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Season 18 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Awards

2nd Luxembourg MTF.Gaming

Premiership Division

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd European Awsomniac

3rd European Fenneks eSports by [season 18

Division 1

1st Denmark LEGO

2nd Germany who is?

3rd France Salty Frogs

Division 2A

1st Finland Planet Express

2nd European Animate

3rd Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic

Division 2B

1st European Herr_P Loves Zizi

2nd Israel Foreskings

3rd European mid high

Division 3A

1st European Remnant

2nd European Rolton eSports

3rd Russia MAN

Division 3B

1st Lithuania International Special Force: LIETUVA

2nd European MANS ON ROAD

3rd Finland HELP HELPERS

Division 3C

1st Poland Praska Mafia

2nd Belgium Nightmare

3rd European Ace of Spades

Division 4A

1st Mongolia #Passion

2nd Portugal Dickens Cider

3rd European Rice Powered by Rice hats

Division 4B

1st France top5rocket

2nd Jamaica prtyboiz

3rd Malaysia Cool Cats: Red Rats

3rd European Fakku Brigade

Division 4C

1st Sweden Mid(division)le

2nd UnitedKingdom clanda

3rd European Band Of Merry Faggots

Division 4D

1st France HOSTILE Gaming

2nd Bulgaria The Bulgarists

3rd Latvia Gutta

Division 4E

1st European rib

2nd Russia Red Bears

3rd Latvia International Oral Sex

Division 4F

1st European addict! eSports

2nd European Peep Peep Motherfuckers

3rd Ukraine Per aspera ad astra

Division 5A

1st Spain Dr3am Clan


3rd International 877-DEAD-NOW

Division 5B

1st Lithuania YELLOW

2nd Russia Utugi

2nd Russia Harmful Hamsters

2nd European Bforce v2

Division 5C

1st France Seriously?!

2nd France WR. <3

3rd European Fabulous Sex

Division 5D

1st CzechRepublic Cyber Gaming

2nd Russia candy sticks

3rd Romania Spire eSports by Ghostface

Division 5E

1st Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls

2nd France BackGet Foolery

3rd France Indigo

Division 5F

1st Seychelles Seagulls

2nd Poland Drop it, don't pop it

3rd Russia we dont even play tf2

Division 5G

1st European Cool Cats: Green Garlic

2nd TrinidadTobago The Amusement Club

3rd Germany HerbsArmy

Division 5H

1st Italy Def.Win Hunters

2nd Slovakia Team Biceps

Division 6A

1st France ôBowdel

2nd Italy Angry Mosquitoes

3rd European Veally, Coféeee?

Division 6B

1st Austria Erdnuckels RITÖÖÖRNS

2nd Japan MEALO

3rd France EagleS

Division 6C

1st Brazil 6 Num Guenta

2nd International Party Potatoes

3rd Pakistan Virtual Λlliance

Division 6D

1st European MAYHEM 6v6

2nd European GoodFellas

3rd Scotland Team Awesome|Sedgyfergo

Division 6E

1st Finland Northern Wolves

2nd Macedonia Pornolab

3rd Russia BURN

Division 6F

1st Russia RussianGuns

2nd Russia 387

3rd Finland Illusion

Division 6G

1st Ukraine outgunned

2nd Russia 2MPM))

2nd Finland Kaapin Paikka

Division 6H

1st European Amiable Volley

2nd European Muy Destrozado

3rd European Shirtless e-sports

Division 6I

1st Estonia Good Enough: Jakiro

2nd European Übermensch

3rd European Coffee Shop™

Division 6J

1st European Video Game Gamer Guys

2nd European Team Suspicious Candy Giveaway

3rd Romania GO-ON eSPORTS sponsored by Oldje

Division 6K

1st European Flower Gaming

2nd Poland Shituj Stickhousa

3rd Germany Team Sekt

Division 6L

1st Venezuela Can We?

2nd European Cool Cats: Black Bellends

3rd Poland Brazzers eSports

Division 6M

1st Hungary Gibusztalan Spam Fest!

2nd SouthKorea IDM

3rd European Hot Chicken Wings

Division 6N

1st CzechRepublic Easy Step

2nd European Team Colonslash: Strike

3rd Germany Mosby Boys ... und Diz