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Created 6th December 2010 @ 19:15

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Hi there,i playing on notebook Sony Vaio
Intel core i3 2.27 Ghz
4 Gb ram
Radeon Hd4750
After 10 min playing on Tf2,with 8 and 9 directx cfg,fps droping from 61 to 30,and its non-stability.Also videoadapter have 73-79 degrees celsius
Plz help me,a wanna play normal without fps droping.
P.S. Sorry for bad English


4570 not 4750 (fuckin hate the card bcs of its temp)

the laptpot aint for games, its overheating like a boss

check cpu temp + clock aswell, ur fps drops cuz the cpu overheats and it has ability to downclock itself to 400mhz to keep temps down, tho, if lappy has bad cooling, even that wont help

cpu maxtemp is like 95C and gpu 80C

try cooling pad

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hmmz did u try chris fps configs ?

Spike Himself


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…with 8 and 9 directx cfg…



did you try buying a desktop gaming pc?


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did you try buying a desktop gaming pc?

I study in university,and live in hostel,thats why i cant buy normal pc :(

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