Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Wrap-up

Date January 14, 2019

Banner by Season 31 Wrap-up Congratulations to for, once again, taking the title The winning squad is comprised of: (Medic) (Demoman) (Soldier) (Soldier) (Scout) (Scout) With one of the largest prizepools in recent history, kindly sponsored by Copenhagen Games 2019 and STN Trading, have claimed. 6 LAN-participation tickets for Copenhagen Games 2019, including rentals for 6 PCs and […]

Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Award Show

Date December 22, 2018

Banner by After an exciting season with some intense competition its time to wrap it up. We’ll be doing this like every season by discussing the season as well as celebrating the most successful Premiership players.  Joining us tonight at 21 CET over on kritzkast will be , , , ,  and . The award polls will […]

Season 31 powered by Copenhagen Games & Award Polls

Date December 16, 2018

Banner by No small talk here, go and vote. ETF2L on social media: Follow us on twitter! Like us on Facebook! Join our Steamgroup and invite your friends! Use our Discord

ETF2L Christmas Newbie Weekend Cup

Date December 11, 2018

Christmas hat by The holiday spirit lives on We sadly missed out on any major events aimed at new players this season. So we’ll be sneaking one in last minute to prepare ourselves for 2019! As this is a short term announcement we’ll be aiming for 32 teams to sign up. In case you sign […]

Announcing Highlander Season 17!

Date October 28, 2018

Announcing Highlander Season 17! All the information regarding the coming Season can either be found in this newspost, or will be released shortly! The whitelist for the season can be found here with its only change being that the Spy-cicle has been banned. For tiers we’ll be aiming to run swiss again for Open and Mid […]