What hud is this?

Created 23rd July 2018 @ 16:26

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looks similar to
idk for sure though, might be some customized version of it



You already asked me this on the video you got the screenshot from. Not sure why you bothered removing that comment and made a thread on ETF2L about it instead but w/e.

The HUD’s name is hudby and it was created by the same guy who made uwui (yes, that’s the actual name). He had a repo on his Github with another HUD that was more or less his own personal HUD as far as I can tell.

The repo is now private or he deleted it, either way there’s no download for it. The creator tuned into my stream once and asked why the hell I was using that HUD and removed/privated the repository shortly after. I’m assuming he probably has his reasons for that, so if you want the HUD go contact him about it. If you don’t want to go through that effort, you’re probably better off using his new HUD which is very similar and also better optimized in terms of how easy it is to customize etc.

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