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Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 4: The Fellowship vs. SVIFT EU, Faint Gaming vs Se7en, & Ascent.EU vs wer das liest ist doof

Date October 18, 2018

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The Fellowship vs SVIFT EU

It is a mid-table mid-season melee tonight, as UnitedKingdom the fellowship takes on Sweden SVIFT EU. The maps will be Gullywash and Snakewater, two staples of comp that don’t really favour a single side, although they flow quite differently.

The fellowship will be looking for a rebound this week, after dropping two points to some troublesome Teutons (and their English buddies) despite handily winning Product. Having only faced the two teams that had to qualify and the currently-undefeated European Faint Gaming, Aragorn and friends will surely be considering this fixture as a test to see how they fare against teams of similar rank.

Meanwhile, SVIFT did not play last week due to SouthAfrica nunya dropping out, but the supersonic squad had a strong showing before that, drawing with Ascent in a thrilling match and putting up a decent fight against Se7en, which is more than their foes did. Based on results only, they seem like the favourites there, but they will surely be careful against a team like the fellowship, as they can mount comebacks like the Great Eagles.

So, will the crafty companions take the points? Or will the ship of the fellows get sunk by the swifter side? Tune in to to find out!

Play-by-Play: Plunk | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Morris | Match Page | UnitedKingdom the fellowship| Sweden SVIFT EU| Written by Aelkyr

Faint Gaming vs Se7en

European Faint Gaming will be looking to get back to their best after losing both Product and Gully last week to AMS and the gang’s Finland Ascent.EU, although – perhaps even more than Ascent – conquering UnitedKingdom Se7en will be no tall order…

Meanwhile, it’s three on the trot so far for the league leaders, although last week – versus Norway Ora Elektro – was a week of two halves. Though they took Product 3-0, Gullywash wasn’t as easy, winning only through a Golden Cap.

Can Faint take six from Se7en? Will Se7en knock Faint out cold?

Head to Teamfortress.TV with all the action, with GrumpyKoi, Samski and Beater.

Play-by-Play: GrumpyKoi | Analysis: Samski | Production: Beater | Match Page | European Faint Gaming | European Faint Gaming and Norway Ora Elektro, and three from Sweden SVIFT EU.

Meanwhile, doof will need to be at their best to get anything out of tonight’s game, although last week offered a glimmer of hope in the Golden Cap win against UnitedKingdom the fellowship.

Will the less-than-German Germans vanquish Mount AMS? Or will Ascent continue climbing up the Prem ladder and leave doof for dead?

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Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 3: the fellowship vs wer das liest ist doof & Ora Elektro vs Se7en

Date October 11, 2018

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Tonight, two games take place in the ETF2L S31 Premiership tier.

To begin with, UnitedKingdom the fellowship takes on Germany wer das liest ist doof.

While the Germans will be hoping to improve upon the score of their last Product match, conceding the map 3-0 to Faint, they find themselves up against a formidable fellowship force. Russia Mr.Epic especially has a habit for Viaduct heroics, so keep an eye on the kill-feed for headshots. With that said, if he plays to his usual epic standards, they’ll be pretty hard to miss.

In the game after, Norway Ora Elektro comes up against UnitedKingdom Se7en.

Domo once again fills in for UnitedKingdom kaidus on a Se7en side that continues to meet the high standards we expect of the team. Meanwhile, after losing both maps to Ascent last week, Ora will be hoping to turn their season around. Will they be able to begin a comeback tonight?

Be sure to head to for all the action, commentary, airshots and more.

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Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 2: Se7en vs SVIFT EU & the fellowship vs nunya

Date October 7, 2018

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Se7en vs SVIFT EU

Tonight, two Prem heavyweights face off on Gran and Product: Se7en versus SVIFT EU.

Se7en won their first match with the swagger we’ve come to expect from a team who’ve continually ran Sonic-style rings around the league. They put The Fellowship to the sword and squarely back in the bin with 6-1 and 5-0 wins. The match marked a return for two legendary EU players – kaptain and Raymon – with Stark returning to his more familiar roamer role. Though Kaidus is currently on a break from TF2, Domo’s proven himself to be an astute pick-up. He’ll be hoping to fill Kaidus’ booties again tonight.

Meanwhile, SVIFT have also had a new coat of paint – although not as dramatically as their now-fallen NA comrades – with the addition of multiple members of The Bus Crew. The new-look team played a heated match against Ascent last week, losing Process but winning Gran. Will Se7en take six? How fast can the SVIFT bus go?

Join Ombrack, Eepily and Beater on TF.TV for all the action and commentary.

Analysis: Ombrack | Play-by-Play: eepily | Production: Beater | Match Page | UnitedKingdom Se7en | Sweden SVIFT EU | Written by joe the brave

the fellowship vs nunya

Week 2 of ETF2L is upon us, and the classic Process is out for the map with a reputation of being a wildcard : Product. Nunya and the fellowship are both looking to rebound after disappointing results last week, so expect to see two teams out for blood.

Last week, the fellowship was no match for the new Se7en, losing both maps on round difference. That said, the fellowship is not going to break because of a defeat at the hands of the winners especially on the first week, and they are probably looking at this match as their first real test. And they seem to be the favorites now, since especially Product looks to be one of their strongest maps : uubers has proven to be an effective scout, allowing Mr.Epic to play sniper, something he does extremely well.

Nunya are looking like the underdogs here as last week rematch of the qualifiers was a mixed bag for Connor’s crew, winning a single map on Golden Cap. That said they did win Granary after all and the map is still in rotation. While winning may look like an upset, they will certainly not go out with a whimper, and Product will be a fierce affair, having their own fearsome sniper in the form of Puoskari and lukas pumping out damage.

Play-by-Play: HiipFire | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Console | Match Page | UnitedKingdom the fellowship | SouthAfrica nunya | Written by Aelkyr

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Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Week 2: Ascent.EU vs. Ora Elektro & Faint Gaming EU vs. wer das liest ist doof

Date October 4, 2018

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Ascent.EU vs. Ora Elektro

It’s Week 2, baby, Ascent.EU vs. Ora Elektro. The 5+1 European-American squad of Ascent.EU tied against SVIFT on their Week 1 match up. But, as the season goes, do not count this team out. Credu and AMS makes a solid Scout duo, as well as Drackk and Silentes on Soldier, with Elacour on Demo and Nursey on medic, they will ascend to better results sooner or later. Meanwhile, LAN-proven Ora Elektro lost their first match against Faint Gaming. But, their previous outing have proven that the squad of Maros, Nevo, Azunis, Papi, Eemes, and Demos can mount a win and good result. It’s a question of when will it happen. So, will Ascent.EU ascend to victory, or will Ora Elektro shocks their opponent to their own?

Join HiipFire, DuMmTm, and Morris as they document yet another exciting match of European TF2 on TFTV.

Play-by-Play: HiipFire | Analysis: DuMmTm | Production: Morris | Match Page Finland Ascent.EUNorway Ora Elektro | Written by concorde

Faint Gaming EU vs. wer das liest ist doof

Tonight, Faint Gaming EU takes on wer das liest ist doof on Granary and Product.

In the first match week, Faint played two incredibly nervy games against Ora Elektro.

Process was extremely close, with Faint dodging a 2-2 draw by winning a third round in the match’s dying embers.

However, if the heat of that map felt too close for comfort, Granary proved to be a whole new world of hurt again. After being down a round for almost the entire game, Faint evened the score right at the death, and then kept the momentum going to see out a Golden Cap.

Meanwhile, in the German corner, doof’s last match pitted them against a new-look nunya.

With the help of The Major’s artillery fire, doof impressed on Process, with stefaaan in particular putting on a vintage show.

But just as for Faint, Granary was more closely-contested. In the game’s final moments, a 3-2 win for nunya looked inevitable, as the Germans were collapsed upon and torn apart in Granary second — other than for schocky. In a revenge drama befitting of Shakespeare, the legendary Scout responded by winning a 3v1 against lukas, smzii AND nuthouse, keeping the game at 2-2. In true tragic fashion though it wasn’t enough to prevent nunya from taking the Golden Cap.

Will Faint continue their form and take home all six points tonight? Will shocky shock again? And how many people will Google Translate the doof team name ahead of the game?

For all the commentary, back-caps and analysis, join us on TFTV.

Play-by-Play: Samski | Analysis: Ombrack | Production: gemm | Match Page | European Faint GamingGermany wer das liest ist doof |Written by joe the brave

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ETF2L’s Sponsorship and Policy Update, Bans, Tip of the Hats

Date October 3, 2018 joins in on the fun!

As many of you have surely noticed by now, is returning as a sponsor for Season 31! After joining forces with for the summer season, they will once again throw €1.000 into the pot! Big thanks to spyfly and his team for supporting competitive TF2!
As the winner of Season 31 already receives PC rentals and LAN tickets for Copenhagen Games 2019 worth approximately €1.600, part of the contribution (€700) will be awarded to the second place, leaving €300 to the 3rd placed team.

If you would like to contribute yourself, our ETF2L PayPal account is open for donations year round! Simply transfer your funds to [email protected] If you want your money to support a specific season or tournament, make sure to leave us a message in the payment info!
We also accept donations in the form of items. To do so, send a trade offer to our ETF2L steam account (accepting only keys or unusual hats) or contact one of our admins!
If you do not have any cash or items you can support us by disabling AdBlock on! A small contribution can go a long way!

ETF2L’s stance on harassment within the community

Over the last few months, we’ve been looking into making a clearer stance regarding how we will handle toxicity and harassment. This will be done by having some clearer outlines on it as a whole.

On-site comments, as well as off-site comments made by players, can and will be taken into account if they are reported by whoever those comments were directed to. This includes officials, match comments and forums, scrims, external forums (such as and so on.

For the Premiership tier, we’ll be reviewing the match logs from all of their played officials. The reason for this is that the matches are often casted as well as being a representation of the league.

The rest will still remain on their report-based system. If you want the admin team to look over a case please come forward and contact us using our Discord.

Every case will be handled separately due to the context being an absolutely crucial aspect when dealing with these cases. Consistent harassment, as well as highly derogatory terms, is something that we would like to see fade out of the community. At the end of the day, however, this isn’t a safe space and it is undeniable that light-hearted “trashtalk” is still part of a competitive community.

However, continuously toxic behaviour will lead to on-site punishments. This can be in the form of simple warnings, but can eventually lead to bans. A few examples of this are:

UnitedKingdom messy – 2 months
Thailand MIRAkapic – 1 month

These players are banned for harassing another member of the community for months on end.

Joining them is Sweden Hannes who will be banned for 2 weeks due to their highly derogatory comments during the Highlander Season 16 Low Grand Finals.

ETF2L is following up on a promise

Back in October, when we issued the first bans for derogatory behaviour as well as racist and sexist slurs, we made a promise to donate a cut of the Season 30 prizemoney to charity. The deducted amount of €175 will be equally split between these two organisations:

  • Woman Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW) is a Canadian women’s rape crisis centre that offers a 24-hour crisis hotline as well as additional services such as free counselling & victim services. They are also helping women through support groups, volunteering opportunities and general awareness.
  • Galop UK is a British LGBTQ and anti-violence legal advice charity. Galop UK prominently provides consultation and support for victims that have had issues with reporting domestic & sexual abuse, or racially or extremist-fueled LGBTQ+ hate crimes such as Islamophobic violence to the police or the criminal justice system.

ETF2L and its sponsors and partners are happy to support these two selfless organisations. A special ‘thank you’ goes to uberchain, who thoroughly searched the world wide web and provided us with these two options.

Don’t forget: the TF2 community is a family!

… and there are black sheep in every single one of them. But that does not mean our community is rotten to the core! In fact, the very core of the community – long-time ambassadors of our game and even quite a lot of those who have long left the scene – come together once again in order to host the annual charity stream Tip of the Hats!

They are back at it, raising money for Children’s Oncology Services, Inc., which offers camps and other educational and excursion programs throughout the year that allow children with cancer to just be kids. At the time of writing, this initiative has already raised ~14.000 USD in 2018, even though the stream does not go live until Friday, 5th October! For exact information on the schedule and guests, visit

Let us come together this weekend and remind ourselves about what Team Fortress 2 is all about: community, passion, love, sympathy and tolerance!

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