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Division Wuestenfuchs

Squad Polarfuchs


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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Season 7 powered by SteelSeries [Archives]
Week 4 (Division 5h) DW-Polarfuchs Xterra 3 - 3
Week 6 (Division 5h) DW-Polarfuchs KOMANDA ZIVS 6 - 0
Week 5 (Division 5h) DW-Polarfuchs Triple A 3 - 3
Week 2 (Division 5h) DW-Polarfuchs Team X 6 - 0
Week 1 (Division 5h) DW-Polarfuchs Dictum - Factum 6 - 0
cp_obscure 1 Day Cup [Archives]
Round 2 weareshit? DW-Polarfuchs 1 - 0
Round 1 DW-Polarfuchs ScS Gaming.EU 1 - 0
Season 6 powered by SteelSeries Xai [Archives]
Week 8 (Division 5j) DW-Polarfuchs Monkey-Gamers 1 - 4
Week 6 (Division 5j) DW-Polarfuchs To Be Announced 2 - 2
Week 5 (Division 5j) DW-Polarfuchs the Magnificient Six 6 - 0
Week 4 (Division 5j) DW-Polarfuchs Evil Empire Headquarters 3 - 3
Week 3 (Division 5j) DW-Polarfuchs The Omega 4 - 1
Week 2 (Division 5j) DW-Polarfuchs Last 6 again please 3 - 3
Week 1 (Division 5j) DW-Polarfuchs TEC Gaming 0 - 6
Season 5 [Archives]
Week 8 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs Fragmative 2 3 - 3
Week 9 (Division 6e) ASDF DW-Polarfuchs 0 - 6
Week 7 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs M4Pw 6 - 0
Week 6 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs Pocans In Fortress 0 - 6
Week 4 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs Maroon Team 1 - 4
Week 5 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs Rokkai. 1 - 4
Week 3 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs Keso gaming 3 - 3
Week 2 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs ritero 6 - 0
Week 1 (Division 6e) DW-Polarfuchs Standarta 6 - 0


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No demos for this team.

Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
Division Wuestenfuchs DW-Polarfuchs
Division Wüstenfuchs Division Wuestenfuchs

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left CeeZed CeeZed
Left Der kle1ne jungE CeeZed
Left Domi CeeZed
Left Kritzer CeeZed
Left n0NamE CeeZed
Left Peign slays dragons CeeZed
Left tasy CeeZed
Left fr0w CeeZed
Left fränk CeeZed
Left f4te CeeZed
Joined Kritzer CeeZed
Joined Peign slays dragons tasy
Joined f4te tasy
Left Timon Timon
Joined Timon Timon
Left DW|Hero DW|Hero
Left shape CeeZed
Left blax blax
Joined blax blax
Left blax CeeZed
Joined blax CeeZed
Left wrock CeeZed
Left PotatoP CeeZed
Left Psywichtel Psywichtel
Joined Psywichtel Psywichtel
Joined wrock wrock
Left Psywichtel Psywichtel
Left Stiflar Stiflar
Joined Psywichtel CeeZed
Joined Stiflar Stiflar
Joined fr0w fr0w
Joined n0NamE CeeZed
Joined Der kle1ne jungE CeeZed
Joined CeeZed CeeZed
Left liQ DW|Hero
Left Monotoni DW|Hero
Joined Domi Domi
Left JiMkNoPF DW|Hero
Left Corpsegrind0r DW|Hero
Left Karabiner DW|Hero
Left Sejin DW|Hero
Left Stiflar Stiflar
Joined JiMkNoPF JiMkNoPF
Joined Corpsegrind0r Corpsegrind0r
Joined Sejin Sejin
Left Miata DW|Hero
Joined Stiflar Stiflar
Joined PotatoP PotatoP
Joined fränk fränk
Left flautze DW|Hero
Left Grimsy DW|Hero
Left PrivateGummibaer PrivateGummibaer
Left Hidong DW|Hero
Joined Monotoni Monotoni
Joined Miata Miata
Left skipjack DW|Hero
Left swati DW|Hero
Joined Hidong Hidong
Joined skipjack skipjack
Joined Grimsy Grimsy
Left t0x1c DW|Hero
Joined PrivateGummibaer PrivateGummibaer
Left Faber DW|Hero
Joined liQ liQ
Joined t0x1c t0x1c
Left zipfel DW|Hero
Joined Faber Faber
Left Hawk24 DW|Hero
Joined zipfel zipfel
Left RaideN DW|Hero
Left Mikrowelle DW|Hero
Joined swati swati
Joined tasy tasy
Joined flautze flautze
Joined Mikrowelle Mikrowelle
Joined shape shape
Joined Hawk24 Hawk24
Joined RaideN DW|Hero
Joined Karabiner DW|Hero
Joined DW|Hero DW|Hero