Lightboost, 120 hz and color settings

Created 7th July 2014 @ 19:18

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There is no optimal solution for dark and washed colors with MBR/LB enabled, that’s the fact. :(


Quoted from Mould

lightboost is nice, but I think in terms of it affecting your gameplay it’s largely placebo compared to 120/144. Difference is not really high.


Also the washed up colors and bad brightness will make your monitor useless for anything else than gaming and its annoying to always switch it off and on.
Also there is ~5ms more input lag (but thats probably more like a “nerdproblem” shouldn’t really be an issue I guess).

Used lightboost + 120hz for several months but went back to 144hz because of the above mentioned reasons…


I came from using a CRT at 140hz which was the best and after it broke I got a BenQ and fucked about with lightboost. I still use lightboost and have tried it off/on and a load of different settings and to be honest with you lightboost is way better if you want it closer to having no motion blur but it’s nowhere near the level that a CRT is. Especially considering the fact that it adds input lag where as on a CRT you have effectively none.

That being said saying “it adds input lag, that’s how it reduces motion blur” makes no sense. As if the sole act of adding input lag reduces motion blur or something. The actual facts are that the process lightboost uses does add a bit of input lag, but it is just an unfortunate byproduct.



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I tweaker the colour vibrancy in the nvidia control panel from 50% to like 80% and that made it fine for me, cba to change any built in monitor settings yet.


Brightness: 100
Contrast: 50
Low Blue Light: 0
Black eQualizer: 0
Blur Reduction: On
Color Temperature: User Mode > R: 100, G: 96, B: 98
AMA: High
Instant Mode: On
Sharpness: 5
Gamma: Gamma 3

these setting were recommended on various tech sites and together with some tweaking in the nvidia control panel the colors are quite good.

from what i’ve heard the built-in motion blur reduction feature in the xl2411z combined with 144hz is far better than 120hz lightboost. if you still want to lightboost your monitor then you’ll have to modify your firmware using external hardware that you have to order online, really not worth the hassle imo.


I use this with lightboost, it’s basically a hotkey to to toggle saturation (also brightness and contrast for ati/amd users) between default and maxed.

Ewwh input lag

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