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Italy .strix

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project went quite bad

main/sub idc


Plat main

add me

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Action Team By Date
Left Flagellum [6on6] .strix
Joined Italian DM Heroes [Highlander] mèx
Left Amazon Delivery [Highlander] .strix
Joined Amazon Delivery [Highlander] .strix
Left reverto [Fun Team] caiz
Joined Sniper Main [1on1] .strix
Joined Best Friendz [2on2] .strix
Left Final Frontier [Highlander] .strix
Joined Final Frontier [Highlander] MrBliss
Left Final Frontier [Highlander] .strix
Joined Flagellum [6on6] dududul POPOPOL
Left niggas whomst'd've'nt'l'd dis [6on6] .strix
Joined Final Frontier [Highlander] MrBliss
Joined reverto [Fun Team] caiz
Left Xenon [Highlander] .strix
Joined Xenon [Highlander] Icewind
Left Team Vision [Highlander] .strix
Joined Team Vision [Highlander] Chasing
Joined niggas whomst'd've'nt'l'd dis [6on6] catbowcar
Left Instense Gaming [6on6] .strix
Left #ripdadream [Highlander] .strix
Joined Instense Gaming [6on6] Atomic
Left Instense Gaming [6on6] .strix
Joined Instense Gaming [6on6] .strix
Left [6on6] .strix
Joined #ripdadream [Highlander] Jugger
Joined [6on6] Chrzz
Left Staminchia [6on6] .strix
Left lolmge [1on1] .strix
Joined Staminchia [6on6] Lawolf
Left Nerf Original pls [Highlander] .strix
Left Efficient Grinding eSports [6on6] .strix
Joined Nerf Original pls [Highlander] Jugger
Left very big mouses [Highlander] .strix
Joined Efficient Grinding eSports [6on6] jaguar
Left lol [6on6] .strix
Joined very big mouses [Highlander] Jugger
Left Ciambelle [Highlander] .strix
Joined lol [6on6] Tortello
Left Dragon dildos eSports [6on6] Tortello
Left Brother From Another Mother [2on2] .strix
Joined Dragon dildos eSports [6on6] Tortello
Left fortiximixximi [6on6] .strix
Joined Ciambelle [Highlander] Riky
Left Ciambelle [Highlander] Gegia
Joined fortiximixximi [6on6] Jugger
Left 5fps [6on6] .strix
Left Azerbaijan [National Highlander Team] .strix
Joined Azerbaijan [National Highlander Team] Tortello
Joined 5fps [6on6] Roy <3 -.-"
Left 5fps [6on6] .strix
Joined 5fps [6on6] Roy <3 -.-"
Left [6on6] .strix
Left Life suck Dubstep don't [Fun Team] .strix
Joined lolmge [1on1] .strix
Joined [6on6] .strix
Joined Brother From Another Mother [2on2] .strix
Joined Ciambelle [Highlander] Riky
Left Screaming Eagles [Highlander] .strix
Joined Screaming Eagles [Highlander] Sblitcher
Left No Skills, No Party [6on6] .strix
Joined Life suck Dubstep don't [Fun Team] .strix
Left ClockWork [Highlander] Emancipator
Joined ClockWork [Highlander] Emancipator
Left NevadaTestSite-51 [Highlander] .strix
Joined No Skills, No Party [6on6] .strix
Left European Warriors [6on6] .strix
Joined European Warriors [6on6] xPippo
Joined NevadaTestSite-51 [Highlander] .strix
Left SmoothPotatoes [Highlander] .strix
Left Don't kill us [6on6] xPippo
Joined Don't kill us [6on6] xPippo
Left Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] .strix
Joined Anime Is Bad eSports [6on6] drezzo
Left Maledetto Governo [6on6] .strix
Joined SmoothPotatoes [Highlander] rob.
Joined Maledetto Governo [6on6] .strix
Left SixGuys [6on6] .strix
Joined SixGuys [6on6] rob.

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  1. .strix: cirlo said:


  2. dududul POPOPOL said:

    good sniper, deserves a good team

  3. alba said:

    can click heads pretty decently, pick him

  4. .strix: cirlo said:

    Up added ugc just in case

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