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Knockout Round #1 Knockout Round #2 Knockout Round #3 Quarter Final Semi-Final Final 
Japan :)3          
Germany Aurora Esports0Japan :)3        
Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa + 1 Argentino3Portugal Comunidade Portuguesa + 1 Argentino0        
European Alright gorgeous0  Japan :)0      
European dream team0  Wales Jona Lewie3      
European Flying Gummi Bears3European Flying Gummi Bears0        
Wales Jona Lewie3Wales Jona Lewie3        
Poland Duck Party0    Wales Jona Lewie3    
European No3    European No0    
European Sandvich eSports0European No3        
European The Agency0Greece Sharks Tentacle0        
Greece Sharks Tentacle3  European No3      
Spain TEAM NOOB3  Russia Trade_Minecraft0      
UnitedStates The B-Team0Spain TEAM NOOB1        
Germany ThaDudes0Russia Trade_Minecraft2        
Russia Trade_Minecraft3      Wales Jona Lewie6  
UnitedStates Delta Dongers3      UnitedKingdom revive0  
UnitedStates 51st Dimension Hoppers0UnitedStates Delta Dongers0        
Hungary Spam Fest3Hungary Spam Fest3        
European Average Crabs0  Hungary Spam Fest0      
Germany Nurses Of Mediocrity0  UnitedKingdom revive3      
UnitedKingdom revive3UnitedKingdom revive3        
Sweden Boozka3Sweden Boozka0        
Canada Decay0    UnitedKingdom revive3    
UnitedKingdom We Suck3    Japan DongerBears0    
European Ctrl+Assault+Defeat0UnitedKingdom We Suck0        
Japan DongerBears3Japan DongerBears3        
European European Warriors0  Japan DongerBears3      
UnitedStates Dirty Almighty Gaming Ring0  European Gaben's Special Delivery0      
European Friends of Wobre3European Friends of Wobre0        
European Gaben's Special Delivery3European Gaben's Special Delivery3        
UnitedStates Idiotic Cookie Gamers0        Wales Jona Lewie6
European Gun and Fames3        European Sprinkler Kids3
International Full Stop0European Gun and Fames0        
International Kimo and da kidz3International Kimo and da kidz3        
Poland Lunar Hussars0  International Kimo and da kidz3      
European Luminosity3  European Luminosity0      
European Jujuwar0European Luminosity3        
European repoRners3European repoRners0        
UnitedStates Pikachu's Competitive Community0    International Kimo and da kidz0    
Russia Niggaz Wit Attitudes0    European Sprinkler Kids3    
Italy No Skills, No Party3Italy No Skills, No Party3        
UnitedStates Six Mixed Drinks3UnitedStates Six Mixed Drinks0        
European Son's of Anarchy0  Italy No Skills, No Party0      
European Sprinkler Kids3  European Sprinkler Kids3      
European Scrap Me Harder0European Sprinkler Kids3        
European Team Defaultemedes!3European Team Defaultemedes!0        
Germany team-chan0      European Sprinkler Kids6  
European The Essentials3      European The Essentials0  
UnitedStates euphoria squad0European The Essentials3        
International The Party Shakers0Norway The Wolf Tang Clan0        
Norway The Wolf Tang Clan3  European The Essentials3      
European UniCurse 6v63  European UniCurse 6v60      
European Wanna bee0European UniCurse 6v63        
Seychelles название0International !bcheck !brekt0        
International !bcheck !brekt3    European The Essentials3    
UnitedStates wrekoning returns0    CzechRepublic GlobeTrollers0    
CzechRepublic GlobeTrollers3CzechRepublic GlobeTrollers3        
Russia z3Russia z0        
Russia Incredible company0  CzechRepublic GlobeTrollers3      
Argentina Archimedes Cup Placeholder #13  Argentina Archimedes Cup Placeholder #40      
Argentina Archimedes Cup Placeholder #20Argentina Archimedes Cup Placeholder #10        
Argentina Archimedes Cup Placeholder #30Argentina Archimedes Cup Placeholder #43        
Argentina Archimedes Cup Placeholder #43