Entries from August 2010

Award Polls Open & More

Date August 30, 2010

Over the last few weeks the ETF2L community have been able to nominate your favourite candidates for the AFS Season Awards. All nominations were counted and the 4 most popular candidates are continuing to the Final Vote phase. Polls are now open, so get voting to decide who can claim the following titles: Medic of […]

Live from LAN!

Date August 29, 2010

The Grand Final: Team Dignitas -v- Epsilon Esports 16.30BST Stv: Multiplay Stream: [link] Live from LAN! As many of you will know, this weekend the competitive TF2 community has descended on sunny Newbury to compete in the largest offline tournament the European game has ever seen. i40 has already produced some fantastic games throughout […]

The Highlander Mix-up Match & More Highlander Info

Date August 24, 2010

The Community Highlander Challenge has seen an astonishing popularity so far. We are really glad to be able to unite communities and players from all over the world in such a way and provide so many people a view of competitive TF2. To kick off this tournament, Ashkan and ETF2L will bring you an event […]

Roses are red, Violets are blue, For hacking, We ban you

Date August 22, 2010

That’s right, it’s Sunday Night Ban Time. Cheating in TF2 is always a bad idea, but cheating on deathmatch servers also shows a case of missing the point. Obvious hacking on several servers and tf2lobby can’t go unnoticed and thus we are glad to remove another cheater from ETF2L. Make sure you do not make the same […]

ETF2L Radio – TLR| vs Epsilon – Ubercharged Quarter Finals!

Date August 22, 2010

After TLR’s display versus TCM-Gaming in the ESH cup, I think it would be fair to say not to underestimate this team. Out of no where TLR have risen and become a worthy contender to compete versus the top teams. With Epsilon not practicing as much and -Jh- rustier than the anchor used for the […]