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Ireland Kenny

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List of former achievements:
-Destroyed the TF2 Highlander Leaders page
-Pissed off MasterNoob to the point where he singlehandedly banned me THEN unbanned me when his own cronies asked him to
-Banned from TF2Center on over 30 separate alt accounts
-Banned from the TF2 Highlander Gay Bar
-Now a recovering angerholic (haven't gotten angry in a fair few months XD)
-Leader of the Reformed Gamers Society and a proud Reformed Gamer at that

I still feel like I've got a fair bit to offer even though I've acted like an absolute cunt in the past, apologies if I've annoyed anyone
A lot of those things I did were pretty retarded and I'd change some things but whatever
I still prefer playing Heavy, best class 2k18 but I'll play literally anything else if you need an offclass lmao
Already leading a team in UGC but will be happy to help anyone with their ETF2L scrims or even join an ETF2L team that has keen gamers
Can maincall, just get a little salty, I no longer raise my voice or get SUPER SUPER triggered
Feel free to talk shit in the comments :)

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Team History

Action Team By Date
Left I Want My Country Back! [Highlander] Kenny
Joined I Want My Country Back! [Highlander] blayze
Left make-bong [6on6] Kenny
Left I Want My Country Back! [Highlander] Kenny
Joined I Want My Country Back! [Highlander] blayze
Left reformed gamers!!! xDDD [Highlander] Kenny
Joined make-bong [6on6] ryan
Joined reformed gamers!!! xDDD [Highlander] Kenny
Left Abusement Park [Highlander] Sonny Black
Joined Abusement Park [Highlander] Zorlix
Left CCCP [Highlander] Kenny
Joined CCCP [Highlander] Peaceful Warrior
Left Biscuit [Highlander] Kenny
Joined Biscuit [Highlander] tatty
Left Granberry juice [Highlander] Kenny
Joined Granberry juice [Highlander] SkullTiger
Left Savage Kitties [Highlander] Kenny
Joined Savage Kitties [Highlander] Raganos
Left The Mustachioed Kitties [Highlander] _kate_
Joined The Mustachioed Kitties [Highlander] _kate_
Left Aristocrats [Highlander] Kenny
Joined Aristocrats [Highlander] torrerofranches
Left Pringlerino eSports [6on6] Kenny
Left Aristocrats [Highlander] Kenny
Joined Aristocrats [Highlander] torrerofranches
Joined Pringlerino eSports [6on6] yugo
Left Pringlerino eSports [6on6] Kenny
Joined Pringlerino eSports [6on6] yugo

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  1. evi said:


  2. BitchCallMeCaptainMorgan: NASA - VALH said:

    Literally the best mussolini ever dude

  3. Kenny said:


  4. Liko: ︻芫═一☺ - EDO said:

    reformed leprechaun

  5. JENNYDEATH: (ETF2L Donator) - LvG - RG? said:

    real man

  6. proky: (League Admin) - nufcZONE - Leila+8 said:

    made alts to cheat on a community server he is a real man!

  7. STiNGHAN: T - inv said:


  8. Kenny said:

    I didn’t cheat, I reported a cheater then DVS banned me lol

  9. alba: KT said:

    -Banned from TF2Center on over 30 separate alt accounts


  10. Kenny said:


  11. Useless: TC.Noobas - .-SRR-. said:

  12. Kenny said:

    Looks like something Mclane would post

  13. blayze: =BI said:

    (: :)

  14. yaynos: SELECTED. - RAT said:

    poot god

  15. Zamparonie: NoA!m - WCS said:

    reformed. ingore proky