ETF2L S27 Premiership Week 3: Arctic Foxes vs Lowpander

Date June 11, 2017

Written by  We’ve got fox on panda action tonight on TFTV! bounced back from their week 1 spanking by with a convincing roll of unexpected last week. Similarly, after throwing away their first 6 points of the season in a tantrum over server hosting, came back to surprise everyone with a victory over , prompting […]

Season 27 Week 3: unexpected vs the absolute nuts & nerdRage vs Se7en

Date June 8, 2017

Written by Smin &  unexpected vs the absolute nuts and play in a match that was completely expected to happen in ETF2L S27 Week 3. Both of these teams had tough opponents last week, and both lost 6-0. unexpected played , and lost by win-difference in both maps. Surprisingly, fared better in their match against , […]

Season 27 Premiership Week 3: Lego vs BazookaSports

Date June 6, 2017

Written by Smin In ETF2L S27 W3, Plastic brick enthusiasts and LAUNCHING experts play on Reckoner and Gullywash. took two close maps against  last week, taking their second 6-0 victory in a row. That places them at the top of the table, tied with  .  are not off to a great start this season, getting […]

Season 27 Premiership Week 2: Triple Header

Date June 1, 2017

Written by  LEGO vs. nerdRage The remaining Danes (and assorted Europeans) of face the French might of tonight. had a fairly gentle welcome back to the premiership last week in the form of , only dropping one round as they collected their easy 6 points. Meanwhile, last season’s bronze medalists  traded maps with , and […]

Season 27 Premiership Week 2: Lowpander vs BazookaSports

Date May 31, 2017

Written by Smin In Week 2 of ETF2L S27, take on on Badlands and Reckoner. have had a shaky start to the season, giving an unexpected default win to unexpected due to some unexpected internal issues. However, they seem to have their issues sorted out, and will be trying to redeem themselves this week. (+ […]