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Created 30th March 2009 @ 11:43

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Absoutely outrageous review; it’s like he’s never even played the game.



The first thing, is that it has already been posted :



He loves TFC a bit too much?

He thinks 2 concjumps is the pinnacle of skill?




Daaaarrrn it.



Since he has a lot of experience he knows how boring our competetive games with crits, 3 medics and 3 demos get.. :-)



Eh can’t blame the guy to be honest. He waited a decade for the sequel to his favourite thing in the world ever and it turned out nothing like he’d hoped. He’s obviously just pissed off he doesn’t have a valve supported upgrade to TFC, he just needs to come out and say it instead of being a whiny little piss wank.


Thats not a reason to tell bullshit about a game (Team Deathmatch with crits 3 demos 3 medics in competitive matches? eh yeah sure).

I dont create a site where I say Quake 3 is all about rocket spamming or sth similar either just because I cant stand the game :|


Never heard of the site.

But let that guy just be happy with his crappy rant, and playing god moderator of hell on his own forum. He probably has nothing better to do.



Lol U-Die, “god moderator of hell on his own forum”, summed up exactly what I saw when I had a quick look on there, I couldn’t have described it better :D


This is just in, team fortress classic is different than team fortress 2


RaWr ::

His review is actually quite accurate if you are looking at the negatives of TF2 compared to TFC.

A few points did bug me though:

“-The balance is worse than TFC at the highest level of play”

Wrong, A TFC scout could _never_ kill a TFC Heavy unless the heavy was completely retarded. That is not balance. If he means balance in roles for CTF, then again, it’s not balanced. A whole team of scouts would never capture vs a whole team of engineers. Balance would imply that all classes are even and that a team could run any set of classes vs any set of classes and still come out with an even game.

“-You can no longer throw ammo.”

It’s irrelevant since in TFC you never ran out of ammo (unless you were a spammy demoman) and the only other reasons to throw ammo was to avoid EMP damage, and to help a team mate build his SG. TF2 has ammo packs all over. It’s hardly an issue.

Yes, the styles of TFC and TF2 are different. I preferred TFC at it’s peak than any current or previous TF2 version. But that’s solely because I prefer a fast paced style of game that focusses on movement over aim (I suck at aiming but I’m not bad at predicting and character control).

That doesn’t mean TF2 is a bad game.

He is a bad reviewer, as a reviewer should also focus on the positives of something, and the negatives, and then outway them against each other to come up with a fair and hounest conclusion. This just seems like a guy who has spite against TF2 because it destroyed the allready dieing TFC competitive scene.


Yeah but how much of a mock would Team Fortress:Source have been? :P

I’d have loved a TFC upgrade but I don’t think valve right now are the people to do it.


go play fortress forever..sheesh… its good even


It’s dead.


well we all miss grenade and flag toss,and i do like tfc better but its not really the same game. like he said its slower and centers itself around controll points,which differ from the original competetive tfc[unless we consider pub gems like rock avanti and flagrun :)]

i never liked any multiplayer fps save for tfc,never botherd with any. yet when tf2 came while its not the same game,its still great on its own right. that kid can play fortress forever if he wants or find someone who acually CARE what his thoughts are

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