Medic  High Skill, 6on6

Kosovo ult1mate

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my ubers are pretty trash but hopefully i can get better with a good team

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Action Team By Date
Joined The Playa Haters [Fun Team] Louis
Left i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ult1mate
Left Projectile Dysfunction [2on2] zeFrosty
Joined i'm a mid spy [Highlander] ducky
Joined Projectile Dysfunction [2on2] zeFrosty
Joined Fakin Ritar eSports [6on6] TwiggyWan Kenobi
Left the shpee's are we [Highlander] The Perrywinkle
Joined the shpee's are we [Highlander] AwditaS
Left iwate [6on6] ult1mate
Joined iwate [6on6] croix
Left banggang [6on6] ult1mate
Joined banggang [6on6] wiggle
Left BLEED BLUE [6on6] ult1mate
Joined BLEED BLUE [6on6] lgl
Left [6on6] ult1mate
Joined [6on6] Emancipator
Left banggang [6on6] ult1mate
Joined banggang [6on6] wiggle
Left MILK BROTHERS [2on2] ult1mate
Left here come dat boi [Fun Team] ult1mate
Left Planet Expresso [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Planet Expresso [6on6] WildPiggie
Left banggang [6on6] ult1mate
Joined banggang [6on6] wiggle
Joined here come dat boi [Fun Team] celvn
Left TM87 [6on6] ult1mate
Joined TM87 [6on6] jmk
Left Deox fan club [6on6] ult1mate
Left Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] kilpkonn
Joined Dads Who Love to Smoke the Herb [Highlander] laceyk1ng
Left Random Twitch Emote [Highlander] ult1mate
Joined Random Twitch Emote [Highlander] Scruff
Joined MILK BROTHERS [2on2] celvn
Joined Deox fan club [6on6] celvn
Left banggang [6on6] ult1mate
Joined banggang [6on6] wiggle
Left Spiral eSports [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Spiral eSports [6on6] Alakamind
Left Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Lukee
Joined Buying skill for $10 [6on6] Lukee
Left Electrostatically Discharged [6on6] ult1mate
Joined Electrostatically Discharged [6on6] ult1mate
Left The Baleful Pizza Delivery [Highlander] ult1mate
Left The Fast Learners [6on6] ult1mate
Joined The Baleful Pizza Delivery [Highlander] Px
Joined The Fast Learners [6on6] ult1mate

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  1. aloha: LMG - Fusion said:


  2. Taihoo: (=゚・゚=) said:

    great guy

  3. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:

    has a big brain

  4. Georgebaii: SCOOPER - DADC4N said:

    the ult1mate gamer

  5. Vouri: XDCK said:


  6. Polarium: bipolar said:

    sick nationality

  7. counou: AUTO - CRAZYBWAII said:


  8. Hempus: eskimo said:


  9. Georgebaii: SCOOPER - DADC4N said:


    “KOS OVO”

    “kos OVO”

    “kos OwO”

  10. Liko: GbK - Dr. med. said:

    *ult4mate, how many times we have to tell you? -.-

  11. ult1mate: said:


  12. junnu: ku$h - 00X said:

    the ult1mate player……,,

  13. Scruff: DEOX - XDCK said:

    vocal and strong medic, solid pickup for any team

  14. ΣαM: unknown said:

    nice movement (sometimes ;))

  15. Koling said:

    very good, sometimes doesnt pop to some people cuz of his ego, but with his 100 points everygame it doesnt matter ;)


  16. ult1mate: said:


  17. wand00m: mad decent - said:

    my biggest fan ?

  18. oJ: RINGO said:

    he’s cool I guess

  19. xan: hell said:

    cool guy, probs not highhh just yet thooo

  20. ult1mate: said:

    lmao bink

  21. NURWHAL: mad decent said:


  22. Foz: (ETF2L Donator) - - -Xe- said:


  23. Sprayer: MEMES - SDCK said:

    should have more faith in himself )

  24. celvn: eskimo said:

    Don’t buy him nekopara

  25. Broly: SCOOPER said:

    nice guy :D

  26. Unrav: SWAG!!!!! - 00X said:

    VERY epic gamer

  27. ult1mate: said:

    KOSOwO bump

  28. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - inv said:

    very nice guy, pick him up

  29. Koling said:

    fucking god arrows holy shit

  30. MILKy: said:

    manky from kosovo

  31. ult1mate: said:


  32. ult1mate: said:


  33. aloha: LMG - Fusion said:

    Future president of Liberland


  34. ult1mate: said:

    free me from twiggy

  35. AwditaS: RINGO said:

    be$t medic i know tbh

  36. bum: RINGO - 00X said:

    less attractive shade

  37. Gazy: RINGO said:

    more attractive shade

  38. ult1mate: said:

    more attractive shade

  39. charle: CRUNGE - MAN said:

    more attractive shade

  40. AwditaS: RINGO said:

    the shade from kosovo 😍😍😍😍

  41. KRKT: Frank said:

    big man from the ritars

  42. ult1mate: said:

    my contract with twiggy has broken by blood .

  43. celvn: eskimo said:

    t r a s h b o y c l i q u e

  44. gatsan: dunno said:

    pretty strong med

  45. aloha: LMG - Fusion said:


  46. Lanzer: mkcat - XDCK said:

    ur cute and should have more confidence in urself :3

  47. ult1mate: said:

    : 3

  48. Niz: RINGO - PAKI said:


  49. ult1mate: said:

    no home :/

  50. yaynos: the boys said:

    disappears off the planet every few weeks but other than that, £

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