Goblin mixes - Pickup Games for Open/Low players

Created 19th June 2021 @ 23:59

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Hi everyone!

At the risk of starting another thread that triggers someone to remind me pugchamp still exists: some friends and I have set up a new pickup games server for some relaxed mixes. Looking around, we realised there is no real space for players at the open/low level that are neither complete noobs nor hardcore gamers. This is our attempt to fill that gap!

Who can join?
You are eligible to join if you have:
-1 season of experience in Open (ETF2L)
-You have not played at a level above Playoffs in the Low division.

How does it work?
-It’s simple! Just join the server using the discord link ( and post your etf2L profile in the provided channel.
-To play, join the Lobby vc and wait until a total of 12 players have joined. Afterwards, a captain will be elected and teams will be chosen based on a pick system, captains taking turns picking the players they want to play with. This is still a work in progress, so happy to try other forms of picking a team!

What are the maps?
As it stands, the map pool will mirror ETF2L S39’s pool, but we are happy to play alternative maps like clearcut, villa or even badlands if people ask for it

Don’t be a toxic cunt, we’re all here to have a good time, not to yell at each other.

Look forward to seeing you there!



what happens if im ugc steel

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