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Season 22 powered by Saloon.tf

Welcome to the landing page for ETF2L’s 22nd season of competitive 6v6! This season is powered by Saloon.tfPlease make sure you go and visit their website bet on some ETF2L matches to win TF2 items! The regular ETF2L Season is our main competition, and has been the biggest and most prestigious Team Fortress 2 competition in Europe since 2008.


Signups have already closed. However you can still sign up and you will be placed on the waiting list and be added into the next available playweek where possible.

Newcomer Guide

If you are new to 6v6 or competitive TF2, or haven’t played in ETF2L before, take a look at the [Newcomer guide] first. It should get you started in no time!


Every team is placed into a Tier that matches their skill level.. The lowest ranked Tier is Open, and the highest is Premiership. Teams will play other similarly skilled teams in their Tier. There will be 7 regular season matches, with playoffs for all Tiers.



Season Schedule

  • Signups: September 6 – September 20
  • Publishing of Provisional: September 20
  • Publishing of Final: September 21
  • Schedule Deadline: September 25
  • Main Season: September 27 – November 12 (7 Weeks)
  • High/Mid/Open Playoffs: November 15 – November 29
  • Premiership Playoffs: November 22

Premiership Playoffs

The full schedule for the playoffs is listed as follows:

November 22nd

19:00 CEST – 3rd vs 2nd

21:15 CEST – Winner vs 1st

The day of the finals is set to Sunday November 22nd. This day may be changed to a day before Sunday November 22nd if all 3 teams agree.


This Season will consist of the following maps:

The map rotation will be:


There have been many new unlocks added into Season 22. Check the ETF2L S22 whitelist to see the full list of items that are allowed to be used for this 6v6 Season.

Hall of Fame

Full History of all ETF2L Community Awards