Duck Party

[6v6 Fun Team]
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Leader: Cobbalt
Buddy: Leila


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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
ETF2L Season 24 Preseason Cup - Round Robin [Archives]
Round Robin 3 (High B) Default Loss
Round Robin 2 (High B) 0 - 6
Round Robin 1 (High B) 6 - 0
Forsaken Cup [Archives]
Match 1 (Maltija) Default Loss
Match 4 (Maltija) 0 - 3
Match 3 (Maltija) 0 - 3
Match 2 (Maltija) 3 - 0
TF2C Archimedes Cup powered by scrap.tf - Knockout Stages [Archives]
Knockout Round #1 3 - 0
TF2C Archimedes Cup powered by scrap.tf [Archives]
Round 3 (Group 3) Default Win
Round 2 (Group 3) 3 - 0
Round 1 (Group 3) Default Win
The Highlander Open - Cup Stage [Archives]
Round 2 3 - 6
Round 1 0 - 6
The Highlander Open [Archives]
Tiebreakers (Group 35) 1 - 5
Week 2 (Group 35) Default Win
Week 3 (Group 35) 3 - 3


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
81 First Person TF2C Archimedes Cup powered by scrap.tf - Knockout Stages Knockout Round #1 Jona Lewie Duck Party

Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
Outsiders Duck Party
<3 Outsiders

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left sheepy dog's hand sheepy dog's hand
Left misha YB`g Lazybear
Left Doom Doom
Left JoeN JoeN
Left Honey Badger Honey Badger
Left Leila Leila
Left Popcorp Popcorp
Joined Popcorp JoeN
Joined Honey Badger JoeN
Joined misha YB`g JoeN
Joined sheepy dog's hand JoeN
Left Emancipator JoeN
Left Zafus Zafus
Joined Emancipator Leila
Joined JoeN Leila
Joined Doom Leila
Joined Zafus Leila
Joined cinder Leila
Left RiFO Leila
Left Oletti Leila
Left Kyll Leila
Left RaDa Leila
Left shuqu shuqu
Left jubba jubba
Left DD DD
Left Kailyf Kailyf
Left Biksi Biksi
Joined Biksi jubba
Joined DD jubba
Joined RaDa jubba
Joined shuqu jubba
Joined Kyll jubba
Joined Oletti jubba
Joined RiFO jubba
Joined Kailyf jubba
Joined jubba Leila
Left PABLO Leila
Left Qbus Leila
Left Senshi Leila
Left vilku Leila
Left nITRO# Leila
Left kbl Leila
Left karcia Leila
Left Ignasio Leila
Left HexeLL Leila
Left frey Leila
Left bezkolanowiec Leila
Left Rinson Rinson
Left Pan Maciek Pan Maciek
Left Trensu Trensu
Left blakku2478 blakku2478
Left feszter feszter
Joined Trensu Leila
Left JoeN Leila
Joined JoeN Leila
Left ShauN Leila
Joined kbl Leila
Joined Rinson Pan Maciek
Joined PABLO Leila
Joined Ignasio Pan Maciek
Joined nITRO# Leila
Joined ShauN Leila
Joined vilku Leila
Joined HexeLL Leila
Joined bezkolanowiec Leila
Joined Senshi Leila
Joined frey Leila
Joined blakku2478 Leila
Joined karcia Leila
Joined Qbus Leila
Joined feszter Leila
Joined Pan Maciek Leila
Joined Leila Leila