SniperSpy  Mid/Open Skill, Highlander

Finland GONA

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top open yes make it happen thanks

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  1. osten said:

    top prem spy main tbh imo

  2. GONA: ° said:


  3. Boku: Autistic said:

    Real gamer. Top prem for sure

  4. osten said:

    talk shit git hit m8 thats right u heard me @gonaZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  5. Silver Tosspot: C00L - (°)> said:

    has a bad attitude against his opponents but he’s a fun guy to play with

  6. GONA: ° said:

    still looking for

  7. Chando: KaoS - Leila+8 said:

    good sniper and awesome guy, pick him up

  8. GONA: ° said:

    i promise i shoot

  9. junnu: LMG said:


  10. GONA: ° said:

    lft sniper yes

  11. Hampe: L M A O said:

    Pick this guy up, great guy and deserves a team that will do well in open!

  12. GONA: ° said:

    still looking top open spy or sniper

  13. Akuma: kevin said:

    gona’s good. FUCKING GET HIM

  14. GONA: ° said:


  15. Tercio: CHUMP - inv said:

    play spy in my sick team bro

  16. Tercio: CHUMP - inv said:

    join me