MedicScout  Open/Mid Skill, Highlander

UnitedKingdom Bluee

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lmao highlander

scout open

medic mid

hmu highlander elitists

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Joined Loli Squad [6on6] Bloodis
Left RUSH HL [Highlander] Bluee
Left BALLS [6on6] Bluee
Joined RUSH HL [Highlander] Lucky
Joined BALLS [6on6] Lucky
Left THE BREW MASTERS [6on6] Bluee
Left killer bean army [Highlander] vita
Joined THE BREW MASTERS [6on6] Bluee
Left #FreePat [6on6] Bluee
Joined killer bean army [Highlander] MIRAkapic
Joined #FreePat [6on6] juan
Left Tesco [6on6] Bluee
Joined Tesco [6on6] Niro
Left Epipslon eSprots [6on6] Bluee
Joined Epipslon eSprots [6on6] Dummy
Left Prehistoric Dinosaurs [6on6] Basti
Joined Prehistoric Dinosaurs [6on6] paddie
Left Virtus.bro [6on6] tXX
Joined Virtus.bro [6on6] Vouri
Left mr lizard [6on6] Bluee
Joined mr lizard [6on6] Josh
Left Ringo [6on6] Bluee
Joined Ringo [6on6] oJ
Left the shpee's are we [Highlander] Bluee
Left Ringo [6on6] Bluee
Joined the shpee's are we [Highlander] MATTYAZN
Joined Ringo [6on6] oJ
Left Pandamonium [6on6] Solid
Left "i'm a mid medic" - bluee [Fun Team] Solid
Joined "i'm a mid medic" - bluee [Fun Team] Bluee
Left Stratosphere HL [Highlander] Bluee
Joined Stratosphere HL [Highlander] Hurrdeer
Joined Pandamonium [6on6] Bacon
Left B-HAVE [6on6] Bluee
Left The Knights Who Say Ni [Highlander] Bluee
Joined B-HAVE [6on6] Feyne
Left metal is a chemical [2on2] Bluee
Joined The Knights Who Say Ni [Highlander] TheMeerCat
Left Complexity powered by Facestab [6on6] Bluee
Joined Complexity powered by Facestab [6on6] Bluee
Left Complexity [6on6] Bluee
Joined Complexity [6on6] Bluee
Joined metal is a chemical [2on2] Bluee
Left The Boys are Back in Town [6on6] Bluee
Left I'm Bluee da ba dee da ba die [1on1] Bluee
Joined I'm Bluee da ba dee da ba die [1on1] Bluee
Joined The Boys are Back in Town [6on6] Frozy
Left Synergy-Six [6on6] Bluee
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Left the dream team [6on6] Exy
Left dream team [Fun Team] Exy
Joined the dream team [6on6] Exy
Left The Tf2 Dream [6on6] Bluee
Joined dream team [Fun Team] Exy
Joined The Tf2 Dream [6on6] Exy
Left x6 [6on6] Bluee
Joined x6 [6on6] Bluee
Left Pure [6on6] Bluee
Joined Pure [6on6] Bluee
Left The_Airshot_Scrubs [6on6] Bluee
Joined The_Airshot_Scrubs [6on6] Jack

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  1. chando: HH - HONK! said:

    Nice chap, can probably handle scout in open, and top open in medic only because he’s new to the HL med scene altogether, though understands the mechanics of medic. Regardless, committed to the class and all round nice guy

  2. Splitzstreak said:

    could i apply for the scout position please, i don’t have a huge amount of hours on tf2 but most of it is played as scout. i am willing to learn and improve and i have a basic understanding of a scouot’s mechanics

  3. mochy said:

    Hello my name is mochacho56 but people call me mochy I see you have a open space for medic and a would like to apply if you contact me on steam I will gladly tell you my skills and loadouts if you have something you would like me to learn then I would gladly learn them by playing round about 15 to 20 games on pud or 1v1 to improve/change skills or loadouts btw I am applying for other teams as well so I may already be in a team by the time you read this

  4. JMaxchill: PPBM - kmtl. said:

    Added for main scout & sub medic :D

  5. minifazza: GM said:

    can i apply for sniper pls i have started my own team but it has gone nowhere. Although i am minifazza on here i am ►agle (Eagle) on steam i really love tf2 and i just want to have some good fun playing competitive

  6. Funs: веазтмоде said:

    Awesome fella. Worth picking up, will carry.

  7. haiku said:

    hello can you help pyro?

  8. Devon: GNOME - doge said:

    he may be a fucking weeb but hes a top notch lad and could easily play open