One Night Cup: Foundry! LOWEST

Round 1

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by boz (Fuck this, I wanna be a Princess)

Default Win

European XtraViaTioN vs Italy Fuck this, I wanna be a Princess
3 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


  1. Mr Biggles said:

    i talkd to ecs (extaaa) to set up the match time but he told me (as in the screenshot) that his team were busy and that wven he was going out so they coulnt play.

    we have a server and our team ready to play but no tam to play agaist!

    (i think it is a win by default)

  2. Mr Biggles said:

    edit, how to add a screnie?

  3. Mr Biggles said:

    Never tell your password to anyone.
    05 January 2012
    18:14 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: hi
    18:14 – ecs: hey
    18:14 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: you are playing for the team, i wanna be a pricess
    18:14 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: we have been drawn against you
    18:14 – ecs: mmh i think we won’t play man
    18:15 – ecs: we’re all busy
    18:15 – ecs: i have to go out and dunno if others are going to play
    18:15 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: k
    18:15 – ecs: try write to boz
    18:15 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: i added him
    18:15 – ecs: my teammate
    18:15 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: last onloine 5 hrs
    18:16 – ecs: mmh he is ‘away’ now
    18:19 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: can u comment on the match page?
    18:20 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥:
    18:20 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: saying that your team can niot play
    18:20 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: make sure that u have checked with ur team
    18:20 – |XVTN| Mr. Biggles ♥: cause its a shame
    ecs is now Away.

    above is the chat log, i have a screen shot here

  4. extaaa said:

    Yep, we can’t play tonight. default win for you and gl!

  5. Boz: .pm - .cc said:

    Yes it’s default, I’m sorry guys. Good luck for the cup!

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