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Created 30th December 2008 @ 10:15

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TFTrue Plugin 2.8

This plugin was originally created by Red Comet, and it allowed you to control Friendly Fire, Critical hits, Respawn time and Static Damage.
VALVe finally added CVars to control most of those features in the game, and TFTrue development was stopped.
There is one feature which was not added, which is the Static Damage, and AnAkIn decided to revive TFTrue for it. (January 2009)
Some weeks after, VALVe added a CVar to remove the random damage. (February 2009)
Changing FoV and hit beeps were also made possible. (August 2009)
Some months later, VALVe added a CVar to turn on/off hit beeps :) (January 2010)
Now, the current features are modifying your FoV, soldier self damage, turning off TDH mini-crits/damage buff, Equalizer damage buff and Freeze Cam.

ETF2L Thread:

Create a directory in your team fortress 2 folder called addons (don’t worry if one already exists)
Copy all files from the addons folder of this archive into the addons folder of your server
An example directory would be
C:/srcds/orangebox/tf/addons/TFTrue.dll (or if it’s a Linux server).
Restart the server and the plugin should automatically load.

CVars / CMDs

Server owners can use this cvar to set specific text in the game description of their server.
There is a 40 character max, and your text will appear after ‘TFTrue’

This CVar will enables/disables the freeze cam. Default is 1 (enabled).

This CVar will set the maximum fov the players will be able to set with the “!fov” chat command. Default is 120.

This is the coefficient for the soldier self damage. Default is 1.0, which is the normal self damage.
This was added because of a TF2 update which removed the 40% reduction of soldier self damage.
You can set it to 0.8 if you want 20% reduction of soldier self damage.
You can set it to 0.6 if you want 40% reduction of soldier self damage.
NOTE: This doesn’t affect rocket jumps !

If this is set to 0, it will be the normal TDH.
If this is set to 1, it will disables TDH mini-crits on airbone targets.
If this is set to 2, it will disables TDH +25% damage damage buff.
If you disable the mini-crits/damage buff and there are already some players using TDH, it will need them to switch classes
to reload TDH without mini-crits/damage buff. This is the same the other way around (reenabling mini-crits/damage buff).

This CVar will enables/disables the equalizer damage buff depending on health.
This means that the Equalizer will always do 33 damage if you disable it.


say !tftrue
In the chat, you can type !tftrue (or bind a key to say !tftrue), and it’ll display informations about the
TFTrue version and the current CVar values.

say !fov
In the chat, you can type !fov xxx, where xxx is a value between 75 and tftrue_maxfov. This will set your fov to this value.

Red Comet : Original TFTrue coder
Didrole : Current TFTrue coder
AnAkIn : For the idea of TFTrue revival / TFTrue coder (a bit)
your_name_here : For fixing the no random damage on Linux
AzuiSleet, Asherkin, Damizean, Wazz, MatthiasVance, yakbot : For the TF2items extension (
voogru : For help with the items thing
Evil, GeaR and atreides : For helping me test
Nightbox : For providing a Linux server

Version History
2.8 ( January 16, 2010 )
– Changed tftrue_tdh_minicrits to tftrue_tdh_mode. Values are 0 (normal), 1 (no mini-crits) and 2 (no 25% damage buff).

2.7a ( January 14, 2010 )
– Fixed tftrue_tdh_minicrits after TF2 update

2.7 ( January 10, 2010 )
– Removed tftrue_hitbeeps, tftrue_hitbeeps_pitch and say !hitbeeps since VALVe added a hitbeeps feature to the game
– Fixed tftrue_soldier_selfdamage to work with TDH
– Added tftrue_tdh_minicrits to turn on/off TDH mini-crits on airbone targets
– Added tftrue_equalizer_damagebuff to turn on/off the damage buff depending on health

2.6a ( October 24, 2009 )
– Fixed hit beeps playing on ubered people

2.6 ( August 26, 2009 )
– Removed tickrate changing, it would just cause issues with doors/trains and if we fixed that, it would causes issues with grenades/sticky bombs speed.

2.5a ( August 14, 2009 )
– Fixed !fov crashing the server

2.5 ( August 13, 2009 )
– Re added tftrue_soldier_selfdamage
– Added tftrue_hitbeeps_pitch to modify the pitch of the hit beeps sound

2.4 ( August 12, 2009 )
– Removed tftrue_soldier_self_damage because it would crash the server since an update (and it is possible that VALVe modify the self damage themselves soon)
– Added tftrue_hitbeeps to allows/disallows the players to use the “!hitbeeps on” chat command to enable hit beeps
– Added tftrue_maxfov to set the maximum fov using the “!fov” chat command
– Added the !fov and !hitbeeps on/off chat commands
– Added tickrate.txt file to change the server tickrate

2.3 ( February 4, 2009 )
– Removed tftrue_no_random_damage, it was added in a TF2 update as tf_damage_disablespread (Thanks VALVe!)
– Fixed tftrue_soldier_selfdamage crashing servers
– Fixed the rocket “propulsion force” when modifying tftrue_soldier_selfdamage

2.2 ( January 4, 2009 )
– Added tftrue_soldier_selfdamage which is the coefficient for soldier self damage

2.1 ( January 2, 2009 )
– Added tftrue_freezecam to enable/disable the freeze cam

2.0 ( December 29, 2008 )
– Removed Critical hits, Friendly fire, and respawn cvars
– Fixed the no random damage code
– Added a chat command !tftrue to display informations about the plugin settings

Download link:

If you have any questions, suggestions, or find any bugs, post here.

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Seems to be nice, i’ll check this tonight.


I guess its nice to see something being done about the random damage, although I very much doubt that simply taking an average and applying it to all weapons is the solution.

I’m guessing that the random range of damage as a percentage of maximum damage is not the same for each weapon/class so simply taking the middle value may result in too high/too low static damage for some classes compared to others.


hopefully we’ll never see this plugin mandatory in leagues. I can foresee all the game delays because of wrong server configuration and content update breaks.


@KOVACS: Well we could just test and see if it works fine, if not, some things could be adjusted.

EDIT: BTW the random damage of every weapons has a higher chance to be on a value of the “middle range” than the low/high range (most noticeable for weapons which have high range, like grenades and stickies).

@Norris: Game updates should not break it. The Static Damage of the last TFTrue version from January 18, 2008 was still working fine on Windows servers. If it didn’t break after 11 months, after that many updates, I don’t think it’ll broke with an other update. But the Linux one has been broken, and we have fixed it, now the chance other TF2 updates will break it is low I think (probably broken because something was not done correctly in the old version, but now it shouldn’t). Anyway if it would be broken, a fix should immediately be released.


RaWr ::

Worth a look perhaps? Nice to see tftrue back on the ball after they saved tf2 the first time round :).

From what I remember there were no major problems the first time it was about, so I doubt there will be many now, hopefully the coder stays active enough to update the program when patches are released.



any servers running it?


Not yet. And I don’t have any servers to install it on atm.



Any advice on how to make this work on a created server, like one just in the game? I somehow managed to get TF2Turbo working on it, trying to get this working too. Any advice?


On a Listen Server (Create Server in TF2 menu) ?

Well it should be exactly the same:

Put the addons/ folder in your C:/Program Files/Steam/SteamApps/YourAccount/team fortress 2/tf/ folder.

Then when you start the game, the plugin should load (there should be a message in console), and you just have to create a server.

If it doesn’t load, you can use the command:

plugin_load “../tf/addons/TFTrue”

And don’t forget to set tftrue_no_random_damage to 1. :)


(king of all rollouts)

nvm LOL


Where did I say that all weapons do the same amount of damage?

They all do different amount of damage, it is just not random, and it is still distance based.

The random damage min/max is different for every weapon…

or I didn’t understand what you meant?



Thanks. But turns out it was working anyway, I just needed to restart TF2 like 2 or 3 times for some reason.



2 stickies with random damage no at 1 will always kill a soldier, even if they are this far from him:

Just testing this stuff makes me hate this game. The range of sticky damage is massive (as in the physical area covered by the sticky), and the damage is amazing even when the stickies arent underneath the enemy.



Have only one question, the new TFTrue system means every single server will have his own damage values, so the gameplay will be quite different regarding the server you’re playing on.

Anyway, it’s a great idea, makes me feel i’m gonna play back a bit demoman in the future :)

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