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Season 10!: Awards

Premier Division

1st European Epsilon eSports

2nd International Team Infused

3rd European Team Infused

Division 1a

1st European broder

2nd European We won all games in prem

3rd Finland illegal

Division 1b

1st European Team Yoyotech

2nd European I Don't Know?

3rd France Punchline

Division 2a

1st Germany vier // red

1st Russia Team Versus

3rd Germany dotpiXels

Division 2b

1st Russia International Secret Intelligence Servic

2nd European La Girafe

3rd Spain knock0ut

Division 2c

1st Russia Last Man Standing

2nd International Damage Control

3rd European elemental violence

Division 3a

1st Hungary Redstars

2nd European LagTastic Gaming

3rd Netherlands Insane Dutch Killers

Division 3b

1st France RELAPSE! Gaming

2nd European LOVELY.♥

3rd Russia Team Insolence

Division 3c

1st Russia BblMneJl

2nd Lithuania team31

2nd European DAKKA.iceland

Division 3d

1st Finland breeze

2nd France To be continued...

3rd European Turntable Crusaders

Division 3e

1st Russia Unstoppable

2nd Ireland Cream of the Crop

3rd Sweden HordeofQuotes

Division 4a

1st European Please Shoot the Medic

2nd UnitedKingdom clanda

3rd Denmark LEGO

Division 4b

1st International swimp

2nd France PyRo|GEN

3rd International neXt

Division 4c

1st Spain Arx Imperators

2nd Belgium rebeLions

3rd Germany The Force A-Nature Cooperation

Division 4d

1st Russia Yummy Elite Sausages

2nd Finland Simon's Liver Casserole

3rd International delete

Division 4e

1st Finland Team Memento

2nd Poland Third World Country

2nd Russia Domination

2nd Finland Team Memento Black

Division 4f

1st European Insane Dynamite Monkeys

2nd Turkey Default Win e-Sports

3rd Germany

Division 4g

1st Germany Trick17 Black

2nd Turkey Bleeding Edge

3rd Netherlands Team Dynamic

Division 4h

1st European Blue Buff

2nd European Aftershock Gaming

3rd Estonia Les Miserabablebles

Division 5a

1st European Endgame

2nd Netherlands inb4 Gaming

3rd International Buy More

Division 5b

1st European Audere Semper eSport Diamond TF2 team

2nd France Intelligent Skill

3rd Lithuania War for Honor

Division 5c

1st Germany vier // blu R.I.P.

2nd European Fenneks eSports

3rd European Mau5 Gaming

Division 5d

1st Bulgaria League of Angry Gentlemen

2nd European Dont Shoot the Panda

3rd Sweden Five ants are more than four elephants!

Division 5e

1st France Mistral.Tt

2nd Russia Death or Glory

3rd European Yikes!

3rd Germany tba

Division 5f

1st Germany Dead Man's Shift

2nd Latvia Deux bords

3rd Russia We dont care...

Division 5g


2nd BosniaHerzegovina IDK - Cheers Byte

3rd European ScS Gaming.EU

Division 5h

1st Germany who is?

2nd Poland six angry men

3rd Norway Team Vicious and Delicious


Division 5i

1st Finland The MIPC Second Edition

2nd Germany .fest

3rd Spain ironSharks Gaming

Division 5j

1st France JaJa-eSport TF2

2nd International The Last Resort

3rd Germany Talents are Rare

3rd Germany Team 4 Friends

Division 5k

1st Lithuania [OOC] Team

2nd Lithuania KRASAVA

3rd Germany Time 4 Fisting

Division 6a

1st Spain Invalid Character

2nd France F*ck That Sh*t

3rd Latvia deFend.

Division 6b

1st Ukraine see? [Inactive]

2nd European UCAP eSports

3rd Germany Full Aim Control

Division 6c

1st Italy Angry Mosquitoes

2nd Russia Sunny Flowers

3rd European Sense

Division 6d

1st Portugal MASTERMINDS

2nd Portugal Evolution Virtual Cry

3rd European Haze eSports

Division 6e

1st Spain Impure

2nd Lithuania Team Imperial

3rd European Sit n Go

Division 6f

1st Latvia Immortal Sons

2nd Spain Not Neutral

3rd Finland Nahkela Bosse

Division 6g

1st Finland Flai Gaming - Academy

2nd European kpA|*Black

2nd Sweden Ascending to Valhall

Division 6h

1st France Crabz!

2nd SaudiArabia Digital Playground (old)

3rd Russia eХe

Division 6i

1st CzechRepublic Premium Gaming

2nd Italy Team Trinitas

3rd Turkey Döner Kebap.TF2

Division 6j

1st Sweden SuperStina

2nd Belarus Virtability

3rd Germany Guardians of Disorder

Division 6k

1st Belgium Azilum Gaming

2nd Russia Wond5

3rd European 2dradar

Division 6l

1st Wales The Enigma Zone Crew

2nd European Lossless

3rd European The Hampshire Heavies 2nd Team

Division 6m

1st Spain Caiaté

2nd Ukraine Manchester United

3rd Sweden SdX Gaming BLU

Division 6n

1st Seychelles Green Elephants.

2nd Portugal Jumping Ants

3rd European The Pact Community

Division 6o

1st Finland timed out. Reborn

1st Poland Lethal-Zone: Gamble

3rd European Team Colonslash: Lemmings