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Its a shame Champ didn't work out. I liked playing with everyone on that team and we thought we would stick it out and become a top 2 team that Europe needed to tackle Seven.
But unfortunately it wasn't going to happen with us.
I wish everyone the best of luck from Champ as they are all sick players that will make others teams better that I'm sure of.

If you don't know who I am here is a little about me. (It's a little cringe so sorry for that)

I've been playing TF2 competitively for just over 8 years and 4 of those were spent at Div1 and Prem level. I've seen the meta for this game change with those years so I'm used to changing things if they are needed.
I can fit into whatever role your team needs me to be. If you need a strong caller or a medic with sick mechanics I'm confident I can grow into that role you need within a few days.

I want to be the best medic in Europe and I'm not ready to stop until I feel like I have achieved that. I don't think I've hit my limit as to how good I can be and I'm never satisfied with my performance which keeps me motivated to the point of being scary for people looking in at my practice routines.

So if you are a Prem team that needs a medic feel free to add me.
Unfortunately I won't be accepting any high teams that aren't at least in playoffs sorry.

Thanks for reading

Turbo :>

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Left ChampGG.K! [6on6] Turbo
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Joined ownage squad [6on6] Moursi
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Left - Alliance - [6on6] Turbo
Joined - Alliance - [6on6] nukkye
Left Revoluzion la metagame [6on6] Turbo
Joined Wales [National Highlander Team] Sneaky!
Left Elemencontitalviolenuincety [Highlander] Turbo
Joined Revoluzion la metagame [6on6] ilike2spin
Left Team Sodium by [6on6] Turbo
Left Wales [National 6v6 Team] Coleman
Joined Team Sodium by [6on6] molesto
Left PARS Я US [6on6] Turbo
Joined PARS Я US [6on6] toogyboogy
Left LADS ON TOUR [6on6] Turbo
Joined LADS ON TOUR [6on6] Turbo
Left elemental violence [6on6] Turbo
Joined elemental violence [6on6] Mr. G - String
Left REVERTO [6on6] Turbo
Joined REVERTO [6on6] Starkie
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Joined elemental violence [6on6] Turbo
Left rip [6on6] Turbo
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Left Crack Clan // Blue [6on6] Turbo
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Joined Wales [National 6v6 Team] Turbo
Joined Cash Money Haters [6on6] Turbo
Left elemental violence [6on6] Turbo
Joined elemental violence [6on6] Turbo
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Joined elemental violence [6on6] Ace
Left Continuity [6on6] Turbo
Joined Elemencontitalviolenuincety [Highlander] Turbo
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Left Airstrafers Anonymous [2on2] Turbo
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Left Vuze. [6on6] Turbo
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  1. Gubbins: fm! - WiK? said:

    With the amount of time and effort this guy has put in for the last god knows how many years, you all know who he is, I love him and you will too

  2. MKY: 7. said:

    verified sick cunt hey

  3. Mr.Epic: MUUQ - bad said:

    Great player, always been fun to play with. Shame his season ended in such way.

  4. Funs: team - -chess- said:

    Probably the most committed player I’ve ever been on a team with and a sick medic, deserves the best

  5. Sn0w: _____iwate said:

    another god

  6. Thaigrr: team said:

    Big boy jomjom

  7. damneasy: LMG said:

    good luck my man

  8. Ombrack: nR. said:

    Slightly better than me, so pretty good

  9. Ebola-Chan: KLS - INQV said:

    bible trump

  10. nuze: bobs said:

    Even if I hadn’t known him for years I would say this guy deserves a top team more than anyone else looking – theres hardly anything he needs to work on, and there’s nothing that he wouldn’t try to. Most committed player in the game.

    Gl jon

  11. Yohn said:

    fucking beast

  12. profix: #Passion said:

    best medic i’ve played with tbh

  13. yak: zZZ - n1 gg said:

    good player give him a home

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