwars

  13. Nikolomara: |cJ| said:

    better than you

  14. messy said:

    really good at pyro

  15. Nati0nal said:

    legendary foxbill

    great spy

  16. gatsan: CP said:

    impact roamer