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Beater Presents: Meet Your Map Cup!

Date April 21, 2018

Meet Your Map Cup

With ETF2L Season 29 almost wrapped up the time has come to announce a brand new cup! Prepare for two action packed days featuring three brand new, never seen before maps selected by none other than Denmark Beater himself. Signed up teams will be assigned to a random non-seeded group with 4 teams in total. Fear not, all teams that sign up will go through to the playoff stage. Due to some gracious donations a 150€ prizepool will be available for the finalists of this cup. After the cup each team will be able to vote for their favourite map. Only teams participating will be eligible to vote, team leaders will be contacted for further information after the cup.

If you want more information about all the created map or the map competition you go and check out the thread on the TF2Maps forums.

>>>Signup now!<<<

Signups close April 27th at 23:00 CEST


This will go to teams that end up partaking in the upper playoff stage.

1st: 100€

2nd: 50


During the groups stage maps are played best of one with draws being allowed. During playoffs this will be done by golden cap with a timelimit of 15 minutes, the team that holds mid when the timelimit is reached wins.

Group stage – Saturday April 28th

Round 1: 18:00 CEST – cp_cardinal_rc1a

Round 2: 18:45 CEST – cp_propaganda_b3

Round 3: 19:30 CEST – koth_synthetic_b5

After the group stages the top and bottom two teams of each group will go through into a separate playoff stage. This playoff stage will be played as a single elimination bracket with its size depending on the amount of signups. All games in the knockout stage will be played as a best of three. During playoffs

The playoff scheduling is still subjected to change! This due to it depending on signup numbers, if changes occur an updated schedule will be posted as soon as signups close.

Playoff stage – Saturday April 28th

Playoff round 1: 20:30 CEST

Playoff stage – Sunday April 29th

Quarter final: 18:00 CEST

Semifinal: 19:30 CEST

Grand final: 21:00 CEST


This cup will not be used to test new weapons/unlocks and will thus use the season 29 whitelist. You can find it here.

Season 29 Grand Finals: Se7en vs Ascent.EU

Date April 19, 2018

Written by Aelkyr

Strap in, as the ETF2L S29 Grand Finals are about to happen. At the start of the season, they were 8, and after some surprising results, last minute folds and roster shufflings, only those 2 teams stand tall, ready to face each other for the third and final time this season.

UnitedKingdom Se7en are coming from the upper bracket final, where UnitedKingdom Se7en were able to dispatch France Ascent.EU in 2 close maps. The talent-filled roster led by UnitedKingdom kaidus went through some major changes this season, with the iconic soldier duo of England Drackk and Netherlands kaptain, as well as UnitedKingdom Raymon stepping down, and replacing them are England Thaigrr, Slovakia adysky and England seeds. France Ascent.EU have managed to keep the same roster for all of the season.

Now, UnitedKingdom Se7en are looking a bit stronger, having won the last two confrontations, seemingly unfazed by their roster changes, but France Ascent.EU are the kind of team that can dig deep and carry on, as last season they managed to reach the grand final despite coming into the playoffs as the 4th seed and having never played a prem final before. Now that they have a more experienced roster, is it going to be all downhill for UnitedKingdom Se7en? Or will the lucky numbers be too much and UnitedKingdom Se7en will win their 7th title tonight? Tune in to with England TurboTabs and Denmark Beater on the microphone with England gemm on the camera at 20:45 CEST to find out!

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Highlander Season 15 Week 2 & Week 3 Double Header

Date April 8, 2018

Written by Germany Domaytoe

Prepare yourselves, your body, your soul, but most importantly your binds that use up all the rhetorical devices available to a third grader in order to be ready for our double-trouble game coverage tonight!

Week 3: Feila eSports vs. Lucrosa

First of all we have “+2 enthusiasts” Poland Feila eSports finanzieren durch DROPS battling it out against recently LAN-proven team Sweden Lucrosa who have the pleasure of playing their Week 3 game before their Week 2 game. It has to be seen if this game will prove to be as paradox as the schedule.

Emerging from the depths of Russian strategy books our map tonight will be cp_steel, which has shown to be a battleground that can very likely and tenderly swing both ways. This is due to the fact that brainpower and good rotations prevail over raw and unpolished deathmatch abilities most of the time, which means we will ultimately see which one of these teams has the biggest brain! (or alternatively: the strongest flank, the combo that screws up the least and the best pick classes, …)

Having picked up a few (seven) new players compared to last season, Feila have only had one game so far to show their capabilities and have reigned superior against Russia WASP by KEYS-STORE.COM but did not manage to get the full six points from this fixture. Considering the tight skill gap between the teams this season, every point matters quite a lot in order to reach playoffs.

On the other side of the fixture we have Sweden Lucrosa, who have managed to already play two games in their third week. The results were mixed, as they have won 4-2 against TrinidadTobago Budget Toucans and tied against European opeen_squad #borninthewrongdiv in arguably very close (yet very throwable) games so far.

As their main scout Norway yahoo still seems to be on the late search for eggs and integrity just a week after Easter, it will be a new flank member stepping up to the fray not only for tonight but the rest of the season.
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Scheduling Update: 1 April 2018 – 31 September 2018

Date April 3, 2018

Provisional Schedules

As of summer of 2017, we have published our method of scheduling, meaning that we will be posting the provisional plans for the following 6 months every 3 months in a newspost. This is the fourth post regarding this and covers the period ranging from approximately 1 April 2018 – 31 September 2018. These posts only cover regular season events and do not cover Nations Cups, Preseason Cups or any other spontaneous or surprise events.

Season 30

13 May – 26 May Signups
20 May – 26 May Premiership Qualifiers
27 May – 14 July Regular Season
15 July – 4 August Playoffs

Highlander Season 16

8 July – 21 July Signups
15 July – 21 July Premiership Qualifiers
22 July – 25 August Regular Season
26 August – 15 September Playoffs

Season 31

2 September – 15 September Signups
9 September – 15 September Premiership Qualifiers
16 September – 3 November Regular Season
4 November – 24 November Playoffs

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Medals, Rule Updates, Staff Changes!

Date April 1, 2018


Due to the latest Valve update, our medal distribution system has been completely broken. This means that all medals, including the ones from Highlander Season 14 and 6v6 Season 29 will be postponed indefinitely until further notice. We apologize for this inconvenience and will be working as much as possible to fix this issue as soon as possible.


Rule update

After multiple months after the October Pyro update, a multitude of complaints about the class have been reported to us. We’ve discussed options thoroughly as to how to deal with the new changes. At first, we thought banning the broken unlocks would have been sufficient. However, this has obviously not been the case. Therefore we have decided to fall back to the only sensible option at this point in time, which is, with the exception of Highlander, to reduce pyro classlimit to 0. This rule change will come into effect immediately, meaning that no more pyro will be allowed during the season 29 playoffs and in the following seasons.


Staff Changes

Germany Stinson_Out has now been a Head Admin for over a year. However, due to lack of motivation and not being able to uphold his responsibilities as a Head Admin his position has been put in jeopardy. With the final nail in the coffin being the fact that his watched anime days do not even come close to fellow Head Admins Belgium Aoshi and Finland BloodisGermany Stinson_Out has now decided to step down to the normal League Admin position. Here, he can catch up on the required amount of watched anime per month to reclaim his Head Admin position.




Happy April Fools’ Day.