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Season 14 powered by Twitch: Awards

Premier Division

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd European broder

3rd European Team Infused

Division 1

1st European SOLAR

2nd France WebOne

3rd Russia Last Man Standing

Division 2A

1st Germany vier // red

2nd Japan Auto Anime

3rd European REVERTO

Division 2B

1st France RELAPSE! Gaming

2nd Russia HoverCrabs

3rd European d-d-Did I Stutter?

Division 2C

1st European Scandi vs HUUHHU

2nd European rip

3rd Denmark LEGO

Division 3A

1st Russia eХe

2nd European Team Colonslash: Classic

3rd Russia Big Black Brothers

Division 3B

1st Italy eZ eSports

2nd Finland RIP

3rd Germany Trick17 Full HD

Division 3C

1st European Dawson's Creek

2nd European Velox

3rd UnitedKingdom clanda

Division 3D

1st European Team Colonslash

2nd Spain Cereal Killers

2nd Finland Poorly Raised

Division 3E

1st Russia Gamesense 1337 squad

2nd Jamaica nervousENERGY Cosmic Latte

3rd Sweden Grusrus

Division 4A

1st European Fenneks eSports

1st CzechRepublic czur

3rd Portugal MASTERMINDS

Division 4B

1st European Brooklyn Zoo


3rd European 9 Whales

Division 4C

1st European The Hard 6

2nd European we am intellyjunt

3rd Russia Domination

Division 4D

1st International Crack Clan // Purple

2nd European Cyber Zoo

3rd Finland The MIPC Second Edition

Division 4E

1st France NoChallenge

2nd Finland Turbo Monkeys

3rd Hungary Insane Dutch Killers - Diversion

Division 4F

1st Russia We Dont Trust Russians

2nd European rib

3rd Belgium rebeLions

Division 4G

1st European TF2 is dead

2nd Germany LAME powered by LAME

3rd Russia We dont care...

Division 5A

1st Sweden jAgarna

2nd France Vos Mamans sont frigides

3rd European Aslak and the Technovikings

Division 5B

1st CzechRepublic Ohnive Prdele

2nd Luxembourg MTF.Gaming

3rd European nervousENERGY Black

Division 5C

1st European Lynch Mob

2nd France Blah! Blah!

3rd Ukraine Team illuminate

Division 5D

1st Jamaica Autistic Justice Chums

2nd European +forward

3rd International Blunt Villagers

Division 5E

1st Poland Bring the Funk

2nd European Underscore

3rd Italy Quelli di Milano

Division 5F

1st European sit down trader

2nd Portugal Talent Goes By

3rd International nervousENERGY Super Pink

Division 5G

1st China Red Menace

2nd Russia CrossColor

3rd England 9 Men Lite

Division 5H

1st Finland :D

2nd Spain Not Neutral

3rd European addict! eSports

Division 5I

1st Germany addict! Black'n'White

2nd Poland One Hit Wonders

3rd European Sad Men

Division 5J

1st Poland Padre Kamil

2nd Austria Erdnuckels 2 Black

3rd Germany vier // white

Division 6A

1st Netherlands SnorrenBrigade

2nd Germany vier // yellow

3rd Uganda Fat Doobie

Division 6B

1st Poland jadOM Świnie

2nd France F*ck That Sh*t

2nd France So Hard

Division 6C

1st France Da Funk

2nd Portugal Virtual Slap

3rd European Lethal-Zone Stroopwafels

Division 6D

1st France Battle Royale

2nd European Jumpers Incorporated

3rd European Intensity

Division 6E

1st Germany n2o-gaming.TF2

2nd European Moss Pigs

3rd Sweden We're the Robots

Division 6F

1st Seychelles DEWOW eSports » Synergy

2nd France HOSTILE Gaming

3rd Germany Full Aim Control

Division 6G

1st European BOHICA

1st Finland K5 eSports

3rd International TEZC | Multiple Orgasms

Division 6H

1st European Foxing Around

2nd International Ducky Liberation Forces

3rd European Ministry of BS

Division 6I

1st European Something to do with bears

2nd European Monkey-Gamers

3rd Sweden Professional Disney Fangirls

Division 6J

1st European Windtunnel Tactics

2nd Denmark Enslaved Zombies

3rd International CoCo

Division 6K

1st Russia WTF?2

2nd CzechRepublic Tučňák <(")


Division 6L

1st Russia looking for a name

2nd Ukraine Manchester United

3rd Uruguay High Flyers

Division 6M

1st Israel Foreskings

2nd Romania Spire eSports by Ghostface

3rd Russia Galina Team

Division 6N

1st Russia Gra4i

2nd Russia zadroti ebanie

3rd European Auto-Bodyshot