S29 Upper Bracket Round 1

Date March 22, 2018

Se7en vs wer das liest ist doof Time flies, as we’re already about to enter the ETF2L season 29 playoffs ! To kick this off, it is Se7en versus wer das liest ist doof in the first round of the upper-bracket. Now, Se7en are surely going into this as favorites, as they boast both an […]

Highlander Season 15 Provisional Tiers

Date March 16, 2018

Down below are this season’s provisional tiers. If you can’t find your team it could be due to you recently changing your team name. Unhappy about your place? Feel free to contact us over at http://etf2l.org/support/ or in our discord. These tiers are still subjected to change if teams make a good case as to […]

December Global Whitelist Changes

Date December 26, 2017

The Jungle Inferno update was introduced mid-season, and some provisional measures were taken by the admin team. This included bans for both the new weapons (Dragon’s Fury, Gas Passer, Thermal Thruster, Hot Hand, Second Banana) as well as the majority of the changed weapons (Panic Attack, Pretty Boy’s Pocket Pistol, Mantreads, Beggar’s Bazooka, Backburner). These […]

Season 28 UBF: LEGO vs. SVIFT

Date November 22, 2017

Banner by The first Grand Finals participant for ETF2L S28 will be chosen tonight with this UB Final between 1st seed and 2nd seed ! These teams are about as close as it gets, with only one point (not counting penalities) separating them on the ETF2L table. When they met in the regular season, the […]

Season 28 LBR1: Ascent.EU vs. Lowpander :-3

Date November 20, 2017

Banner by The ETF2L S28 Premiership Playoffs continue with this do-or-die match between 3rd seed and 4th seed ! Both teams played very close matches against their opponents, though you might not believe the LEGO-Lowpander match was close if you only look at the 7-2 ETF2L point scoreline. Despite having Crayon and papi mercing for them, […]