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Created 28th April 2009 @ 18:55

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I’ve been using a modified version of m0re’s config for a while due to trouble with hardware but I’ve got a slight problem.
Ever since I used it, it keeps certain settings when the game is restarted (the ones that aren’t overwritten by the other configs I guess).

Is there anyway to revert this?



reformat your hard-drive, or buy a new machine



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If you delete or move the configs and stick -autoconfig in your launch options it resets to default settings including keys I think so backup all your stuff.


I considered autoconfig, but I’d like to know what exactly it deletes.
Anything besides configs and custom maps?



just resets the configs and the settings, meaning resolution and gfx iirc.


I dont quite get the question. So your problem is that if you write eg cl_whatever 0, but 1 is default, and this cvar isnt in moresconfig, cl_whatever will be 1 again?

If its that, thats due to dxlevel 81.

Ive heard a way to prevent that is to remove -dxlevel 81 from the start options. That way the game will keep dxlevel 81 but if you change a cvar in the console, it will keep it. Didnt try yet though :P


This is a serious problem, delete win32 and uninstall everything…

On a more serious note.

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make the autoexec.cfg a read only file and the settings wont be overwritten



apparently if you put the res options ( -wXXXX -hXXXX ) right after -dxlevel it wont reset the graphics settings


Actually autoconfig or dxlevel never deleted configs they just force it to be lower, so after using it just del it and you’ll be fine. U can force the dxlevel by config so no need to put on start options anyway.

If u ran a config that changes values that ur own config does not is simple. Start once with the autoconfig then set res and whatever you like and run your own cfg. After that quit, delete the autoconfig from the options and u r good to go. :)
if you r still having issues after it, post them…


delete config.cfg, exec your own cfg file. after that you can set options not covered by your config and they’ll be saved in new config.cfg.

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