ever going “shittalk” battle

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ist doof

isn’t real an off-topic but yea. i won’t read comments here, if you have to say sth ADD ME (especially to the gamsjaga and neutronatorship guys ;) I hope you read that and do not create more drama… )

read it. just read it, no need to comment here. thanks.


story between gamsjaga and lemmings:
(forum comments)
Pete: lemmings noobas
rytis: who are you and why is everybody making such a big deal out of you?
(“rytis #fairplay 1 man team :(
rytis #fairplay prem players too strong”
it seems you are one of them.)

Pete: The only guy that makes a big out of him is schocky himself by writing

those long ass essays.

(match comments)
Pete: Lemmings
-have a prem scout in Mid tier
-don’t allow a Mid soldier main to merc for us on scout because “they are

afraid he would carry us”

@Pete: One player said no to him- I respected that. You could have asked for

another player but you were mad and said: no, we want him, no one else. you

have 12 ppl but instead of asking ONE OF THEM FIRST you ask for a merc.
A team which name I do not remember said to us: “NO MERCS” and this is in my

personal opinion a bit … than us saying: not that guy.

Samski: Lol nice team that doesn’t allow a mid solly because they lost to his

team even though he didn’t play :D

@Samski: the only persons who write a comment below the match are you guys

(gamsjaga), Neutronatorship (who hates us for that missing logs story) and

few other friends of you OR people who do not know the whole story. is that

actually funny to create a conversation (shittalking and creating drama)

between your own teammates? I think it’s a bit immature.

Neutronas: Lemmings are just ELO hungry and they don’t want to lose any of it


@neutronas: I feel the drama here :D we said that many times but it seems you

do not get it: we do not care about logs or elo-points. we want to have fun

by playing videogames together. maybe you should do that as well instead of

crying and acting (by flaming) like youngsters (had to use that word)

schocky: creating drama. nice :)

rytis: you’re the ones doing it? it cant be that hard to be a decent human

being, can it now?

@rytis: your comments aren’t funny. Moreover, they do not hurt us they are

just imbecile.

Meeto: You’r ethe only ones creating drama by being hypocrites and generally


@meeto: same useless and imbecile comment.

rytis: hopefuly I’ll never get the displeasure of playing against sandbaggers

who are unsportsmanlike as well again,
ez viaduct though.

@rytis: “ez viadcut though” as well … not funny. we played pretty tbh.

Hopefully we will use our dmg done to defend and capture that point instead

of just standing there x)


@asadawarf nice description dude. not funny as well.

“its like we just won prem!

rytis – Pocket
Pete – Roamer
F2 – Demo
faf – Spy
krafty – Scout
asa – Medic

schocky – Scout”

pete: Oh yea and the vid is not supposed to highlight any drama et cetera,

just a normal tf2 video where we point out that we actually won against

someone :)

@pete: sure x)

the story about the “missing logs”:
We played Neutronatorship on viaduct and after the match I changed the map by

typing the rcon_password blabla and rcon changelevel blabla so we can play

the 2nd map and do not waste time. During that time they asked to change the

timelimit which I haven’t seen. On sunshine it was starting this kind of


is now om laptop fucking morons
is now om laptop do you care so much about elo?
i live for the memes rolf ur all bad
Lemming Melle no?
i live for the memes elo>LIFE
is now om laptop ur idiots
NeuTronas so that’s how you farm elo
is now om laptop bye
Lemming Melle ?
Sukkermås ur idiots
Sukkermås no logs
is now om laptop you know what you did
Sukkermås OUR ELO!!!!!!!!!
Lemming Melle wtf
is now om laptop you’re really fucking arrogant tbh
Lemming Melle chill
Tenshi ?? lol
SANDBAGGER #newmouse :D
Lemming Melle why?
i live for the memes more like really fucking bad tbh XD!
is now om laptop Doing wrong config on purpose and then changing map so no

is now om laptop obv
SANDBAGGER #newmouse on purpose sure :pw
is now om laptop then why change map?
is now om laptop so easy to farm elo that way
Lemming Melle cause we want to play sunshine?
SANDBAGGER #newmouse so we can play sunshine?

notice: I posted that smiley (:D) because I thought they mean it as a joke ..

because ELO ISN’T THAT IMPORTANT HELLOOO?!?!?! – after these words I had no

motivation left to search for the logs afterwards tbh.

Neutronas: We asked you nicely before changing the map:
Also I wasn’t one who was shit talking after that, I just asked nicely again

to look for logs after the another map.

@leader of neu: don’t allow them to write such a crap as a leader. be (at

least a bit) responsible for them.

popcorp: We wanted logs not because we wanted to prove that we beat your

team, but to see how everyone did

@popcorp: sure … that’s the reason you posted that online instead of

flaming right at the beginning w/o even asking what happened.

rytis: can you shut ur faces already, ur spamming forum with irrelevant shit

that only you seem to care about

@rytis: I started this, sure… not funny dude.

Bona: schocky I went into ur house and ur curtains were so ugly I puked so

don’t look in ur garbage can!!

@Bona: have no curtains, sorry.

diogo rajadas: shocky from who you were, a respectable scout playing in prem

and shit, you’ve became a real douche creating drama with mid teams just

trying to improve and reach higher in the divs and all you contributed this

season were sandbagging, being an hypocrite (master minds didn’t allow them

mercs, but neither did them when we were to play an official) and being a

classic douche.


@diogo rajadas: you didn’t know me back then and you do not know me now, so

you cannot say that. Actually I already talked to you on steam so… no

offence to you :)

repu: steam://friends/add/U:1:5658726

use the link above to add schocky and chat with him personally instead of

spamming this thread with your off-topic nonsense.

@repu would be nice, yea.



HAHAHAHA AP AHAHAA please just stop schocky






“stop creating drama”
“will post but won’t read comments”


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as if this is helping this situation at all

whatever floats your boat

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