Did you know: SDCK! won HL Season 13!

Highlander Season 13: Playoffs and Tiebreaker Scores

Date August 23, 2017


Welcome everyone to the conclusion of the 13th season of ETF2L HIghlander for open, mid, high and premiership.

We hope you enjoyed the matches, and for the teams that made it through, congratulations.

All tiers will have playoffs, all playoff matches will be using the Map Elimination system. Note that all dates are estimates and teams are able to negotiate other days by scheduling with their opponents.

If you find yourself on the list of these teams expect an admin to add you and request your availability, if there is no information or insufficient information given we will have to decide your match dates for you. Keep in mind that we will try and accommodate both teams, but the match date may still vary from your provided days, if for example none of the days match with your opponent, but your opponent offered more days than you did. Deadlines listed for the matches are flexible and may be changed in certain situations if admins are contacted about allowing extensions on these.


For the Premiership Tier, we are going with single elimination bubble bracket.


Semi Final: Latvia Super Dickmann's JUNIORS! vs Luxembourg Super Dickmann's KANNONEN!

The losers of this matches will be knocked out, while the winner will advance to the grand final to play European Strong Opinions.

The Semi Final must be submitted by 3rd September and the grand finals must be played by 17th of September. If you need to play outside of these dates contact an admin.


For the High Tier we’re going with 6 teams in the playoffs with single elimination.

  1. SouthKorea inVision
    • 27 points
  2. Sweden Lucrosa
    • 25 points
  3. European That Awkward Moment
    • 22 points
  4. Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity
    • 19 points
  5. Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police
    • 18 points
  6. European SENSATION
    • 17 points – Won H2H against Finland Saukot
  7. Finland Saukot
    • 17 points – Lost H2H against European SENSATION


Quarter final matches will be played from 27th August – 2nd September.

Quarter Final 1: European That Awkward Moment vs European SENSATION
Quarter Final 2: Germany Doctors Of Mediocrity vs Uganda Ugandan Pizza Police

SouthKorea inVision and Sweden Lucrosa will join the playoffs once these Quarter Finals have finished.

Semi Finals will be played from 3rd – 9th September.

Grand Finals will be played from 10th – 17th September.

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Soldier 1v1 MGE Cup announced!

Date August 14, 2017


Soldier 1v1 MGE Cup

EDIT: We will also have a special whitelist featured for this cup, link to it can be found here. To enable this whitelist in servers with TFTrue, the command “tftrue_whitelist_id etf2l_mge_soldier” needs to be used.

As the last cup of our Summer Sensation we already let you voice your opinion on which class should take the place of getting to see who is the best 1v1 player in the league, and the polls have told that Soldier is the winner with 57.116% of votes!

The group stage for this cup will be played on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of August with an unseeded round robin stage followed by a single elimination knockout stage on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st. Signups will close on Thursday 17th, 23:59 CEST.

The group stage schedule will be the following:

Group Stage – Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of August

Map: mge_oihguv_sucks_a12

Group round 1: Friday 18th 19:00 CEST – Badlands Middle arena
Group round 2: Friday 18th 20:00 CEST – Gullywash Middle arena
Group round 3: Saturday 19th 19:00 CEST – Granary Middle arena
Group round 4: Saturday 19th 20:00 CEST – Ammomod (MGE) arena
Group round 5: Saturday 19th 21:00 CEST – Badlands Spire arena

These rounds can be rescheduled to be played at any time during the said days, as long as all results are submitted before Saturday 23:59 CEST. All matches without submitted results at that point will be coinflipped.

For Knockout Stage we will have top 3 teams from each group advancing to the knockout stage. These matches cannot be rescheduled unless if they are played earlier, playing later is not a possibility. The arenas will remain the same from Group Stage with every match being a BO3, every player gets to ban an arena once and pick an arena once, with the last remaining arena being the decider. The ban/pick process will be similar to Case 1 said here, where Team A gets to ban first, Team B to ban second and pick first, and Team A to pick second with the final map being the tiebreaker arena.

Default dates for Knockout Stage matches will begin with round 1 on Sunday 20th at 18:00 CEST, with round 2 played at 19:00 CEST and round 3 played at 20:00 CEST along with round 4 played at 21:00 CEST. Every round after that will be played on Monday starting at 19:00 CEST by default, there will also be a third place match after semi-finals are done.

We highly recommend people joining up for this cup to play their matches in their private MGE servers, however admins can allow players to play their matches in public MGE servers as well if there are no private servers available to give for players to play on.

>>>>>>>> Signups are Open Now! <<<<<<<<

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Reversed Maps Cup update, and more news to come!

Date August 13, 2017


This is a reminder post for today’s Reversed Maps Cup knockout stage explaining how the matches will be played out, and an explanation to give an insight on the teams chosen for the knockout stage.

The Knockout Tree for the single elimination stage can be found here, with fixtures alone here.

Sunday 13th of August:

Round 1: 18:00
Round 2: 19:00
Quarter Finals: 19:50
Semi Finals: 20:40
Grand Finals: 21:30

During the knockout stage, golden caps are to be played on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab. cp_tiplevarg is to be BO1, if teams are unable to decide on what side to start, then teams must play a heavy fist fight in order to come to a final compromise. The playoffs will be bo1 with each team getting one map ban.

Also, further explanation towards why some teams might not appear in knockout stage that otherwise should be due to points in the group stage tables, we would want to mention that we initially weren’t expecting a flaw with our league table scoring for this cup, as ETF2L has not had map draws, so that both teams would get only a single point from a map, as an option for many years now but we accepted it as a possibility for all maps in this cup. However, this became an issue with cp_tiplevarg as commonly with maps that are normally in stopwatch played as BO3 we have two maps selected for it to allow teams to have a golden cap to settle the score.

This was not the case in this cup which allowed teams to put a 3-3 score draw for both teams which should have been a 1-1 score draw. Because of that we admins have handpicked the appropriate teams that have earned their place in the knockout stage and let them advance towards.

Lastly we would also want to mention to be able to run a proper single elimination setting we have chosen teams with second seed in their group to need to play their matches in Round 1 matches earlier than expected before the Round 2 matches, these matches will need to be played before the Result deadlines said on the match pages for each fixture, otherwise matches will be coinflipped if no result has been submitted by teams.

We will add in more news about the results of the 1v1 MGE Cup poll later on after this news post.

Season 27: Award Polls!

Date August 9, 2017


The premiership talent has chosen between its peers. The following players – in their eyes – deserve to be available to be voted best in their departments.
So without further ado, here are the nominees:

Season 27: Scout of the Season

Total Voters: 727

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Season 27: Roamer of the Season

Total Voters: 713

Loading ... Loading ...

Season 27: Pocket of the Season

Total Voters: 717

Loading ... Loading ...

Season 27: Demoman of the Season

Total Voters: 716

Loading ... Loading ...

Season 27: Medic of the Season

Total Voters: 709

Loading ... Loading ...

Season 27: Best Offclasser

Total Voters: 715

Loading ... Loading ...

Season 27: Best Debut

Total Voters: 670

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Season 27: Best Player

Total Voters: 712

Loading ... Loading ...

Season 27: Caster of the Season

Total Voters: 674

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Prolands Cup powered by serveme.tf Wrap-up, second part of ETF2L Summer Sensation announced!

Date August 8, 2017

Reversed Maps Cup

Now that a serious cup is out of the way, let’s bring some more fun back by playing some of the more commonly known maps in this game… reversed! Cp_yranarg, cp_sdnaldab, and cp_tiplevarg – no prizes for guessing what maps they are based on.

This cup will be played on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of August with an unseeded round robin stage followed by a single elimination knockout stage. Both 6v6 and Fun teams may signup. Signups will close on Friday 11th, 21:00 CEST.

Group Stage – Saturday 12th

Group round 1: 19:00 – cp_sdnaldab
Group round 2: 20:00 – cp_yranarg
Group round 3: 21:00 –  cp_tiplevarg

Knockout stage – Sunday 13th

Round 1: 19:00
Quarter Finals: 19:50
Semi Finals: 20:40
Grand Finals: 21:30

During the group stage draws are allowed on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab, cp_tiplevarg is to be played as a BO2. During the knockout stage, golden caps are to be played on cp_yranarg and cp_sdnaldab, cp_tiplevarg is to be BO1. The playoffs will be bo1 with each team getting one ban.

Remember that cp_tiplevarg is to be played on stopwatch config (etf2l_6v6_stopwatch.cfg)

>>>>>>>> Signups are Open Now! <<<<<<<<

1v1 MGE Cup

And lastly, we also want to announce that we are making a 1v1 MGE cup again! Well, planning to! We want to hear your opinion on which class should it be done for, and for that you can vote on the poll below! This cup will be played from 18th of August until 20th of August, with the poll closing on 13th of August at 20:00 CEST.

What class should be played in the MGE cup?

Total Voters: 548

Loading ... Loading ...

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