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Created 19th August 2011 @ 19:59

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Hey everyone.

Just want to know people’s stance on the original now that it has a easier crafting recipe because I know that was a issue for some people in the last thread.

I also want to know if you think it should be allowed in Season 10 or banned and finally you’re reasoning behind this.

ETF2L Whitelist is counting The Original as a skin at the moment but people see it more as an unlock because it adds more then just visual (ability to shoot from a centre viewpoint and slight audio change) yet other items that are considered skins are allowed even though they add a little extra function (The Fish for the scout)

The idea of this thread is honestly to see peoples reaction to it now rather then it being allowed or disallowed in Season 10 and people crying over it. Also lets soldiers who do like the original to get used to it without thinking they need to suddenly get used to the old rocket laucher in time for season 10


Just going to issue some points here.. think of it as a tl;dr the thread kind of thing…

“Well isn’t it an a unlock still? that means we shouldn’t even consider it because we all agreed vanilla this season!!” – Having a look at the etf2l whitelists; it seems they are fine with vanilla weapons skins so the debate here is that ‘Is the original considered a skin because it provides incredibly minor gameplay changes much like the scout’s fish or is a much as an unlock as any other..’

“It’s low pitch sound makes it difficult to recognise + has not krits sound” – Completely Valid. High-div comp Tf2 could see a slight change if players can’t fully hear/understand the audio cues.

“It makes airshots/close-range/rocketjumping/idling/pancake-eating easier” – Debatable and/or subject to opinion. I heard some people say they just down right can’t use the original, Even I find jumping with it a bit fiddlery myself so I don’t think it’s a guarantee easy-mode for soldiers. Hell if we did go about this logic, that means standard rocket launcher makes edging easier or that fish makes it easier for you to calculate how much damage you’ve done to an opponent with melee..

“Say statement, Don’t give reason” – Die in a fir- Wait admins read these don’t they..

“Valve should add a cvar for centre firing” – They really should, it does seem mainly a matter of preference after all (then again people will just start thinking too much into it like they do with mouse sensitivities)

“A consistent and stable whitelist, is a good whitelist!” – I agree. The ETF2L whitelist consistently continued to support any reskin and by the latest whitelist; still does. But the question I’m asking is: So do people see the original as an unlock or a re-skin? or perhaps a question we should be asking; Should we just ban re-skins/semi-re-skin too? to avoid this surprising about of debate in future..

“BAN, NOISE IS SHHHIITTT” – I didn’t know we could ban on this kind of claim. May I also forward the ban of the frying pan while we’re at it, kritskrieg too! the crit noises scare me haha :D

“Not fair on the other classes, we don’t have a centre option ):” – Valid. Other classes don’t get the preference of centre fire which may leave centre favouring scouts/demos bitter. But thats kinda like being bitter towards the heavy who can choose whether or not he punches with his left or right hand… (actually that is pretty cool and wished they did that kind of polish in tf2 today..)

I’ll add more as they come..


I saw the original as a re-skin as I saw no definite or major impact to gameplay as it operated almost, if not exactly like the stock rocket launcher. It simply added a more comfortable cosmetic ‘feel’ for me as it takes me back to the old quake games.

My opinion has changed as I didn’t know that it lacked a Kritz sound. Which is quite a highly important sound in my opinion. To eliminate any abuse of this bug. I suggest that it gets banned for this season.

I do stress that valve add an option to fire from the centre via a cvar/adv setting as it’s clearly a valued preference.


EDITS: Quick corrections because I’m retarded… and rundown of the main issue AND..

..looking at some points that have been raised so hopefully people won’t keep saying the same things over and over and over and over again thus making people correct/counter argue over and over and you get the idea.

..and added link to Skyrides poll.


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Tapley ❤


Technically its an unlock
Physically its pretty much just a re-skin

I guess the crux of the matter is how come only the soldier can have a gun that can aim from 3 different angles and the demo for example cant?

I myself would just allow it – again that still will allow people to say “Omg you allow original u got to allow huntsman now herpderp”


i crafted it so i could test it and quite frankly hitting airshots is alot easier, the bonus of the original is the rocket goes where you are aiming and not to the right or left of the crosshair.
obviously higher level players have a bit more experience then me but i would say ban it

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Memento Mori

should be allowed now. easiest recipe in the game and barely any real impact on gameplay



The original is simpler and LESS of a weapon than the rocket launcher. It is technically an unlock but that’s just a word. Only an idiot would use that as justification for saying it shouldn’t be used.

It does everything the rocket launcher does in exactly the same way, except the inital angled rocket direction is removed.

It’s fairer and more consistent throughout maps, removing advantages/disadvantages gained from which side of the corner you’re standing on and it doesn’t directly effect on any other player beside the one using it.

The angled projectile is actually more similar to just about every other unlock out there; an uneccesary addittion to the game that we can do without.

We shouldn’t be thinking of the original in terms of an unlock, but whether we want to allow the ability of choosing which direction your rocket fires from. If allowing it to fire from the center is so bad, why is using a left hand viewmodel ok?

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It gives a huge advantage over the normal RL, especially for roamers or with kritz.

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also an advantage to equip it in that the sound it makes when it fires IMO is less distinct and therefore harder to pick up where it came from


but its sounds like absolute crap :*(



Quoted from flushy

also an advantage to equip it in that the sound it makes when it fires IMO is less distinct and therefore harder to pick up where it came from

That’s what I’m saying buddy!1!



Quoted from Koeitje


That’s what I’m saying buddy!1!

it’s what you alluded to ;p

Center viewmodel for the Rocketlauncher, not an unlock.



I see it as essentially a cvar for soldier to be able to fire from the centre (this should have existed from day 1, for all classes..). I wouldn’t worry about the sound.


In fact, its an unlock. As long as the game mechanics or the stats are changed at all, its an unlock. You could allow it, but then its not really vanilla anymore.

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Quoted from Tapley ❤

Technically its an unlock
Physically its pretty much just a re-skin



If it’s allowed without an option for all classes to have a centered viewmodel, then you guys are shit. ’nuff said.

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