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just gimme something pls

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  1. Maccy: autistic said:

    really good sniper, top high for sure

  2. Chronos: BMS said:

    top lad, top sniper, now has a top pc and a top monitor. Definitely at least top high

  3. Sennaj_Legend: ★GF - Dr. med. said:


  4. Popkern: BE. said:

    prem gamer

  5. Sabesaroo said:

    what can i say eh?

    plays the sniper class, lives on a farm, and is shit at l4d2

  6. Sabesaroo said:

    ive heard hes got a monitor too, that could certainly come in handy sometime ey

  7. TeaKay: BoyBrigade - -chess- said:


  8. counou: nR - :) said:

    topped me

  9. cloudy: kiti said:

    10 headshots in half an hour ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  10. redwood: BCBB - pizza said:

    ᶠᵘᶜᵏ ᵒᶠᶠ ᵖᵒᵖᵏᵉʳᶰ

  11. Included_Middle: (squash) said:


  12. Maccy: autistic said:

    better than sneezer

  13. Silver Tosspot: (°)> said:

    he once hit an arrow in chivalry. it was cool.

  14. Cryyy said:

    Pretty good :)

  15. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - BMS said:

    “How come on sheezer’s rec post he gets a bunch of crap people saying ‘best sniper looking for team’ yet on my one I just get a bunch of memes” – porky, the man who outsniped the prem sniper sheezer

  16. Brian: رمال said:


  17. Popkern: BE. said:

    outsniped sheezer where?

  18. Maccy: autistic said:


  19. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - BMS said:

    popkern please calm down this is a child freindly website we dont need edgy teenage pyro mains ruining the fun for everyone

  20. .zero: -chess- said:

    53>47 and better picks. nice outsniping.

  21. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - BMS said:

    holy shit zero ik u r only good at being an edgelord but etf2l is a child freidnly website as pointed out above can u please learn to read here:

  22. Julez said:

    @Maccy top fucking kek if you’re being serious

  23. Cryyy said:

    Julez: XDCK! said:
    Today, 22:24

    @Maccy top fucking kek if you’re being serious

  24. Popkern: BE. said:

    Cryyy: ᵛᵉˢ said:
    Today, 22:25

    Julez: XDCK! said:
    Today, 22:24

    @Maccy top fucking kek if you’re being serious

  25. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - BMS said:

    Should probably point out that in that game sheezer was playing really passive to try to pick me since he shit talked me earlier that day.

    The combined logs are of upward and ramjam, ramjam was a complete clusterfuck, here are upward only logs: sheezer had no presence in this game.

  26. TeaKay: BoyBrigade - -chess- said:

    Hi friends just here to comment so someone might shit talk me in a rec post, maybe some drama to bump mine please ty ;D

  27. unabled said:

    Popkern: getsubs – ᵛᵉˢ said:
    Today, 22:26

    Cryyy: ᵛᵉˢ said:
    Today, 22:25

    Julez: XDCK! said:
    Today, 22:24

    @Maccy top fucking kek if you’re being serious

  28. Maccy: autistic said:

    I’m so confused, porky got more damage and fewer deaths, this is what wins games, especially on upward.

  29. Popkern: BE. said:

    linking one underwhelming log of porky doing ok against sheezer, and sheezers picks are better. brilliant banter (also nice cherry picking avoiding the ramjam logs)

  30. Maccy: autistic said:

    Scrambled said “who outsniped” which is a phrase that refers to a single event.
    Popkern proceeded to ask “where”
    I linked him logs of porky outsniping sheezer
    and everyone went “boo! Let’s be cancer in our already small community”

  31. Feri: MF said:

    Well, Porky is really good sniper indeed. Top of the high with an ease. But Sheezer clearly did better in the match you’ve showed us as a proof of ‘how Porky outsniped Sheezer’, they’re probably about the same level, I don’t get what’s that ‘sheezer>porky/porky>sheezer’ about

    Good luck

  32. Popkern: BE. said:

    concistency is good

  33. Maccy: autistic said:

    true, maybe you should keep your roster consistant instead of cutting your friends

  34. Chronos: BMS said:

    Porky > sheezer (and the other edgy sniper mains commenting here)

  35. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - BMS said:

    When both snipers are even I’d look at sniper vs sniper and deaths as to who did the outsniping.

    Also, even when sheezer was alive, he was playing very passively and killing me and shaggy when we overextended because the match was boring.

    Porky seemed to do a much better job of having presence and standing in places that actually denied the enemy combo space.

    This is why I said Porky was better.

    I’m really, really, really sorry if I offended absolutely anyone (including sheezer). It was not my intention to aggravate such a passionate family of mid tf2 players, please let porky get picked up by a top high team so that you will never have to play him again. :)

  36. firej said:

    I don’t know about the sheezer vs porky fight but playing the “our community is small ” card is ridiculous.
    I mean fighting over Logs in recposts is always a big turn on for good Teams (xd memes) but even then the Logs don’t show anything to me.
    Please stop trying to determine someones Skill by a single game ty, im glad that porky himself wasn’t part of this whole discussion so that’s a +1.

    I haven’t seen him in hl for a million years but his casual Level is pretty high :^)

    Gl finding a team

  37. Brian: رمال said:

    Sheezer looks more consistent in logs which I think counts the most, but logs don’t necessarily show the impact of a game, 4 picks could be less crucial than a med pick in cases. Both capable of high so no real need to compare

    gl nonetheless

  38. Tseini: Damn! said:

    Hello,logs doesn’t mean anything but i would kick those medics who keep sniper under 10% heals on upward

  39. cloudy: kiti said:

    i agree with tseini

  40. extrasolar: officer - 9MC said:

    Mid players trying to say who’s top high/prem material or not, must be ETF2L rec posts
    Scrambled you might just have started something even greater than my big rec post, I applaud you.

    In other news, from what I’ve seen and heard Porky is good and banter material, I see no harm in at least trialling him, definitely better than Sheezer now that he has an actual computer

  41. Sabesaroo said:

    sheezer spy frags: 3

    porky spy frags: 5

    whats the argument?

  42. Tercio: Sora⚡️ - inv said:

    Lovely conversation leading nowhere. I can guarantee you none of them is going to be “top high” sniper next season, cause there are still some better gamers like f.e. Julez playing tf2. I’m not saying Porky or Sheezer are bad, they’re not even close to level you should present if you want to go prem as this class. x(
    Impressive feedback on recposts though. :>

  43. Sabesaroo said:

    true, i outfragged him on sunshine once, so yeknow

  44. Jelly: (°)> said:

  45. Silver Tosspot: (°)> said:

    mfw hl drama

  46. Sabesaroo said:

    mfw when photobucket

  47. redwood: BCBB - pizza said:

    this fucking fake drama

  48. Anus Stretcher: 0FO said:

    if you become a meme its very hard to prove yourself no matter how good you are. this post is proof of that

  49. Sabesaroo said:


  50. Marv: BM said:


  51. proky: KNOPPER - SDCK! said:


  52. Vclox_: 0BO - BMS said:

    Quality sniper main. Don’t know all this talk about sheezer but if porky can outsnipe a “high sniper” 3 days after coming back to tf2 I would say that’s pretty good. Can lead a team and provide quality memes if needed.

  53. ivan said:


  54. rech said:

    not so sure about prem yet, but seemed ready to pound high from what I experienced


  55. cloudy: kiti said:

    the king of dropping panties

  56. extrasolar: officer - 9MC said:

    Tercio trying to call people bad EleGiggle

  57. stingHan: inv said:

    said Extraopen TriHard

  58. Pe4ce: (ETF2L Donator) - (°)> said:

    alright at clicking bodies i guess

  59. proky: KNOPPER - SDCK! said:


  60. extrasolar: officer - 9MC said:

    Tempted to change my ETF2L nick to “Extraopen TriHard” now

  61. Shaggy: rip - (°)> said:


  62. proky: KNOPPER - SDCK! said:


  63. counou: nR - :) said:

    he wants anything, hell take low open for the sake of it ;)

  64. counou: nR - :) said:

    Me > Porky > Everyone else > Sheezer

  65. Cryyy said:

    Finally appropriate div, fucking noob!!!!!!! This man does the pounding

  66. Wild_Piggie: TSM - رمال said:

    Pig, aproved

  67. princess dvs: Inactive said:


  68. WML said:

    Top sniper, just don’t let him lead a sixes team EleGiggle

  69. Zamparonie: DNUTS said:

    i like scrambels posts more then zeros because they make sense

    and they are fun an freeendly approvt

    (porky is best sniper eu HE KNOWS WAHT HE IS DOING )

  70. chando: Inactive said:

    robby’s boyfriend isnt completely gay #drama

  71. princess dvs: Inactive said:

    robby’s boyfriend isnt completely gay #drama #DJkeemstar @scarce

  72. Zamparonie: DNUTS said:


  73. counou: nR - :) said:

    im driving him to lan, so therfore needs carrying but brings good memes

  74. woolen: BoyBrigade said:

    really good

  75. JustJosh said:

    Good sniperino and a nice chap

  76. Leagle_: + - ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡9 said:

    He apparently needed more comments

  77. Marv: BM said:

    fucken aweful

  78. BC: OLDJE - PitO. said:

    trash to the max <3

  79. Funs: веазтмоде - BMS said:

    fuck man why do highlander rec posts always become this

  80. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - BMS said:

    cus highlander players have egos that are very fragile

  81. proky: KNOPPER - SDCK! said: