Highlander S12 Provisional Tiers

Date March 25, 2017

Provisional Tiers   A big congratulations to for winning the preseason playoffs and earning themselves their spot in prem. Along the way the did not only manage to beat 3 teams but also kill 2 of them thanks to their crushing strength! If you are unhappy with where your team was placed please contact the […]

Ultiduo Cup #6 Powered By Serveme.tf: Update

Date March 4, 2017

For those who haven’t noticed the groups and fixtures are out and about. In case you want to look at rescheduling your matches contact your opponents and see if you can work something out(do keep it within the result deadline). You can find the groups and fixtures right under the competitions tab in the menu. Due […]

Highlander S12 Preseason Cup

Date February 26, 2017

Please dont judge the banner, it just felt empty without one. Here we go boys, its time for another preseason cup! Here’s how it’ll play out. Signups close on March 12th at 18 CET. >>>Signup now!<<< CUP FORMAT AND SCHEDULE Groups are divided over their signup tiers Every group should consist of 4 teams Top 2 in […]

Highlander S11 Wrap-up

Date February 25, 2017

SEASON 11 POWERED BY TT ESPORTS – WRAP-UP Its already been a while but with HL S12 lurking around the corner lets do a quick wrap-up for S11! Taking another first place and adding onto their legacy is . In 2nd place we have and coming in third we have . However it isn’t all about […]

Ultiduo Cup #6 Powered By: Serveme.tf

Date February 19, 2017

Its been a while but here we are again. This time around we’re having our friends over at serveme.tf sponsoring us. So a big thank you to . But let us not go on with the small talk for too long and jump straight into the action. *UPDATE 2* Another sponsor has appeared. This time around it’s with a […]