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Created 31st May 2013 @ 19:48

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Heyo people,

So some time ago, I used to use the Garm3n 4mp HUD, and while I did love the cool font and all, I decided to start editing it to my liking. So after months of work I feel really satisfied with the result. Then I thought of making it public, but before I do so I’d like to see if there is any interest in me releasing it.

Here are some screenshots of froghud v1.0:

This HUD is NOT made from scratch, it is simply a heavily edited Garm3n 4mp HUD so all credits go to Garm3n as well as Omp (from which I took the scoreboard, spectator hud and a few other things).

I don’t essentially plan on adding new requested features as it is simply a HUD made for myself, but if people are interested enough I might make it public. Ofcourese I’ll update it if anything becomes broken since I use it myself.

Leave a comment with thoughts and if you’re interested or not.



i want !

Always hated 4mp but this looks pretty good.

Added some new screenshots showing the KOTH HUD, Damage numbers, CTF HUD and the Payload Race HUD. It seems I will release froghud since there is some interest atleast, so a release will be pushed when everything is done!


seems a nice hud, love the hp numbers and cross mixed together and yeah i would definitely use it

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