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Season 17 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Awards

1st European 66 Degrees North

3rd France Angel Wings on Drugs !

Premiership Division

1st Germany Made In Germany <3 Admirable <3 Thun

2nd International The Last Resort

3rd France Awsomniac

Division 1

1st Russia Lethal Weapon

2nd Russia 4-25

3rd European d-d-Did I Stutter?

Division 2A

1st Germany who is?


3rd France Gunslingers ♣

3rd Zimbabwe Hello Kitteh Ninjas!

Division 3A

1st European Danger Dogs

2nd France

3rd European Animate

Division 4A

1st European 4:3 Brigade

2nd UnitedKingdom clanda

3rd Latvia International Oral Sex

Division 5A

1st Estonia EESTI PREM

2nd Mongolia #Passion

3rd European [T-A!] Div Shesh

Division 6A

1st TrinidadTobago The Amusement Club

2nd European Pavlov's Dogs (2013-2014)

3rd England Illuminaughties

Division 2B

1st European Phase

2nd Finland Lutuset

3rd European Team Colonslash

3rd European SOLAR

Division 3B

1st France Salty Frogs

2nd European mid high

3rd Russia

Division 4B

1st European sit down trader

2nd Denmark Skrald eSports

3rd European Team Awesome!

Division 5B

1st France orKs eSport

2nd Russia stones reborn

3rd Spain Elevate Team

Division 6B

1st European Bee Work

2nd UnitedKingdom nervousENERGY Density

3rd Japan MEALO

Division 3C

1st Russia Big Black Brothers

2nd Israel Foreskings

3rd European International Special Force

Division 4C

1st Lithuania TEZC | 403 edition

2nd European addict! eSports

3rd Finland SNSD eSports ATK-Gaming

3rd France HOSTILE Gaming

Division 5C

1st Germany LAME powered by LAME

2nd European GG EZ

3rd Japan

Division 6C

1st UnitedArabEmirates mo' ping mo' bling

2nd European Hot Shots!

3rd European Fabulous Sex

Division 4D

1st CzechRepublic street debils

2nd European Pretty Intense by TEZC

3rd International #FreePat

Division 5D

2nd Russia

3rd European Equilibrium Squad

Division 6D

1st European T-A!: TROLLIED

1st European Sylvanian Families 2013-2014

3rd International The Crocket Sharks

Division 4E

1st Finland Corgi Clan

2nd European Team Colonslash: Vintage

3rd European Get This Done

Division 5E

1st Latvia Gutta

2nd Japan Onee-Chan sponsored by Kawaii E-Sports

Division 6E

1st Zimbabwe projizz

2nd Russia candy sticks

3rd Luxembourg MTF.Gaming

Division 4F

1st Wales The Enigma Zone Crew

2nd Denmark 20$yl Remix

3rd European Remnant

Division 5F

1st Poland Praska Mafia

2nd European Jumpers Incorporated

3rd Poland No more tf2

Division 6F

1st Germany sadboys

2nd Germany Friendly Friends

3rd France F*ck That Sh*t

Division 5G

1st International CoCo

2nd European Windtunnel Tactics

3rd Germany Team 4 Friends

Division 6G

1st European Monkey-Gamers

2nd European GamingMasters

3rd Finland disconnected.

Division 5H

1st CzechRepublic TEZC | Pornflakes

2nd Netherlands UbeR powered by

3rd European Cool Cats: Green Garlic

Division 6H

1st Russia we dont even play tf2

2nd Germany Nice°One

3rd France BackGet Foolery

Division 5I

1st Russia Red Bears

2nd Germany Dichten Fichten

3rd International TheOriginal

Division 6I


2nd European Bring My Wheelchair

3rd CzechRepublic Easy Step

Division 6J

1st Italy eZ drop

1st China Team ⑨

3rd European The Nebulae | Sindi Edition

Division 6K

1st France Shinobu No

2nd European Team4Fun

3rd Croatia The Unusual Suspects

Division 6L

1st European JRTX Competitive 6s Team

1st European We only live online

3rd European The Demolition Inquisition [Dead]

Division 6M

1st Slovakia Czarny Lotos

2nd Netherlands SnorrenBrigade

3rd Finland Northern Wolves

3rd France EagleS

Division 6N

1st Ireland Irish Shite

2nd Slovakia Examine

3rd Russia Meme Boys

Division 6O

1st Finland Team OS

1st European Folded team12412

3rd France Programs