The Highlander Mix-up Match & More Highlander Info

Date August 24, 2010

The Community Highlander Challenge has seen an astonishing popularity so far. We are really glad to be able to unite communities and players from all over the world in such a way and provide so many people a view of competitive TF2. To kick off this tournament, Ashkan and ETF2L will bring you an event that defines the spirit behind this tournament. On Thursday the 2nd of September 21:00 CEST, pros, pubbers and Valve staff will team up in a special exhibition all-star match, to bring you a taste of the great highlander games yet to come. The pubbers will be randomly chosen from the participants of the tournament (excluding buddies), so that everyone gets a chance to play. The competitors will be divided into 2 teams of 9 and face off on pl_badwater and cp_freight.

The game will be viewable through SourceTV and shoutcasts, and hopefully through livestreams as well. Be sure to check back on September the 2nd, for exact details on the game and how to watch it.

Highlander mix-up match

A big thanks to Larolaro, who by making this poster for us, put his previous creations (The Homewrecker and Tankbuster Pack) to shame!

Important Highlander Tournament Info

The signups will close in 2 days, be sure to have  your roster signed up and being in accordance with the rules. Remember, players will have to be new or have only the lowest division experience [link]. Teams can have one (and only one) higher level player to help them out as buddy, and all buddies will have to be marked as ‘buddy’ or ‘great buddy’ on their roster, so a team can only have a maximum of one player marked as such or they will have to be dropped. Additionally, a team will have to consist of a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 players when the signups close or they will not be eligible.

We would also like to stress everyone to have a look at our rule section, it’s the best way to get to know how ETF2L matches are played. You can find info about playing etf2l matches on our General Rules page and Highlander specific rules like the map pool can be found on the Highlander Rules page.

We also added an official config to be used for non-5cp maps so that to prepare your server you would only need to load the config on your server to have your server ready for your game. The config for Payload, attack/defence and King of The Hill maps can be found Here. For 5cp maps please use the regular config which can be found Here. Information about winlimits and playmodes can be found on the highlander FAQ.


  1. achy said:

    BRILLIANT! great idea!

  2. DIEHARD said:

    Well done!

  3. minimoose said:

    freight, really…?

  4. RaCio: GoT² said:

    Approved and requested by all time highlander junkies minimoose.

  5. sniprpenguin said:

    Heavy’s not heavy enough.

  6. BennyG: RIPMOULD - has [email protected] said:

    That all-star match sounds really interresting :)
    But the chance of actually getting into it as a player seem to be pretty slim, considering there are about 650 teams signed up currently with atleast 9 possible candidates for the match :(

    Will surely watch it.

  7. Calump: GTD said:

    Why do we need a minimum of 10 people on the roster for a 9 man team?

    Also, has there been a definitive answer as to whether the AFS season counts towards previous experience?

  8. Chris: (0v0) said:

    @Calump – A backup. And AFS does not count towards ‘previous experience’.

  9. BRasilStyLe: |Ex| said:

    Interesting. I would like to see this match happen

  10. eninco said:


  11. Hildreth: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - bad said:

    Nice, I’ll have to beg Ashkan to play like hundreds of others :D

  12. NoNoice: [SpA-b] said:

    Prol asking a stupid question:
    Being a highlander challenge would it be handy to put on Highlander mode?
    Our team played a ladder match and the other team player with 2 sollies at a certain time.
    We let it slip for it being the first time they played as a team but putting on highlander class limits would prevent this.
    Con: Possible problems could arise with playing wanting to switch class.

  13. ashkan said:

    NoNoice: mp_highlander adds a “reset” button to the class selection menu, which allows players to unchoose their class, thereby making it easier to switch classes. The only downside of using it, is basically that you can’t warm up with more than 1 player on each class. Some people prefer warming up with other classes than the one they’re gonna play.

  14. ashkan said:

    Hildreth: Indeed. Sadly, there are only 6 slots for pros, but I’ll try my best!

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    […] Sex spelare från Valves TF2 Team, sex proffs och sex publirare utgör spelarskaran i The Highlander Mix-up Match. […]

  16. metalpiss said:


  17. hurr said:

    <3 Swedish

  18. POP3D said:

    Well, i’m an Egyptian and i’m new to competitive play, can i join in this?

  19. Hildreth: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) - bad said:

    I was more hoping to be a pubber :D

  20. xerxes: WWCD - n2o said:

    @ashkan: should not be a problem to activate the class limits when the game starts? Or am I wrong?

    @NEWS: Its kind of a very bad idea to add a new rule like the 10 players per team 2 days before the signups close.

  21. ashkan said:

    xerxes: It’s not a new rule, it’s in the first announcement.

  22. death180: =SDS= said:

    can people spectate?

  23. unitunitunit: (ETF2L Donator) - v|u said:

    Question: If I have participated in this, (and now I’m new) will I then be in a division? And wich one will that be? And why are there divisions?

  24. m4tu said:

    TGBF will be casting this!:) check announcements forum for more info

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    […] Thursday, September 2nd, we're going to embarrass ourselves in front of the world by playing in anexhibition Highlander match. Six Valve TF2 members are going to join six pros and 6 pub players for a match that will be filled […]