Overwatch - thoughts ?

Created 3rd May 2016 @ 21:58

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Think its been dumbed down in order for it to work on multiple platforms. As everyone says the movement doesn’t feel good I think this has been made simple because things like rocket jumping or strafing etc maybe harder to do on a controller.
Some classes are straight up boring.

But that all said I enjoy playing it casually.



I like the parts where I randomly die to aimbot. It just seems a bit hollow, maybe competitive will be different. The think I like least about it is how busy the art style on the maps is. Everything is too bright, too in your face, too much effort made into making something varied and ‘interesting’…but I’m playing a shooter, I don’t want to look at the walls. It really makes me appreciate how well visually designed TF2 was, especially when it first came out.



Tried the beta yesterday and it is a hell lot of fun on publics. I’m not sure if watching Overwatch will be as fun as playing it, though.



game seems fun, have to say the fluidity and gameplay is ass compared to the popular valve shooters though


Played it a bunch yesterday was super fun. Basically like tf2 pubs (chaotic at times) but new and cool and fresh.



I’m enjoying playing it this weekend, not sure yet if I’ll actually buy it. It feels like a quiet TF2 pub server with a map rotation of small maps. Still curious to see how the competitive side will work.


Another guy playin’ open beta here. The pubs here are…well trying to be competitive though they usually are not. Just messing around learning characters was fun for me, not sure how I will feel once I try to actually play to win.
Regarding Ultis, while they are obviously made to be used as either a game changer or an easy ticket to frags, most of them have distinct sounds, which, when reacted upon properly can be easily avoided/neutralized/etc. So I dunno, unless the team is deaf, what’s the problem? …Oh wait, it’s pubs, how could I have forgotten.

tl;dr enjoying learning the mechanics, not sure if pubs can stay fun for long unless played to dick around.


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The only major problem I have with the game so far is that I think there are way too many stuns/movement impacting things. Nothing pisses me off more. Otherwise fun game and the ultis are balanced imo, easily avoidable unless you are retarded


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dude you main pyro ????



Is there a way to even know when an enemy has an ult ready to use? It seems impossible to predict, the only warning you seem to get is the voice clip when they use it. By then its often too late to do anything about.

Also what the fuck is this region shit. I can’t add people from USA to my friends list?



I actually like it. It’s a bit to easy to stomp pubs though.



Quoted from EmilioEstevez

Also what the fuck is this region shit. I can’t add people from USA to my friends list?

Welcome to Blizzard, no friends allowed.


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dude you main pyro ????

ofc, not gonna deal with that bullshit myself ROFL

for real though, it’s not comparable. If I could make an enemy freeze completely by clicking anywhere near him, I would feel bad about playing this class



Tried the beta today. Not sure how I feel about the ridiculous amount of cheap deaths, especially from Ults. On pubs, the Ultimates might as well be killstreak rewards – most of the offensive Ults trigger with no warning and result in instant death for most classes. Dying several times in a row due to no fault of your own gets pretty tiresome.

However, the synergy between class abilities and ults looks like fertile ground for deep competitive meta. The meat of the game will probably be in ranked and/or league play, neither of which are available to try at the moment.



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