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Created 29th March 2009 @ 13:24

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after being quite bored, i decided to go to some TF2 message boards, where i found

now apart from that total idioticy (which is quite amusing), i decided to check out the forum topic, which absolutely made my bloody day XD

the best part is the admin whining about everything anyone else said that does not match his ideas, usually with the highely intelectual response of

No one gives a rat’s ass what some retard like you says. If you have arguments, post them. If not, go suck your mom’s cock you stupid piece of shit.



lol, what a bunch of retards



“Also, I deleted the rest of your comments because your tone was intolerable, and because they seemed to me stupid, what with you attempting to pass judgement on a competitive game by the standards of non-gamers.”



“-Fast paced CTF game was replaced with a slow Team Deathmatch game.”
‘slow team deathmatch’ must mean: area focussed, capture point game with flexible front lines.

“-Class-specific grenades were removed causing more class blurring and a significant loss of depth.”
‘class blurring and a signifficant loss of depth’ must mean: less spam

“-Advanced movement techniques were removed, significantly reducing the game’s depth.”
true. but bunnyhopping does not fit in tf2. just like the grenades don’t

“-Several weapons were removed (and replaced with nothing) further reducing the game’s depth.”
moar weapons = gooder game!!!

“-The balance is worse than TFC at the highest level of play.”
who is he? where does he get this information? is tf2 unbalanced for us?

“-20 second respawn timers make spawn camping a dominant strategy.”
who ever spawncamps? he must only play 2fort (vanilla 2fort = 20 sec spawntime)

“-Offensive capabilities were limited so turtling is encouraged.”
offensive capabilities = grenades + extra weapons he was talking about. I think he only hates turtling cause he plays on 32 man instaspawn servers and always walks into a wall of sentries.

couldn’t be asked to comment on the rest. but wow this is one nicely worked out in depth review.


(ETF2L Donator)

If FortressForever is so much better why does it never have any populated servers above 8 people……………..

coz it looks shitty? :P

Loved the 3x demo 3x medic 6v6 teams.



I can understand the guys point of view but in the end he’s just a misinformed idiot.

Played hundreds of scrims… bah.


FF doesn’t look shitty… what a poor reply.
FF isn’t popular because it’s main launch (which when it happened, was a huge population) had several flaws with gameplay and consistant bugs that needed squeezing out. Which have been done since release, people just haven’t given it the chance since the release of TF2.

Both games are completely separate entities and shouldn’t have been compared in the first place, tfc/ff & TF2 vary greatly and are good in separate aspects. TF2 is a team based game which is why it is so popular; it’s a refreshing change. TFC does require more personal individual skill he just never addressed them properly.



He seems to have expected TF2 just to be a polished version of TFC and then he complains about everything that is different from TFC.

I like the last two sentences :
“TF2’s competitive scene is nearly dead and it hasn’t even been a year and a half since the game came out. I rest my case.”
As everyone can see he knows what he is talking about, since we all know almost no one is playing TF2 competetively anymore..






Whilst its of course all random nonesense, he is right about the balance issues.

> FF doesn’t look shitty… what a poor reply.
in which part? overall graphics? maybe, it’s Source after all… however, design is outdated. it’s mostly TFC on new engine, except few things. TF2 is another game already, much more interesting and popular than “oldskool speed-fps” imo.


I must agree with you Iller, ETF2L is dead, everyone here is robots made by Valve


i remember valve saying something along the lines of “were not making tfc2, tf2 is a seperate concept” or something like that

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