I49 23rd August - 26th Aug - The Official Tr(L)ansport Thread Euro + UK Travel

Created 27th March 2013 @ 10:22

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Need a lift from Nottingham, 2 people, 1 pc. Can pay for petrol etc


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Need a lift from Belgium / France , gf18 and myself. Participate to the petrol / ferry and others.

would like to hop on somewhere there too :3



Driving from just east of Stockport, got space for 1 (with PC etc.), can pick up from Manchester/Warrington-ish or anywhere on the way

Going EAS, back Monday, shit car, Steam for further discuss.



Most convenient way to get from Stansted to Telford?



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Most convenient way to get from Stansted to Telford?




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Most convenient way to get from Stansted to Telford?

train, theres a stansted airport rail station at the airport. I had a quick glance at it, and it looks like you need to get a train into London first.

Stansted Airport -> Tottenham Hale -> London Euston -> Birmingham International -> Telford

Depending on whether you’re getting here on Thurs/Fri, and the time you travel it can cost between £12 – £24 one way.


Anyone going from london have room for an extra person/backpack? I’ll pay petrol money etc

add me on steam i guess


Still would like to get a lift or something if anyone is going from Manchester/Preston/nearby


I’m looking for someone to help transport my PC from NL (neighborhood of amsterdam) to the lan venue! Just a small PC case (55 x 25 x 35 cm)


Need a lift for one from Sheffield, add me if you can help.


Hey guys :)

I take the plane from Dinard to Nothingam on Friday. I need you for going to Telford. Please help me <3


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I’ve just today found out I can drive to LAN instead of taking a plebwagon. So if anyone wants a lift along the route from middlesbrough to telford I can take 1 or 2. Gotta warn you though, it’s a soft top Morris minor from the 60s – on the plus side you’ll be the most stylish nerd there, unfortunately there’s no suspension so if you don’t wrap your stuff up well it’ll be shaken to pieces.



Last minute but I’d prefer not to have to drag my pc many miles to get the train.

Looking for a lift from Manchester on thursday, will provide generous petrol money and chat on the way down.



arriving thursday 7pm Birmingham International would be taking the train but if someone was going by car anyway I’d be happy to join

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I’m gonna stick this in here more for hope than expectation. With facebook friends posting updates they are off to Reading/Leeds this weekend, I have realised that trains will be incredibly busy from the South West to those areas, and that is going to affect my train travelling experience with all those hopeful teenagers going to a lovely music festival, whilst I try and protect my PC rig from getting bashed by others.

I am merely looking for someone who is travelling up from Plymouth area, and if anyone further afield (Exeter/Bristol) is going up tomorrow then it’d be lovely if I could share with someone.

I have my PC, and 1 bag, and also a lovely array of music if you fancy a change. I also am a lovely sociable bloke who will simply talk CS, TF2 and DotA2 to you. I will pay petrol costs and may throw in a few beers at LAN as well.

If you want to talk add me on steam: gumpster304

Cheers folks :)

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