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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
6v6 Nations Cup #9 Playoffs [Archives]
Grand Final 6 - 0
Semi Finals 6 - 3
Quarter Finals 6 - 0
Round of 16 Default Win
6v6 Nations Cup #9 [Archives]
Match 3 (Group B) 0 - 6
Match 2 (Group B) 0 - 6
6v6 Nations Cup #8: Playoffs [Archives]
Grand Final 3 - 6
Semi Finals 0 - 6
Quarter Finals 3 - 6
Round of 16 Default Win
6v6 Nations Cup #8 [Archives]
Tiebreaker (Group C) 6 - 0
Round 3 (Group C) 6 - 0
Round 2 (Group C) 3 - 3
Round 1 (Group C) 0 - 6
Nations Cup #7 - Bronze Match [Archives]
Bronze Match 3 - 6
Nations Cup #7 - Playoff Stage [Archives]
Semi-Final 6 - 0
Quarter Final 6 - 0
Round 1 6 - 0
Nations Cup #7 - Group Stage [Archives]
Round 3 (Group G) Default Win
Round 2 (Group G) 6 - 0
Round 1 (Group G) 6 - 0
Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS - Playoff Stage [Archives]
Final 6 - 3
Semi-Final 3 - 6
Quarter Final 6 - 3
Round 1 6 - 0
Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS - Group Stage [Archives]
Tiebreakers (Group C) 6 - 0
Round 3 (Group C) 3 - 3
Round 2 (Group C) Default Win
Round 1 (Group C) 0 - 6
Nations Cup #5: Playoffs [Archives]
Final 3 - 6
Semi-Final 2 - 4
Quarter Final 0 - 6
Round 1 6 - 0
Nations Cup #5 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Group Phase [Archives]
Round 3 (Group H) Default Win
Round 2 (Group H) 6 - 0
Round 1 (Group H) 0 - 6
Nations Cup #4 powered by BlackOut Gaming : Playoffs [Archives]
Quarter Final 6 - 0
Round 1 6 - 0
Nations Cup #4 powered by BlackOut Gaming : Group Phase [Archives]
Week 3 (Group E) 3 - 0
Week 2 (Group E) 3 - 0
Week 1 (Group E) 0 - 3
Week 5 (Group E) 3 - 0
Nations Cup #3: Playoffs [Archives]
Quarter Final 6 - 3
Round 1 6 - 0
Nations Cup #3: Group Phase [Archives]
Week 3 (Group G) 6 - 0
Week 2 (Group G) Default Win
Week 1 (Group G) 6 - 0
Nations Cup #2: Playoff Phase [Archives]
Round 1 2 - 0
Nations Cup #2: Group Phase [Archives]
Week 2 (Group G) 0 - 9
Week 1 (Group G) 2 - 5
Nations Cup: Group Phase [Archives]
Week 2 (Group A) 0 - 6
Week 1 (Group A) 6 - 0
Week 4 (Group A) Default Win
Week 5 (Group A) 1 - 4


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
72 First Person Nations Cup #6 powered by Tt eSPORTS - Playoff Stage Quarter Final France Denmark

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Cuby Cuby
Left scar scar
Joined alX Nevo
Left mulaa mulaa
Joined Brujman Nevo
Joined juxta Nevo
Joined ronz Nevo
Left dmoule Nevo
Left Corbac Nevo
Left Ama Ama
Joined mulaa Opti
Joined dwo69 Opti
Joined Cuby Opti
Joined AlienSmiley Opti
Joined scar Opti
Joined deli69 Opti
Joined patchouli Opti
Left Medico Opti
Left Ombrack Opti
Left Raf Opti
Left Elacour Opti
Left Azunis Opti
Left Olgha Opti
Left Glastry ETF2L Staff
Joined Ama Corbac
Joined Olgha Corbac
Joined Néo Corbac
Joined dmoule Corbac
Joined Azunis Corbac
Joined Nevo Corbac
Joined Elacour Corbac
Left Blitzo Corbac
Left Enj Corbac
Left AlienSmiley Corbac
Left Leyo Corbac
Left Namtac Corbac
Left CRIKI.. Corbac
Left blade blade
Joined Glastry Medico
Left Ramagan Medico
Joined CRIKI.. Medico
Joined Raf Medico
Joined Ramagan Medico
Joined Opti Medico
Joined blade Medico
Joined Namtac Medico
Joined Leyo Medico
Left Kaylus Medico
Joined AlienSmiley Medico
Joined Enj Medico
Joined Blitzo Medico
Joined Ombrack Medico
Joined Corbac Medico
Left dmoule Medico
Left Hidan Medico
Left Bulle Medico
Left fl1p Medico
Left Exon. Medico
Left Flippy Medico
Left T-Mac Medico
Left Aephage Medico
Left Izzy57 Medico
Left DeGuN Medico
Joined Medico Sonny Black
Left Tek Tek
Left NiCO god's hand NiCO god's hand
Joined Tek Izzy57
Joined NiCO god's hand Izzy57
Joined DeGuN Izzy57
Joined dmoule Izzy57
Joined Kaylus Izzy57
Joined Hidan Izzy57
Left Captainhax Izzy57
Left Plapla Izzy57
Left kustom3 Izzy57
Left Kounaa Izzy57
Joined Izzy57 Sonny Black
Left Tek Tek
Left KnOxXx KnOxXx
Joined Kounaa Kounaa
Joined Bulle Bulle
Joined Aephage Aephage
Joined fl1p fl1p
Joined Exon. Exon.
Left Tack Captainhax
Left Pognon Captainhax
Left Flinn Captainhax
Left dONut dONut
Joined T-Mac T-Mac
Joined Tack Tack
Joined kustom3 kustom3
Joined Pognon Pognon
Joined Flinn Flinn
Joined Flippy Flippy
Joined Plapla Plapla
Joined dONut dONut
Left bun KnOxXx
Left Captsu KnOxXx
Joined Tek Tek
Left AioR KnOxXx
Left cami KnOxXx
Left dougal KnOxXx
Left Gladia KnOxXx
Left H4reM KnOxXx
Left Sidney KnOxXx
Left utaL KnOxXx
Left Tsu Tsu
Left Origo huhystah
Left socar Tsu
Joined KnOxXx Tsu
Joined Sidney Tsu
Joined Captsu Tsu
Joined Captainhax Tsu
Joined utaL Tsu
Left ChOun Tsu
Left Hansa Tsu
Left Pax Tsu
Left Sidney Tsu
Left Guard Tsu
Joined H4reM Tsu
Joined socar Tsu
Joined ChOun Tsu
Joined Hansa Tsu
Joined Guard Tsu
Left Captainhax Tsu
Joined AioR Tsu
Joined Gladia Tsu
Joined Sidney Tsu
Joined Origo Tsu
Joined cami Tsu
Joined Pax Tsu
Left paixhaine paixhaine
Joined dougal paixhaine
Left Origo paixhaine
Left Awnz. paixhaine
Left cami paixhaine
Left AioR paixhaine
Left Mick- paixhaine
Left KnOxXx paixhaine
Left Gladia paixhaine
Left Diego paixhaine
Left babour paixhaine
Left Gegon paixhaine
Joined KnOxXx paixhaine
Left Pax paixhaine
Joined Diego paixhaine
Joined Gladia paixhaine
Joined babour paixhaine
Left TeoK paixhaine
Left pz paixhaine
Left jess paixhaine
Joined Gegon paixhaine
Joined AioR paixhaine
Left Gladia Gladia
Joined Origo paixhaine
Joined Tsu paixhaine
Joined Captainhax paixhaine
Joined jess paixhaine
Joined cami paixhaine
Joined Pax paixhaine
Joined Awnz. paixhaine
Left ZyX bun
Left EpsyLon bun
Joined paixhaine bun
Left AioR AioR
Joined bun TeoK
Left .UltimatS TeoK
Left Squall_leonheart TeoK
Left Rin-Nakaret TeoK
Left louax TeoK
Left KikO TeoK
Left eLvN TeoK
Left Cyko TeoK
Left leduke leduke
Joined leduke leduke
Joined KikO KikO
Joined Cyko Cyko
Joined eLvN eLvN
Joined .UltimatS .UltimatS
Joined Rin-Nakaret Rin-Nakaret
Joined louax louax
Joined Squall_leonheart Squall_leonheart
Joined AioR TeoK
Joined ZyX TeoK
Left Almaa TeoK
Left Tsu TeoK
Joined pz TeoK
Left Heliana TeoK
Left KoLe TeoK
Joined Gladia TeoK
Left jordan jordan
Left CastoU! CastoU!
Joined jordan jordan
Joined CastoU! CastoU!
Left misterx misterx
Joined misterx misterx
Joined KoLe KoLe
Left Turgon Turgon
Joined Turgon Turgon
Joined Tsu Tsu
Joined Almaa Heliana
Joined EpsyLon TeoK
Left Silk TeoK
Left Bizounours TeoK
Joined Mick- TeoK
Joined Bizounours Bizounours
Joined Silk Silk
Left AmZi AmZi
Joined AmZi AmZi
Left ZyX TeoK
Left SpykyOne TeoK
Left pz TeoK
Left Procket TeoK
Left Gladia TeoK
Left EpsyLon TeoK
Left AnAkkk TeoK
Left AioR TeoK
Left yop TeoK
Left Helgast TeoK
Left Harghan TeoK
Left yeahmen la boulette TeoK
Left wourson TeoK
Left Turgon TeoK
Left PaRkEr TeoK
Left Phantom TeoK
Left Tsu TeoK
Left p3w TeoK
Left MonkY TeoK
Left MaKe TeoK
Left kakashi TeoK
Left isotop TeoK
Left insomniak TeoK
Left guitou TeoK
Left Gheedz TeoK
Left KoLe TeoK
Left Dédé TeoK
Left ReM! TeoK
Joined Heliana TeoK
Joined ReM! ReM!
Joined Tsu Tsu
Joined guitou guitou
Joined KoLe KoLe
Left Tri-Ka Tri-Ka
Joined kakashi kakashi
Left RedFish RedFish
Joined RedFish RedFish
Joined Turgon Turgon
Joined yeahmen la boulette yeahmen la boulette
Left yeahmen yeahmen
Joined yeahmen yeahmen
Joined Tri-Ka Tri-Ka
Joined MonkY MonkY
Joined p3w p3w
Left HotWheels HotWheels
Joined HotWheels HotWheels
Joined insomniak insomniak
Joined MaKe MaKe
Joined yop yop
Joined isotop isotop
Left Plapla Plapla
Joined Plapla Plapla
Joined PaRkEr PaRkEr
Left DeadSpiriT25 DeadSpiriT25
Joined DeadSpiriT25 DeadSpiriT25
Joined Dédé Dédé
Joined wourson wourson
Left isotop isotop
Joined isotop isotop
Joined Gheedz Gheedz
Left thebigmath thebigmath
Joined Helgast Helgast
Joined thebigmath thebigmath
Joined Harghan Harghan
Joined Phantom Phantom
Left Sora TeoK
Left Captainhax TeoK
Left Awnz. TeoK
Left Origo TeoK
Left lpn TeoK
Left GenZo TeoK
Left DrOOpY TeoK
Left Pers71 TeoK
Joined Pers71 Pers71
Joined GenZo GenZo
Joined DrOOpY DrOOpY
Joined lpn lpn
Joined Origo Origo
Left Luniz TeoK
Joined pz TeoK
Joined Procket TeoK
Joined AioR TeoK
Left Kooh TeoK
Joined Kooh Kooh
Joined ZyX TeoK
Joined AnAkkk AnAkkk
Left Hébus TeoK
Joined Hébus Hébus
Left Dagonz TeoK
Left Need TeoK
Joined Gladia TeoK
Joined Need Need
Left daylight Luniz
Left Gladia Luniz
Left Sanji TeoK
Left nykefr TeoK
Left _lolo TeoK
Left Lolo TeoK
Left Grimmy TeoK
Left Dakoua TeoK
Left Alf TeoK
Joined Sanji Sanji
Left jpleroxxor jpleroxxor
Joined jpleroxxor jpleroxxor
Joined Lolo Lolo
Joined nykefr nykefr
Joined Grimmy Grimmy
Joined _lolo _lolo
Joined Alf Alf
Left Alf Alf
Joined Alf Alf
Left sunsky sunsky
Joined sunsky sunsky
Joined Dakoua Dakoua
Left yeahmen TeoK
Joined yeahmen yeahmen
Left G0bs TeoK
Left cumu TeoK
Joined EpsyLon TeoK
Joined cumu cumu
Joined G0bs G0bs
Joined SpykyOne SpykyOne
Joined Gladia TeoK
Joined daylight daylight
Joined Dagonz Dagonz
Joined Sora TeoK
Joined Awnz. TeoK
Joined Luniz TeoK
Joined Captainhax TeoK
Joined TeoK TeoK