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Season 10 Wrap-up and Award Nominations

Date December 29, 2011

In an amazing Grand Final on December 15th, we saw European Epsilon eSports winning the ETF2L Premiership and bringing a spectacular close to the 10th ETF2L season. Securing the still prestigious 2nd and 3rd place, are newcomers to premiership, UK Infused.Tt and European Crack Clan. Our congratulations to them, and all other season 10 winners. The season has been added to the Hall of Fame and all the precious pixel trophies have been handed out. Please make sure your team has the relevant trophy and take good care of it. If you feel there has been a mistake please contact an admin in IRC.

Road to Victory
  • Maps Won: 14, Golden Caps Won: 1, Golden Caps Lost: 1, Maps Lost: 3.
  • vs. Finland Team Dignitas – Badlands and Gullywash – 6:0
  • vs. Finland CKRAS – Gravelpit and Gullywash – 3:3
  • vs. UK Infused.Tt – Gravelpit and Granary – 2:4
  • vs. European Crack Clan – Granary and Obscure – 3:3
  • vs. European Relic  – Badlands and Snakewater – 6:0
  • vs. Portugal equilibrium – Gullywash and Snakewater – 6:0
  • Quarterfinal: vs. European Relic – Badlands and Granary – 6:0
  • Semi-Final: vs. European Crack Clan – Badlands and Granary – 6:0
  • Grand Final: vs. UK Infused.Tt – Badlands, Snakewater and Gullywash – 7:2

Season 10 Award nominations

A step back can be a step forth! We return to the old-fashioned nomination system where every player can nominate his favourites in our nominations forum for the award polls which will start on January 1. The nominations will close on December 31 so make sure to nominate someone before celebrating New Year’s Eve.

The awards you can nominate for are listed below.

Full List of Season 10! Winners

ETF2L Season 10(!) with 360 signups and only 78 drops came to an satisfying end. The drop rate was about 21.67% which is the lowest since Season 7. (Disclaimer: These numbers to not take replaced teams into account). As foreseen by head admin Scottish Crasp, this one was definitely one of the top 10 seasons ETF2L ever ran – if not the most competitive at least. Check out the full list of all division winners below.

  • Premier Division 1st place – 1st European Epsilon eSports (6x SteelSeries Sensei)
  • Premier Division 2nd place – 2nd UK Infused.Tt (6x SteelSeries Siberia v2 Green)
  • Premier Division 3rd place – 3rd European Crack Clan (6x SteelSeries 9HD)
  • Division 1a – Swegian broder (6x SteelSeries 4HD)
  • Division 1b – European Team Yoyotech
  • Division 2a – Germany Vier Red & Russia Team Versus
  • Division 2b – Russia International Secret Intelligence ServicE
  • Division 2c – Russia Last Man Standing
  • Division 3a – Hungary Sniff in!
  • Division 3b – France AW-Gaming
  • Division 3c – Russia myRevenge
  • Division 3d – Finland Chaotech eSports
  • Division 3e – Russia Unstoppable
  • Division 4a – European Please Shoot the Medic
  • Division 4b – UK swimp
  • Division 4c – Spain El 7 de España
  • Division 4d – Russia Yummy Elite Sausages
  • Division 4e – Finland Team Memento
  • Division 4f – Lithuania Insane Dynamite Monkeys
  • Division 4g – Germany Trick17 Black
  • Division 4h – European Blue Buff
  • Division 5a – European Lethal-Zone White
  • Division 5b – European Audere Semper eSport Diamond TF2 team
  • Division 5c – Germany vier // blu
  • Division 5d – Bulgaria League of Angry Gentlemen
  • Division 5e – France No Limits
  • Division 5f – Germany Dead Man\’s Shift
  • Division 5g – Hungary suNsh1ne
  • Division 5h – Germany who is?
  • Division 5i – Finland The MIPC Second Edition
  • Division 5j – France JaJa-eSport TF2
  • Division 5k – Lithuania [OOC] Team
  • Division 6a – Spain #
  • Division 6b – Ukraine see?
  • Division 6c – Italy Angry Mosquitoes
  • Division 6d – Portugal Revolt
  • Division 6e – Spain ironSharks² Gaming e-Sport
  • Division 6f – Latvia Immortal Sons
  • Division 6g – Finland Hans & Tryhards
  • Division 6h – France Crabz!
  • Division 6i – CzechRepublic eXitus
  • Division 6j – Sweden SuperStina
  • Division 6k – France 4ALL Multigaming
  • Division 6l – European The Enigma Zone Crew
  • Division 6m – Spain Caiaté
  • Division 6n – Russia Green Elephant
  • Division 6o – Finland Timed out


  1. Galant: candy - Autism said:

    The last “e” in the post, fuck yeah! ;-)

  2. quad: Vintage said:

    First season played in etf2l, fuck yeah

  3. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] said:

    You are welcome, Galant ;-)

  4. Fleischpanzer: \\V/ » - vier said:

    you say ALL the pixel trophies have been handed out?! Div 2a is missing (and we totally need those pixels)

  5. ProZaK: syster said:

    Awesome season, GJ admins!

  6. Mike: Perilous said:

    when will we get our headsets? :)

  7. Rdios: REVERTO said:

    When will be the 3rd ultiduo cup trophies given?