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Season 32 Update, Preseason Playoffs and Rule Update

Date January 19, 2019

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Season 32 is sponsored by… you!

Unfortunately, we are not able to present a title sponsor (yet?) this time around, but that’s okay. Because we already have the best sponsor there is: our beloved community!
ETF2L is able to put up 480 € by itself, thanks to our ad revenue and our affiliate program! So thank you to anyone who has AdBlock disabled and uses our amazon affiliate-link to shop online!
Furthermore, Faint Gaming is chipping in another 220 € to this season, bringing up our total to 700 €!
In addition to disabling AdBlock and shopping on Amazon, you can contribute an extra buck via PayPal to [email protected] and/or donate items to the ETF2L backpack steam account

Unlocks and Map Pool

Based on the feedback we have gathered in the offseason and the public poll this week, we have decided that after 30 consecutive seasons of running several iterations of cp_badlands, it is time to bench this iconic map for now and give a new-old face another go: cp_logjam!

This season will feature the following maps:

Map Rotation:


The whitelist can be found here.

Changes are:

  • Scorch Shot – Banned
  • Detonator – Banned

Rule Changes

Rule 1.8.2 will be edited and the nickname section will be edited into a general rule.

1.8.2 Premiership players are not allowed to change their ETF2L nickname while the relevant season is underway.

2.9 Players playing in matches casted by an org must use their real nicknames

All players who play in matches casted by an org must play with their ETF2L nickname. Team tags and sponsorship additions are allowed but the nickname must be the same as the nickname on ETF2L. The nickname should be easily recognizable at a glance. Each incorrect nickname will warrant a separate minor warning; a team can receive this punishment multiple times per game.

Preseason Playoffs

The following 6 teams will automatically get a spot into Premiership.

While these 4 will be battling it out for the remaining 2 spots.

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Announcing Season 32!

Date January 15, 2019

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Welcome to our 32nd Season of 6v6 Gaming!

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable Preseason Cup! Without further ado, we are very happy to be able to announce that our signups are open right now until the 25th of January 20.00 CET!

>>>> Sign up now! <<<<


That said, we are also looking for additional sponsors that would like to chip into Season 32. If you are interested or know a company, an organisation or an individual who is, do not hesitate to contact any staff member or send an email to [email protected]!


Sadly enough not able to acquire a sponsor for Season 32, however thanks to everybody that helps out this league with the partnership links on the side as well as the ad revenue we are still able to host a small prize pool.

Here are the prizes for next season’s Premiership division.

gold medal – 300 Euros

silver medal – 180 Euros

Season Schedule

  • Signups: January 13th – January 25th, 21:00 CET (Premiership signups will close early, on January 19th at 21:00 CET)
  • Publishing of Provisional Divisions: January 25th
  • Publishing of Final Divisions: January 26th
  • Pre-Season Premiership Qualifiers: January 21st – January 26th
  • Main Season: January 27th – March 15th
  • Playoffs: March 17 – April 7th

Unlocks and Map Pool

Map pool

As most of you have noticed we’ve had a preseason cup where we tested out some maps. As we want to get a better total view of people’s thoughts on the current map pool and the tried out we’ll be hosting a poll. This poll will end Thursday at 22 CET as we would like to finalize everything on time for the preseason playoffs.

Season 32 Preseason Map Vote


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Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Wrap-up

Date January 14, 2019

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Season 31 Wrap-up

Congratulations to European Se7en for, once again, taking the title

The winning squad is comprised of:

With one of the largest prizepools in recent history, kindly sponsored by Copenhagen Games 2019 and STN Trading, European Se7en have claimed.

  • 6 LAN-participation tickets for Copenhagen Games 2019, including rentals for 6 PCs and monitors (Worth roughly around 1.600 Euros)

After a exciting Final, Finland Ascent.EU have been defeated and place second claiming 700 euros while European :ccc are rewarded with the bronze medal and 300 euros.

Although we all enjoy watching the top players, ETF2L is not only about the Premiership Tier. The following teams placed top of their tables in the lower tiers:

Division 1

1.  – European THE THEORISTS
2.  – Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls
3.  – France veu crever

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ETF2L Highlander S17 Semifinal: Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN! vs TORPEDO

Date January 8, 2019

Banner by soda | Written by joe the brave

Super Dickmann’s KANNONEN! vs TORPEDO

This Wednesday night, it’s the semi-final of Highlander Season Seventeen, as Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! faces off against Hungary TORPEDO.

It’s been a great first season together for Hungary TORPEDO, who enjoyed a convincing run of form in the second half of the season to clinch their playoffs spot. How far can the rocket go?

Meanwhile, playoffs is nothing new for Premiership old boys Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! – although they arrived in the semifinal in dramatic fashion. In order to edge out Ukraine inVision for a ticket to the semis, they needed either a win or Golden Cap win in their final match of the season against league leaders UnitedKingdom Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS. And they only went and did it!

When Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN! faced Hungary TORPEDO in the regular season, it was an SDCK! win. Will the tables turn tonight, or will it be another Grand Finals for the Kannonen? Join CeeJaey & extrasolar on KritzKast to find out.

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Season 32 Preseason Map Cup Announcement!

Date January 1, 2019

In order to test some promising maps, we’ll be hosting a Preseason map cup, featuring 2 koth maps and 1 5cp map. Depending on the feedback of these maps one of them might replace a map in our current mappool!

>>> Click Here to signup <<<<


All rules are the same as the season 31 rules. The whitelist for this cup will also remain the same as season 31 and can be found here.

Remember that this is first come first serve; teams that sign up on the last day of the competition might NOT get a spot!


This cup will run a 4 team round robin format that runs into a single elimination stage.

The group stage has preset maps while the single elimination stage is in BO3 with the two teams deciding the order of the maps.

Signups 1st January – 9th January 21:00 CET

Thursday 10th January

Friday 11th January

  • 20:00 CET – Quarterfinals

Saturday 12th January

  • 20:00 CET – Semifinals

Sunday 13th January

  • 20:00 CET – Grand Finals and 3rd place match

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