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Hi all!

It’s been a while since an update of this map (originally named pl_dawns_vigil) dropped, but I’ve been at work detailing the last point, and even making a model for the dome of the observatory. As it gets closer to the end of the year I’m hoping that I’ll be able to update it a bit more frequently as uni finishes for the year. Since I’m now moving into late alpha (becoming beta once the map has been textured), I hope that a few of you will have a run around on it, and even try some pugs or scrims on it.

Workshop Link

Current Version: pl_vigil_rc5 (Download from TF2Maps)

Screenshots available here.

Changes from RC4 to RC5:
– Removed perch points
– Fixed sticky bombs being able to be placed under displacements hill from 1st to 2nd
– Fixed BLU players being able to use loadout binds standing next to doors of RED’s final spawn
– Changed rock clipping and raised fence next to rock on first to prevent snipers from getting on top of the rock
– Changed how the ducks operate (still random, just made it harder to cheat to find them)
– Added 9 new duck spawning positions (1 for each class of duck)
– Added/improved on other Easter Eggs

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Update to A15A:
– Fixed visual glitch in final involving the 3D skybox
– Some more detailing around 3rd

Download from TF2Maps

Screenshots here


Update to Beta!

Download here

Pictures here

– Initial art pass of whole map
– Changed some geometry to allow for detailing
– Clipping inprovements

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Visual glitch update

Download here

Pictures here

– Fixed visual glitches


Update to B2
– More details around the map
– Some more prop fades (even more will come in later versions)
– Minor geometry rework around deathpits (not gameplay-changing)

Dowload from TF2Maps

Screenshots Here


Update to B2A

Download From TF2Maps

Screenshots here

– Unclipped top of wall on third with “Crummy’s Burgers” sign on it
– Added trigger_push to the top of the same wall to disallow people standing on it
– Added a shelf in B red house
– Unclipped top of shelf in room between B and C
– Fixed displacement bug on final
– Added no-build to out of bounds area on B to prevent engineers building up there
– Added small gap in skybox on second to allow for better visuals
– Added more hint brushes to hopefully improve framerates around second
– Minor detail improvements

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Hi all,

Just wanted to give a few words before the teams in preseason cup play my map tonight.

Firstly, I’ve tried to balance the map to reward both aggressive offences and aggressive defences.
There are forward holds available on most points, and blue should be trying to push forward as soon as they cap to try and prevent red from getting set up on them.
Also take note that as red you get automatically respawned if you’re dead when blu captures a point (except for last).

Secondly, sadly due to time zones I’ll probably be asleep while you all are playing, but I mean to watch as many recorded twitch streams and demos of the matches played as possible. I’ve already watched a few twitch videos of teams scrimming the map over the past week.

Thirdly, feel free to leave feedback on what you like and don’t like about the map in this thread (I’m trying to keep the conversations about and feedback on this map from you guys on this thread so that I don’t have to go all over the Internet to find feedback on it). Additionally, if you have any demos or links to Twitch streams or YouTube videos of you playing the map tonight, feel free to post them here. I’ll be talking about different ideas that I have for changing the map in the coming weeks, so feedback on that when I end up posting it will be very much appreciated.

Finally, thanks to the ETF2L admins for putting my map in the cup. Especially thanks to Aoshi for all his work behind the scenes. Also thanks to the players in this cup for willing to put up with learning a new map in a relatively short time. Hopefully you all have fun on it, and I look forward to watching the games.

Thanks for helping out with the development of my map!



Absolutely love the map, the one problem is on third i believe. On defense the sniper has such a powerful stop to hold in. He can constantly watch cart without the fear of being countersniped, that is as long as the etam can hold well. Now with this it can produce loads of picks for the sniper and killing him could be the difference between defending the point and gaining possession over it. Thats the one spot apart from that its great


( Unicorn)

Got some POVs from my stream the last 2 days:

Both played in the High Bracket:

Group Stage: Lucrosa vs TC:Frosties
Knockout Stage: Lucrosa vs CRAZYBWAII Clan
(videos might need a few more mintues to finish uploading)

Link to stream if you wanna watch on twitch directly:

-edit- fixed link

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You linked the same video twice btw


While I do like the map overall there’s still a few issues I have with it:

1. Capping spawns the red team
Don’t ask me to make up a convoluted scenario where it’s actually better not to cap, but I dislike the very concept that completing an objective has a negative effect for the succeeding team.

2. Red’s first spawn
Only one spawn exit plus that little lurk thing below plus the many places people can watch the spawn shutter from plus the fact that this stays the relevant spawn for 2 points makes spawncamps a bit too viable, a second door that leads back somewhere (like red’s first spawn on barnblitz) might already be enough to solve that.

3. The last point
I can’t put this into words quite as well, it just feels a little overdesigned in terms of pathways. I’d say remove one or merge two to give it a little more direction.

Again though, I do really like this map and I think it needs no big changes, only adjustments

Oh, and then there’s some really irrelevant stuff like the pointless room that you can look into through the grate in the floor, and many rooms feeling a bit empty, but that’s all just cosmetic

Quoted from Taka

Don’t ask me to make up a convoluted scenario where it’s actually better not to cap

If both meds are dead and the attacking med has a 10second respawn capping essentially gives the defending team 10 seconds uber ad.



Here is a word doc with detailed feedback on the map, with some pictures and elite paint skillz:

I hope you get something from my efforts. If you want to talk stuff over on steam and discuss what might be some good ideas in terms of map balance for HL shoot me up on steam.

I think this map has a lot of potential and would like to see it improved and put in the league (in that order, if possible. Though it’s very, very close to being a league worthy map, I think).
Also I think there is quite a bit of space here for making the map a bit more “readable” so to speak, in terms of which paths to take et cetera. It could just be my config but I don’t see many arrows et cetera for blue, only for red.

Thanks for your time!

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Thanks to everyone who gave feedback, especially to Steve for his amazing document. I’ve ended up with a list of 18 things to do for the next release, so I’d better get started on all of that.



When I played a few starting scrims on the map to get first impressions, I didn’t really like the map for HL. Engineer is often the most affected by new maps as he has to know building locations, ammo packs and where its safe to stand. After the cup, however I actually like it a lot. I made a podcast discussing the meta during the cup and we talked about pl_vigil_b2a.

I think there is a lot of potential for the map once its been improved. Thanks for all the work you’ve put into it!

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