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Created 29th October 2020 @ 00:31

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Been playing this game for a decade pretty much everyday. I have really bad aim and even in pubs find myself emptying my full scattergun and pistol clip on players running in a straight line and still not kill them. I hope to one day join an open team but I find that if I can’t even do well in pubs, there’s no way anyone would want me on their team, so I’m taking this season to work on self-improvement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



If your aim is that much of an issue then I would suggest downloading tr_walkway and just practicing smoothly tracking the bots just running in a straight line.
If this is a problem then you may need to adjust your sensitivity until you can do it smoothly.

When this feels easy then continue to track the bots but this time you should be moving simulating trying to get around them and changing the angle but still keeping the crosshair fixed on them.

When you can do this sufficiently then try with the bots being launched off the launchpad, which is nice for simulating jumping soldiers and the like.

If you set aside 30 minutes each day to practice in this way you should see good improvements.
When it comes to taking on real players, pubs or otherwise you’ll have to work on your timing and prediction also so don’t neglect to practice against real players.

I would set yourself a certain amount of tf2center games to play in a day, which you will then watch back via the STV and take notes on what you did right and wrong.
Keeping a journal is the best way to improve at anything.

Having looked at your logs though I’m sure you aren’t as bad as you have claimed to be. Remember open has no lower limit to your skill level, and as long as you are committed to being part of a team I’m sure you can find a team that is of your level and happy to have you as part of it.


Ive been doing this and honestly Ive only gotten worse
Practicing newbots and mge daily, making lobbies a habit now as well. Just came off one where I couldn’t hit anything, would flank the enemy and waste 12 shots on a medic and not even get him to half
No team is going to want someone like me, not as I currently am, yet my aim just keeps deteriorating

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maybe try a different sens
also, is your hardware (mouse, etc) good?


Better config (high frame rate is necessary), seat height, mouse, way you hold your mouse etc

add me on steam if you want




I know this is a bit of a necro, but this is a common feeling for any person trying to improve at this game. So i wanted to address it

You’re hitting a mental block. As you improve at anything your mind will subconsciously set higher standards for yourself. Inevitably you will fail to meet these standards, causing you to feel like a bit of a trashcan. While the old you 6 months ago would have been more satisfied with that performance.

The problem with multiplayer games is that there’s no objective way to measure your progress. Other players are bad measuring sticks. Compare this to something like jumping. Where you can compete with your past by improving times or beating maps you couldn’t beat before.

Take it from me that, barring some physical ailment, it’s impossible to get worse at something you’re practising actively. So if you’re feeling worse, it’s because your own rising standards. Which proves you are actually improving.



In the 80 days since the first post guess how many games appear on their logs?

4 games.

A lot of people want help but don’t want to put the work in.

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